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Backseat Driver achievement in GTA 5

Backseat Driver

GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

Backseat Driver0
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How to unlock the Backseat Driver achievement

  • VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit
    14 Dec 2014 15 Dec 2014
    This achievement can of course be unlocked regularly but I would recommend boosting this achievement with 3 other players. This way you can make sure that everyone will get his/her achievement in just 4 races.

    Firstly, you have to start a land race. You can either do this at any race point in the city or you can just host/join one. The map does not really matter (they just vary in length and difficulty) but I would recommend the map "criminal records" because it's basically just a circle you have to drive.

    After that make sure that you select "rally" race in the menu because this is the game mode this achievement will be unlocked in. Also you can choose between a driver/ co-driver preference. The person who wants to go for this achievement should choose co-driver (especially if you try this in a regular session).

    The co-driver then has to navigate the driver through the checkpoints, since the driver has no clue where to go to in these races. So (and i can't stress this enough) communication is key. Always use a headset or if you do not have one use the kinect mic. to talk to your driver otherwise you will not have a possibility to navigate your driver.

    After you have navigated your driver through the race the achievement will unlock for you and you can swap roles.


    You have to finish 1st. in these races to unlock the achievement AND you have to race against another team. It is possible to start these races with just 2 people but you won't unlock the achievement afterwards (This is the same for the "numero uno" achievement. The race will not count as a win if not raced against another team).

    Hope this helps you guys ;-)
    Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments.

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    Fa3edCan confirm that if the other team leaves it doesn’t count
    Posted by Fa3ed#5722 on 29 Jul 21 at 01:52
    Posted by OBlockMafia on 24 Jan at 23:34
    InterracialThanks +1
    Posted by Interracial on 11 Feb at 07:05
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  • ViniBTViniBT
    31 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2020 25 Jan 2024
    Despite existing guide being very good, I'll give my contribution by guiding through an easy solo way to get this done, without needing any kind of voice communication or previous planning.

    What you are going to do is winning in the "Criminal Records" rally racing as a co-driver. This is a short and circular circuit, so all the turns are to the same side. Even if the driver doesn't receive directions, he probably can't miss it.

    Follow these steps:
    1. From your current GTA Online session, go to pause menu, select GTA ONLINE, then select JOBS;
    2. Select PLAY JOB, then ROCKSTAR CREATED and finally move down to RACES;
    3. Press cn_LSc once to select the LAND RACES and scroll down until CRIMINAL RECORDS.
    After selecting Criminal Records, you'll be in one of these situations:
    • If you happen to be the host, select RALLY on the type of racing and put number of laps to 1 or 2, selecting your role as CO-DRIVER right after;
    • If you get into an existing lobby and are lucky enough to get a RALLY racing, then simply choose your role as CO-DRIVER and hope for the best;
    • If you get into an existing lobby and the race chosen by host is not RALLY, simply back out and start over.
    Some additional observations:
    • To improve your chances of winning, select the highest level participant as preferable partner - this is done in the same menu you choose your role;
    • Just for the sake of it, consider using cn_dpad to show your driver the turns (always the same directions, as the circuit is almost a circle);
    • If the other players leave before the race and it happens to start with only your and your partners' car, it will not count - there must be at least one other car on the race;
    • It may take a few tries, but you are getting RP and GTA$ anyways, right? Took me 3 tries, but it's fast, believe me.
    Hope this helps.

    Disclaimer: GTAO is an ever-changing game, with game modes and features coming and going, which means the provided solution might not work forever. Since I'm not playing GTAO anymore, let me me know if the solution gets outdated.

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