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Close Shave

Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

Close Shave+0.2
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  • SoH AnarchySoH Anarchy163,670
    04 Jul 2015 04 Jul 2015
    68 6 4
    I'm more of a visual person so I thought I should add these great videos I found on youtube, all credit goes to PowerPyx.

  • TonySkiTonySki1,255,886
    24 Nov 2014 24 Nov 2014
    87 30 23
    Check it out. An Achievement Hunter map!

    But here's some tips. For the under the bridge ones you will want a Buzzard so buy one from the Warstock website or take it from the Army Base. You can get into the army base without drawing any attention to yourself when you're doing the 2nd Cletus mission when he teaches you how to hunt animals instead of satellite dishes. But if you've passed the mission up without doing it (like me) then your best bet is to fly into the army base. There are 2 places I've seen where they spawn, in front of the Eastern and central hangars. If you try this then abuse that quick save function. Save as you fly in, save as soon as you get in the chopper and save multiple times as you leave. From my experience the fastest route is to fly the chopper south to the runway, then west away from the SAMs and Rhinos and fly over the fence before the bridge, staying as low as you can to not get shot down. Every time you load up the enemies have to respawn and you have about 100 Meters around you clear.

    For the knife flight, buy a mallard or wait for one at Trevor's airfield in Sandy shores. They land occasionally, alternating between that and the crop duster. Or buy it from Elias and store it for future use.
  • vG x MadnessvG x Madness428,068
    26 Feb 2015 26 Feb 2015
    17 7 3
    Okay guys following the website from achievement hunters as shown on Tonyski's solution guide I have my own tips for the people who have/had the same problem as me. (Thinking you have done all under the bridges but still says you have 49/50)

    If you have completed the game with or without the career criminal achievement or not ensure to do a quick save or 2 (1 for backup) right,

    When you start a new game the map

    1. Either complete all the under the bridges again (Not Recommended) as some can be difficult to get and you are unsure if you have done them or not. Recommended solution would be to start a new game.

    2. If you followed to start a new game you should have the map all visible, all you want to do really is go to NOOSE and get the chopper when you have completed the first 2 missions (Prologue and Franklin & Lemar) when in the chopper use the achievement hunter map (turn off autosave [optional but recommended]).

    3. If you use the map you can also watch a little video to show how to do it properly but if you know pretty much where they all are no point in the video I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you follow the under the bridges in order or the map guides 1-50 even though it sounds stupid as there is 1 in the city and number 2 is at top of the map but it is easier to know which ones you have done because doing it in order you have as much time as you want to complete the bridges, QUICK SAVE EVERY 5 Bridges OR if you think your chopper is going to get destroyed.

    4. Now when you have completed all 50 under the bridges you need to do 15 knife flight challenges so what you wanna do is fly or get a taxi over to the firefighter plane/jet located in fort zancudo but this could be difficult or you could go to airport and get a airplane or if your lucky a stunt plane (the airplane small jets are hard to knife flight in my opinion) if all fails and don't mind cheating there is the easy way which I took.

    Note: if you manage to get the jet from the fort zancudo and you get hit by a missile from a tank but still flying with smoke coming out then quicksave and load to make it back to 100% but be careful because you will still have them trying to take you down until you have gone way past the area.
    5. Again try this in order there are 4 together that can be a little misleading on how to get them and at what angle but what I did on the ones trapped together was knife flight through every gap between buildings which is doable (mostly obvious buildings anyway) if your guessing it will probably take you 5mins longer than watching the video(s).

    EASY WAY (via cheat): Finding it hard to get into fort zancudo?? fed up of trying can't find a plane that is easily controlled?

    Enter this code in a big space (anywhere away from roads and trees)
    Spawn Stunt Plane: B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, Left, A, Y

    TIPS: If you decide to use a cheat code it will say "all achievements will be locked during session" not a problem, when you are in the air and safe quick save and reload this part is IMPORTANT as if you decide to do flights in stunt plane on the same save without loading the achievement may or may not pop so quicksave and quickload to be 100% sure the achievement will unlock

    Quick save after every flight if possible if you feel confident enough to do a few at a time then okay but to make it so you don't have to cheat again or reload save from the previous knife flights quick save after every single flight.

    After number 15 is complete you can concentrate back on your main save for the achievements you have missed (if any).

    Hope this helps guys it worked well with me, please comment if you succeed so I can add any information you guys may have and I will upload into this guide :)

    Good luck
    vG x Madness
  • I3lackshirts94I3lackshirts94224,601
    22 Jul 2015 22 Jul 2015
    13 5 0
    Using the achievement hunter map is the best way to find all of these because they link you to all the videos and you can mark them as found as you go so you don't have to worry about missing any or having to redo them.

    You can do all of the bridges with the helicopter Trevor has from the story for all of them but #49 and #50 because these bridges are too narrow. This was my problem as I ended up 2 short even though I thought I got these since I flew under them like 30 times. So if you end up falling a couple bridges short, here is a link to a video I used to easily find a buzzard. Then you want to do these bridges first because it is likely these are the ones you are missing.

    Also as a tip before you do any of the difficult bridges or knife flight quick save on your in game phone right before so if you crash you won't have to respawn and go find another heli/plane, you can load up the save to right before the bridge/knife flight. This will save you TONS of time.
  • EmiinahEmiinah46,369
    16 Jun 2018 27 Jun 2018
    2 0 0
    1.Save frequently.
    As everyone here has mentioned, make sure to save before AND after each bridge/knife flight. If you fail before successfully completing one, simply reload your most recent save and it’ll take you back to try it again.

    2. Specific Vehicles
    I bought the helipad in Vespucci with Franklin as my character and then bought the Buzzard but you don’t have to do that. Just follow everyone else’s recommendations here about how to obtain one for free. I do however highly recommend the Buzzard as it fits under every single bridge.
    As for the knife flights I broke into Fort Zancudo and stole a jet, it’s not entirely difficult to do this but you have to be quick. I recommend watching videos online to know how to do this, my go to YouTube channel for GTA achievements is PowerPyx. If you find the jet too difficult then another good option is the stunt plane.

    3. If your aircraft gets too damaged...
    A really neat and quick trick is to switch to another character then quickly switch back to the character you were using for this achievement. You will find that your aircraft will have miraculously repaired itself to its former glory. Before switching make sure you are in a safe place and not about to crash!

    4. To try and avoid 49/50...
    Make sure to pay attention and that it clearly states “completed” as sometimes it will either say nothing or it says “failed” for example if you die before completing properly. This is important as it happened to me with the stunt jumps and I had to redo every jump until I found the missing one.
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