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GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.

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    EDIT: 03/27/2017
    As mentioned in the comments, there are some new ways to work on some awards. Thanks for the info!

    "The Special Vehicle stunt series makes these awards...

    Airborne - land jumps over 300 feet in a road vehicle [25]
    Flippin' Hell - perform vehicle flips [10]
    Spinderella - spin your vehicle [5]

    ...incredibly easy to get. If you're using the Voltic, barrel roll on every huge jump. It's very easy to land 5 barrel rolls for the big jumps and you get bonus RP for landing it.

    If you're racing with a Ruiner, flip or barrel roll to your heart's content. Just open that 'chute before you hit the ground to get RP and the turns that count towards Spinderella/Flippin' Hell."

    EDIT: 03/10/2015

    UplandParasite8 pointed out that the awards added by the heist addon will count towards this achievement as well. I have not started it yet so I can't tell anything about those awards but if you see some easy ones you can probably take those as well

    Calex dEUs hinted at the following 2 awards from the heists:
    2 easy ones from heists are the one for simply finishing the 2 player Fleeca Heist and for doing it's finale with no damage which is easy if you are the driver and just hold a during the get away but the car is armored anyway, the driller has a bit more risk as he's open between the bank doors and the getaway car.


    For this achievement you need to get 30 platinum awards in GTA online. This might sounds like a really hard task but it is actually not that bad since there are 80+ awards in total in the game and many of them just have a platinum level which means you do not need to get through bronze, silver and gold first. If you boost some of them with friends this achievement really is simply a bit time consuming but nothing more. So that's a good thing right? smile

    The awards are subdivided in different categories and you can check you progress in the pause menu by going to stats --> awards. Some of the awards are tied to other achievements. I will put those in bold letters below.

    Here is a list of the awards and their requirements as posted on by xhunterrrr


    The Slayer - win deathmatches [25]
    Death Brigade - win team deathmatches [50]
    Team Carrier - earn MVP during team deathmatches [25]
    The Champion - win races [50]
    The Aviator - win air races [25]
    Making Waves - win sea races [25]
    Cruisin' For A Bruisin' - win GTA races [50]
    Road Rage - kill at least 3 other racers then win the race [1]
    Follow To A Tee - win rally races as the driver [20]
    The Dictator - win rally races as the co-driver [20]
    Impromptu Champion - win impromptu races [25]
    In A Class Of Your Own - win a race in a custom vehicle [1]
    Penetrate From Behind - move from last to race winner in any race mode [25]
    The Record Holder - hold a world record in a Rockstar race [1]
    Dust Maker - achieve the fastest lap in a race [25]
    Every Race - win every type of race mode at least once [1]
    Survivor - finish waves in survival [10]
    Over The Top - win arm wrestling [25]
    Throwback King - challenge someone to darts and win [25]
    The Swing King - win golf [25]
    Stroke Master - win tennis [25]
    Out Of Five - win a 5 set tennis match [1]
    Straight Sets - win a tennis match in straight sets [1]
    Crack Shot - win target grid matches [25]
    Duck And Cover - win cover target matches [25]
    Granny - color all the targets in a target grid match [1]
    The Marksman - win random target matches [25]
    All Rounder - win every game mode at least once [1]


    War Pig - participate in 25 different deathmatches [25]
    Veteran Racer - participate in 25 different races [25]
    Nick Of Time - deploy your parachute below 130 feet and land safely [25]
    Point Break - stay in the air for over 3 minutes while parachuting [25]
    Stayed On Target - use the brakes for accurate and safe landing (parachuting) [25]
    Clear Out - clear out 5 gang attacks in one game day in a single session [1]
    Checking Out - win a game of darts in the quickest way possible (6 dart checkout) [1]
    Birdies - sink birdies in golf [25]
    Hole-In-One - get a hole in one in golf [1]
    Ace - serve aces in tennis [25]
    The Hustler - win bets [$50,000]
    Lapping It Up - private dances at the strip club [25]
    Crate Chaser - get to crate drops first [25]
    Salvaged - pick up a special crate first [1]
    Snapper Dresser - wear 25 different outfits [25]
    Hairy Encounters - change hairstyle [25]
    Proud Gun Owner - buy every gun from Ammu-Nation [1]
    The Human Canvas - tattoo every body part [1]
    The Matchmaker - Create custom Deathmatches [25]
    Track Builder - Create custom Races [25]
    Well Received - Gain thumbs up for your creations [100]
    Reeling Them In - Have players play your creations [100]


    The Fugitive - spend time with a 5-star wanted level [120 minutes]
    The Police Mocker - evade 5 star wanted levels [50]
    When Pigs Can Fly - shoot police choppers down [25]
    Death By Drive-By - get enemy drive-by kills from a friend's passenger seat [100]
    Vehicle Thief - steal vehicles [500]
    Full Metal Jacket - rob armored trucks [25]
    Armed Robber - hold up every store [20]


    Sky High - blow up vehicles [500]
    The Exporter - sell vehicles to the import/export garage [25]
    No Claims Bonus - drive for 30 consecutive minutes without damage to your car [30]
    The Passenger - spend time in a friend's car as a passenger [5 hours]
    Mile High Club - spend time in a helicopter [4 hours]
    Suped Up - apply each type of mod to one vehicle [1]
    Airborne - land jumps over 300 feet in a road vehicle [25]
    Flippin' Hell - perform vehicle flips [10]
    Spinderella - spin your vehicle [5]
    Unirider - wheelie for over 2000 feet [1]


    Head Banger - achieve headshots [500]
    The Widow Maker - kill players in any GTA online mode [1000]
    The Bounty Hunter - kill and collect bounties [25]
    3 For 1 - kill someone 3 times before they get you [50]
    Streaker - achieve killstreaks in deathmatch [100]
    Stolen Kills - kill players that have already been wounded by another [50]
    Death Toll - total deathmatch kills [500]
    Killstreaker - earn a 10+ killstreak in deathmatch [1]
    Smoke 'Em Out - get the most kills during a gang attack [1]
    Bloodiest Of The Bunch - get the most kills in a 4 player survival [1]
    The Equalizer - kill a player that has killed you 3 times in deathmatch [50]


    Pistol Whipped - pistol kills [500]
    SMG Head - SMG kills [500]
    Shotgun Blues - shotgun kills [500]
    Looking Down The Barrel - assault rifle kills [500]
    Scoping Out - sniper rifle kills [100]
    Rapid Fire - machine gun kills [500]
    Ended In A Sticky Situation - sticky bomb kills [50]
    Grenade Fiend - grenade kills [100]
    The Rocket Man - RPG kills [50]
    The Melee Murderer - melee kills [50]
    The Car Bomber - vehicle bomb kills [25]

    In addition to this I want to quote the tips mentioned by A Gamer X360 in his solution for this achievement in the 360 version of GTA 5:

    "Boosting tips:

    - in many cases you can grind multiple awards at the same time when with 2 people -- example: In A Class Of Your Own, Penetrate From Behind, Dust Maker, Every Race, Veteran Racer, and The Hustler when bosting race wins. Head Banger, The Widow Maker, 3 For 1, Streaker (turns getting 3 kills each), Death Toll, Killstreaker, The Equalizer and Pistol Whipped (or any other single weapon) while boosting Deathmatch wins.

    - most Victory, Combat and Weapons awards, War Pig, Veteran Racer, The Hustler: find boosting partner(s) and take turns - 44 easy Platinums for 2 people, plus 6 more for 4 people.

    - Survivor, Nick Of Time, Point Break, Stay On Target, Clear Out, Birdies, Lapping It Up, Snappy Dresser, Hairy Encounters, Proud Gun Owner (need Rank 120), The Human Canvas (need Head Banger Platinum or Beach Bum DLC), Armed Robber, No Claims Bonus (rubberband driving in circles very slow at airport for 30 minutes), Mile High Club (rubberband right trigger while AFK x5), Suped Up (level and win races to unlock), Airborne (same stunt jump 25 times works, see story mode maps for 50 possible locations), Unirider (runway or bridges, do in race with traffic turned off) - 18 easy solo Platinums.

    - Flippin' Hell, Spinderella - drive of mountain peak and get lucky bounces, or have someone with Cargobob drop you from height.

    - Nick Of Time, Point Break (open parachute ASAP and hold left stick back for slow decent), Stay On Target can be done in parachute races on your own, even ignoring the waypoints. Only Stay On Target requires that you hit the end target. The HALO parachuting race at the airport is great for all of these.

    - Checking Out, Hole In One and Salvaged are luck, but you may be able to get them while grinding Throwback King, Birdies, Crate Chaser.

    - Crate Chaser (Rank 30?), Full Metal Jacket, The Exporter will pop up as you cruse around the open world, roughly 1 of each per game day.

    - Vehicle Thief, Sky High are easy to do on many phone-jobs because there is no police heat and no time limit - just don't do the game objective and keep jacking and destroying cars (obviously, being a higher level with access to explosive weapons is best) until you are low on ammo, then finish the job.

    - The Hustler will require that the losing party also bet or the bets are canceled at race launch. Because of how the odds are calculated, the quickest way to boost this award is to have the winner bet only $100 on himself and the loser bets $2500 on himself (20:1 odds for winner). Winner will get $2k towards the $50k needed (i.e. can get this in 25 races). However, with this method there is an overall loss of $500 on bets per pair of races. Otherwise winner bets $2500 and loser bets $100 on themselfs, and winner gets $1000 towards the award (i.e. twice as many races needed), and a net gain of $900 per pair of races.

    Possible Boosting Options (really depends on what you prefer to grind):

    - 22 solo: Survivor (Unnatural Selection acheivment), Nick Of Time, Point Break, Stay On Target, Clear Out, Birdies, Lapping It Up, Crate Chaser, Snappy Dresser, Hairy Encounters, The Human Canvas, Vehicle Thief, Full Metal Jacket, Armed Robber (Stick Up Kid achievement), Sky High, The Exporter, No Claims Bonus, Mile High Club, Airborne, Flippin' Hell, Spinderella, Unirider.

    - 7 from 2 people sporting: Over The Top, Throwback King, The Swing King, Crack Shot, Duck and Cover, Granny and The Marksman (plus Checking Out and Hole In One if you get lucky)

    - 7 from 2 people races (25 races per person): The Champion, In A Class Of Your Own, Penetrate From Behind, Dust Maker, Veteran Racer (pick different maps until you both have it), and The Hustler (Downtown Underground motorcycle race is fast with good exp/money once you both have Veteran Racer).

    - 9 from 2 people Deathmatch (25 wins per person): The Slayer, War Pig (pick different maps until you both have it), Head Banger, Death Toll, 3 For 1, Streaker, Killstreaker, The Equalizer and Pistol Whipped.

    - 4 from a 5 set Tennis game (one person wins every point in first 3 sets, repeat for 2nd person): Stroke Master, Out Of Five, Straight Sets, Ace.

    - 3 from selecting various achievements/modes/vehicles or while in free world with 2 people: Road Rage (killing same person x3 works), All Rounder (Numero Uno achievement), Smoke 'Em Out (Clean Sweep achievement), The Bounty Hunter, The Dictator (Backseat Driver achievement)."

    Also if you need a more detailed explanation for some of the awards I recommend the mentioned post above on (find the link below). xhunterrrr has given short descriptions on what to do for all of the awards there. Just scroll down and you can find explanations and videos.

    Thanks and credit to xhunterrrr and A Gamer X360

    Hope this helps you guys ;-)
    Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments.
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