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Wanted: Alive Or Alive achievement in GTA 5

Wanted: Alive Or Alive

Deliver a bail bond target alive.

Wanted: Alive Or Alive0
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How to unlock the Wanted: Alive Or Alive achievement

  • AngelTiddlesAngelTiddles
    19 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
    As Trevor you'll eventually meet a woman named Maude as a Strangers & Freaks mission, shown as a question mark, ?, on the map. She wants you to bring her escaped convicts, for cash. She sends you regular emails with photos and last known locations.

    The first one, Ralph Ostrowski, is down in the quarry where the big quarry truck is. DO NOT kill him, simply chase him in a car, stop him by shooting his tyres or trashing his car. I was lucky enough for him to get stuck behind a U section of barrier. Drag him out of the car, a cutscene starts, he surrenders and gets in your car as a passenger, take him back to Maude, the achievement will pop!

    WARNING: If you use guns too much you can end up getting a wanted level, this will make it harder, try to shoot his tyres when you're still in the quarry area, or use a weapon with suppressor that you can shoot out of a car, like the pistol.

    The location of Ralph is in the image below, courtesy of

    External image
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    EskimosoundI've completed these missions years ago.
    I've come back to the game...
    Is there any way of the starting these missions through the game menus or do I have to start a brand new game...
    I'm so close to completion I don't want to have to restart if I don't have to.. anyone know?
    Posted by Eskimosound on 10 Feb 20 at 00:35
    Dragonbreath825After completing the mission “Bury the Hatchet” I went to the location without having the email still and found him there just like normal
    Posted by Dragonbreath825 on 14 Apr 21 at 06:17
    oHIGHxINxAxBOXo"TonyTwoSteak" mentioned going to the quarry in order to trigger the event, this worked perfectly for me. I found the bounty jumper and brought him back for the achievement.
    Posted by oHIGHxINxAxBOXo on 25 Apr 21 at 23:19
    KiwiBananaVIPooThe Strangers and Freaks marker that unlocks the bail bond contracts is located to the east of the Alamo Sea, and should be available after completing Nervous Ron.
    Posted by KiwiBananaVIPoo on 27 Jan 23 at 03:28
    Unknown spyIt hasn't given me the achievement and im on target 3
    Posted by Unknown spy on 21 Mar 23 at 22:51
    Unknown spywhat should I do?
    Posted by Unknown spy on 21 Mar 23 at 23:22
    HEATH 10Had to go back to early save but it worked for me thanks!
    Posted by HEATH 10 on 31 Mar 23 at 05:30
    HEATH 10Had to go back to early save but it worked for me thanks!
    Posted by HEATH 10 on 31 Mar 23 at 05:34
    Mario04253101not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but you dont have to go down to him. shoot out 2 of his tires from a ridge above him and he’ll start running away. then just go up to him and he’ll surrender. no cops involved. takes like 2 minutes
    Posted by Mario04253101 on 18 Jul 23 at 22:18
    CuddIe BunnyThis glitched for me too, but I'm starting to realize it happens when I quick resume. Definitely won't be quick resuming when i do the collection of spaceship parts and such
    Posted by CuddIe Bunny on 31 Aug 23 at 23:13
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