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American Dream achievement in GTA 5

American Dream

GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.

American Dream0
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How to unlock the American Dream achievement

  • AngelTiddlesAngelTiddles
    18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
    This is for GTA Online. Buy an Apartment with Garage, or an Apartment with separate garage, then get a vehicle, drive it to Los Santos Customs. Put a Tracker and Insurance on it, the achievement will unlock.

    NOTE: Your Online character needs to be lvl 5 to buy a house. Thanks to SuperSnack for correcting me, it's been a year since I started on the 360. If you import an existing 360 character that's higher than level 5 like I did to the Xbox One version this will pop automatically.
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    F34R The Dude13Yep, for me too. I also have the most expensive apartment with 3 10 car garages filled up and no cheevo? ?!! Does anybody have an idea what I should do? I imported my character that already had the high end apartment with the 10 car garage. Should I buy a new apartment? Does anybody have any suggestions? Thx for the help.
    Posted by F34R The Dude13 On 08 Apr 15 at 13:38
    MattQuin89Bought 3 new apartments, and 3 new cars to go in them, fully insured, all via the Internet phone, and still won't unlock...
    Posted by MattQuin89 On 11 Apr 15 at 18:26
    LeiChatI am level 11 but when I try to buy a property it says I have to wait for a call from Simeon?
    Posted by LeiChat On 26 Feb 16 at 13:28
    MrNoLuckFoxThis is still locked for me. Have plenty of cars. 2 garages and an apartment...
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox On 28 Feb 16 at 17:37
    I8ITackyticsI8IYeah this didn't unlock when transferring character I'm level 54.

    EDIT: It unlocked when I made my first call on the mobile phone online along with all other achievements
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I On 06 Mar 17 at 00:58
    MrNoLuckFoxWas finally able to unlock because you need to buy through the phone and not the actual listing on the ground.
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox On 21 Jul 18 at 22:03
    ScottmanPlayLike MrNoLuckFox, I had to buy a property from the dynasty8 website to get this to unlock.
    Posted by ScottmanPlay On 27 Sep 19 at 08:40
    AcaElic86Can you be level 5 and have enough money to buy the apartment, the garage and the car insurance? How much do all three cost?
    Posted by AcaElic86 On 11 Nov 20 at 23:04
    SnarkLord1980I have over 2 million dollars and I'm not even level 5 yet. You get a ton of money from the criminal enterprises starter pack if you get it, plus shark cards if you buy the right version of GTA V.
    Posted by SnarkLord1980 On 29 Aug 22 at 18:10
    SnarkLord1980Simeon isn't phoning me so I can buy a property. The quick fix isn't working either. I bought something from a store and he never called.
    Posted by SnarkLord1980 On 29 Aug 22 at 21:19
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