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Enjoy Your Stay

GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to offer.

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Achievement Guide for Enjoy Your Stay

  • AQuiveringBushAQuiveringBush286,229
    21 Dec 2014 21 Dec 2014 21 Dec 2014
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    This achievement is quite easy to get, the list of activities to complete is not as long as many think it is. If you pause the game, go to the stats menu then to unlocks and then progress, there is a huge list of activities to do. Next to each activity is a YES or NO indicating whether you have completed it or not. The only activities that matter for this achievement are as follows:

    Get a Haircut
    Get a Tattoo
    Buy clothes
    Play Golf
    Play Tennis
    Play Darts
    Complete at least one challange in the Shooting Range
    Have an Arm Wrestle
    Hold up a store
    Buy a private dance at the Strip Club

    Lastly, make sure you do not quit out of any of the activities before completion as i have read that it doesn't count towards the achievement. You don't have to win at the games as I lost my game of golf.

    Hope this guide is helpful, please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you have any troubles. :)
  • xTGExTGE305,028
    18 Nov 2014
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    This achievement can only be earned on GTA Online.

    Now a few things to note is that you don't actually have to win any of the game modes like Darts, Golf, Ect. But rather just take part in them. It's best to do these with friends as if someone you played with online was to leave then it wouldn't count.

    Alright now to see what needs to be done press cn_start then go to STATS then scroll to the bottom and choose UNLOCKS then scroll down one to PROGRESS.
    Note: Now currently I am unsure as to if the whole list is needed or just the previous list so if someone can please let me know in the comments I can add the needed guides to each one.

    But currently in the progress list you must complete the following:
    Race a Custom Vehicle.
    Drive in a Rally Race.
    Play a GTA Race.
    Play a Land Race.
    Play a Sea Race.
    Play a Parachuting
    Play a Deathmatch
    Play a Team Deathmatch
    Get back up from a back up helicopter
    Call in Mercenaries to attack someone
    Request a Vehicle to be dropped off by the Mechanic
    Use 'off the rader'
    Bomb an area with an air strike
    Mod a vehicle
    Fill a Titan with players and fly it
    Mod a vehicle with the ifruit app and see it Ingame
    Get a hair cut
    Get a tattoo
    Buy cloths
    Buy a weapon attachment
    Give cash to someone
    Buy an apartment
    Buy a garage
    Enter a friends apartment
    Call a stripper to come to your apartment
    Call a friend in GTA online or grand theft auto v
    Watch a wanted player on tv
    Play a vehicle death match
    Play a co-op mission
    Play a mission from a contact
    Play some golf
    Play some tennis
    Play some darts
    Play the shooting range
    Place a bet
    Play a playlist
    Play an impromptu race
    Challenge someone to a one on one death match
    Challenge someone to an impromptu race
    Have an arm wrestle
    Hold up a store
    Visit the movies
    Buy a private dance at the strip club
    Complete a gang attack
    Place a bouty on someone
    Survive a bounty
    Attack an armored truck
    Collect an ammo drop
    Play San Andreas flight school

    It'll say to the right of the activity if it's completed by a "Yes" being beside it and a "No" if not.
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