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Shared tons of coins achievement in Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show (Xbox 360)

Shared tons of coins

Reach more than 1200 points on a Full Episode with a friend

Shared tons of coins0
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How to unlock the Shared tons of coins achievement

  • T r a s k xT r a s k x
    Locked 25 Mar 2015
    After many failed attempts,the closest i got was about 950 pts.
    I have heard that it's not possible without the 25% boost from uplay,unfortunately every time the game tries to update,it updates to an incompatible version which stops you playing online.From the look of it,ubisoft aren't going to bother fixing it because this has been a problem since last year.
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    GoothgoneIts stupid screw ubisoft
    Posted by Goothgone on 29 Mar 15 at 22:06
    Oliverioworks fine for me....
    Posted by Oliverio on 30 Apr 15 at 21:20
    MathGuy42The devs set the bar too high on this one. I agree with you that this is impossible without the 25% boost. From what I've read, the incompatible version issue does not affect US players.

    I have the 25% boost and I'm still having trouble getting this. A score of 960 is needed to reach 1200 post-boost. The best my wife and I have done so far is somewhere in the 800's.

    Do you recall what episode you used to reach around 950? So far we've tried Rabbid Mollusk (stepping on the starfish, old man cleaning the window) and Rabbid, Are You There? (burglary and fake seance). I plan to try Escalator Rabbid the next time we give it a try. The solution on One suggests Rabbid Mollusk.

    Any other suggestions for success? Thanks.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 06 Aug 15 at 11:23
    T r a s k xNot 100% sure but i think the best score i got was on rabbid,are you there.Might try and rent it again sometime to see if it's fixed but i'm not holding my breath.
    Posted by T r a s k x on 06 Aug 15 at 19:01
    MathGuy42Just got it on Omelet Party. My wife and I scored over 1200 before the 25% boost! I had 734 and she had 515.

    We got the +5 bonus on all but one of the "find the objects" and scored over 100 each on each mini-game. For the final Bwaah mini-game, we both yelled since the Kinect surely couldn't tell which of us was yelling. We tied that one at 108, so we both got the 25 point bonus.

    I also suggest practicing the shooting mini-game a few times. There's no randomness to it, so both players should be able to get 110+ points.

    Good luck to anyone who tries to get it without the boost. We certainly had some luck. I doubt we could easily repeat that performance.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 08 Aug 15 at 01:15
    I thought it was very easy, I was able to get it with my five year old son
    Posted on 16 Nov 15 at 01:50
    MrZombieChickenI guess the trick is having a 5 year old son. laugh
    We just played the game for the first time and we got well over 1000 points in the mall episode without the boost. He doesn't want to play anymore at the moment, but I am sure we'll get it next time we play.
    Posted by MrZombieChicken on 31 Dec 15 at 04:48
    planting42Got it on Rabid, are you there thanks to a cardboard standup.
    Posted by planting42 on 11 Jul 19 at 23:57
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