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Clean Sweep achievement in GTA 5

Clean Sweep

GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.

Clean Sweep0
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How to unlock the Clean Sweep achievement

  • General ArcaneGeneral Arcane
    06 Dec 2014 18 Dec 2014 21 Dec 2014
    Gang attacks can be found around the whole of the map. They are identified by a red circle on the map, and are only visible when you are close to them. You will likely come across the one that spawns at Trevor's airbase the most. There are plenty to find, and they will being to appear after you reach level 18.

    Only a limited number of gang attacks will be available at any one time. Each group of locations will only be active for eight hours of the day (4am-12pm, 12pm-8pm & 8pm-4am). The one at the airfield can be found between 12pm and 8pm, but there are plenty of others to choose from. The map below shows several of them, and the times at which they can be found.

    External image

    Upon entering the red circle, you will be attacked by gang members. There will be between 10 & 30 to kill. A counter will appear in the lower right of the screen. To get this achievement, you must kill 10, so it will be easier to do solo. Attempt to find cover, or invest in body armour if you are struggling. Aim for the head, and kill them as quickly as possible. Keep checking your mini-map to be aware of any coming up behind you.

    If you are killed, then you will not be able to unlock the achievement, and you will need to wait for it to respawn, or find another one.

    Successfully completing it will award you with 500RP (more if you are playing with more players), and the achievement, assuming you didn't die and killed 10 or more enemies.

    I have included a video guide for anyone who prefers. It shows the tactics used to complete the one at Trevor's airfield. The achievement was unlocked on the Xbox 360, but the information is the same across both platforms.
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    Chaos MythologyI'm lvl 27 and my mate is on lvl 26 have never seen any of them Gang Attack
    Posted by Chaos Mythology on 01 Mar 18 at 16:12
    VanillaLatte44@Chaos Keep driving around and eventually you’ll see it on the mini map.
    Posted by VanillaLatte44 on 02 Apr 21 at 22:16
    ^^ what a pointless comment cc
    Posted on 03 Apr 21 at 14:45
    Keyser Soze0000This guide is outdated it seems as some Gang Attacks have been removed, I believe the one at Trevor's Airfield has been removed.

    There is one close by that is doable, just make sure you have armour & food. I attempted it with half health and no supplies, the 10th guy killed me.
    Posted by Keyser Soze0000 on 25 Jul 23 at 21:43
    Posted by OBlockMafia on 24 Dec 23 at 18:34
    star21playerNot seeing any gang attacks show up on the map, all of the guides are outdated on the locations so not sure how people are unlocking this. I'm totally clueless how to trigger one
    Posted by star21player on 30 Dec 23 at 06:25
    star21playerJust got it and sharing tips. Use these locations: I did afternoon time, Central Milling Company, Cypress Flats. There were 15 gang members to take out.
    Posted by star21player on 30 Dec 23 at 20:34
    InterracialThanks +1
    Posted by Interracial on 11 Feb at 07:03
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