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Retirement Savings Plan

Earn one billion dollars in total in ranked matches.

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How to unlock the Retirement Savings Plan achievement

  • FafhrddFafhrdd246,834
    21 Mar 2009 23 Mar 2009 15 Aug 2011
    110 3 42
    EDIT #2: EA has now shut the servers down and this achievement is no longer obtainable. I am sorry for all of you that was not able to get it :(


    EDIT: EA has decided to shut down the servers for this game starting on August 11, 2011 and therefore this achievement will no longer be made available.

    I hope everyone that has this game can get all the online achievements ASAP! Best of luck!


    I have now added another boosting method that will GREATLY decrease the time needed to unlock this achievement.

    With the new method it is possible to get the achievement in one or two nights.

    If you have any questions please let me know. If you have anything for me to add please let me know.




    I want to thank Kingrich06 for this information on the new way to boost this achievement!

    Boosting Setup

    This is a glitch in the way the game calculates primary targets. So your going to have to do the following:

    MAKE SURE whoever is hosting or if you're hosting the match that it is set to a RANKED match. You need to play on the Afghanistan map, where the glitch is. You will need to change the type to Bounties because this is the game type that has the glitch. Also make SURE the limit is set to 20 minutes (max) time because as time progresses each objective will be worth more money.

    Each match one person will need to focus on the hovercraft and the other's can focus on the other primary/secondary objectives.

    The Glitch

    The one person assigned to exploit the glitch will head down to the spawn point of the hovercraft. The hovercraft spawns outside on the water. Your going to need a sniper riffle.

    Once you reach the water you will see a very large gas/fuel tank on the left side of the docks next to the water. You will want to blow it up and head to the left side of it. Once there you should see in the distance the hovercraft behind a large rock (unless the hovercraft is the current primary objective and then the hovercraft will be out in the water).

    The key to this is that the hovercraft is ALWAYS there, even if it is not the current primary objective. You will want to keep on shooting it over and over again.

    The weapon you want to destroy the craft with is the Sniper Riffle in pack 5. This will destroy the craft in 7 shots.

    If you run out of ammo you can refill it by either collecting the ammo packs of the enemies that you have killed or even easier by heading inside to buy more. The shop is located near the docks (to the right) just inside.

    Each time you destroy the hovercraft you will get credit and you will get a MASSIVE amount of money per match.

    The other three people can follow my guide below or just run around and complete primary/secondary objectives as quick as they can.

    OLD BOOSTING METHOD (Much slower)


    I don't see anything wrong with Icon's guide nor do I think it is bad I just feel there are several things he left out. After boosting this game for several months I gained some good experience I wish to share with anyone trying this achievement. So I was going to just add a comment to his guide but it just kept on getting larger and larger.

    I will say this right up front. Boosting is HIGHLY recommended since it took me several months to get this achievement boosting with friends.

    At the time of this solution (3/23/2009) there are still, amazingly, SOME gamers (during peak times) that are still playing this game. So it is still possible to get this achievement without boosting however with drop-outs (if ANYONE drops out of the game the whole game is over, host or no host, and all money is lost) and with wait times in between games it will make this a VERY LONG achievement to get.

    --Due to these facts my guide will mainly cover the boosting method, if you are not boosting please see the last section--

    Important Factors

    There are two main things that will get you this achievement quicker. COMMUNICATION and TEAMWORK.

    I highly recommend inviting all four people into a XBL party, that way communication is never broken. The more you communicate the better. I also highly recommend playing with the same partner EVERY time if possible. You and your partner will learn each other and how you do each objective. After 700 or so million you will know what your partner will do before he does it.

    Boosting Setup

    MAKE SURE whoever is hosting or if your hosting the match is set to a RANKED match. You will want to play on the Afghanistan map mainly because of the map size and spawn locations. You will need to change the type to Bounties because you can get MUCH more money compared to types like Warzone. Also make SURE the limit is set to 20 minutes (max) time because as time progresses each objective will be worth more money.

    Each match you will want to focus on one aspect of the objectives for that whole match. There are Primary and Secondary objectives. How we did it was to switch every time since Primaries tend to be easier to get cash and looking at that blue screen the whole 20 minutes is a major pain on the eyes when doing secondaries.

    The best advice I can give you. BE EFFICIENT. If you can do something that save 2 seconds that will net you MILLIONS in the end. This is why your going to have SO much trouble getting money when your teams are new. Just learn and try to get better and you will. You will know all the spawn points and all the tricks.

    When we started we were only getting around 10-12 million each (20-24 million a round per team). We ended up getting 17-21 million each (34-42 million a round per team). The max we ever got was 24.9 million each.

    All teams are different and work in different ways, here are some hints/tips and the way we did them if you are having trouble.

    Tips on the Primary Objectives

    1. Positions: One person will need to be on the catwalk. We found it best to stand on the WEST end of the catwalk (closest to the Main Control Room). You will want to stand so you can snipe Computer #1. The second person will mount the gun near the docks (near the Main Communication Room). We tried having the second person inside the main computer room but it netted us around 3-4 million more per round if the second guy was on the gun.

    2. Aiming: We also learned that aiming for a certain spawn will net 2-4 million more instead of just waiting for the the next objective. The person on the catwalk would aim either at Computer #1 or the EAST Control Room spawn point. The person manning the gun should ALWAYS aim at the dock manager spawn point.

    3. Computers: A major pain was the computer objective. You have to do more work and get paid less. When the computers spawn you will have to take out three of them. The best way to take them out is sniping the lower point of them. It will take between 2-3 snipes. If your good you can, once in a while, take out a computer in one shot and if your unlucky or shooting in the wrong place it will take 4 or more. Three shots should be the most you need. Person on the catwalk should take out #1 (and start heading to #3), person on the gun should take out #2, and by that time the person on the catwalk should be at #3 almost ready to take out computer #3.

    4. Hovercraft. Most of the time this one is easy... The gunner waits for the hovercraft to get out from behind the rock and take him out. Shoot at the front of the craft, you should be able to take him out before he gets to the left side of the screen. However once in a while he will get stuck behind the rock. Most rounds this never happens and then some rounds this will happen once, twice, or three times. If the craft is not moving have the person manning the gun hop off right away and TELL your partner. The person on the catwalk will need to man the gun while the person that normally mans the gun will need to run outside to the left (south) most dock. At the end of this dock you will see a gas tank. Run up the the gas tank and go to the left side of it. From that position you can snipe the craft and it will start moving. The new gunner can then take it out.

    5. Torture Room. This guy and his friends is one of the hardest targets to take out if you rush into the room. We found it best to just toss a grenade into the room and blow him up (stand outside the room, toss the 'nade so it bounces off the wall and into the room). It will take several attempt to master it.

    Tips on the Secondary Objectives

    Not much to this. You will want to SPLIT up the map and each person takes his/her half. COMMUNICATE is key to this. You can either split up the map east/west or north/south. Try each way and see what works best for you and your teammate.

    Non-Boosting Method

    This method is highly NOT recommended because of two facts: Lack of players and drop-outs. There is a major shortage of players (even during peak times) which makes this achievement very hard to unlock due to it's long drawn out nature. Also the game requires four players, if one drops out, the game is over and the money you collected does not count.

    The best map to play on is Afghanistan (make sure it's a RANKED match). You will want to play on the Afghanistan map mainly because of the map size and spawn locations. You will need to change the type to Bounties. I would also set the time to 20 minutes since you gain MUCH more money however if your having issues with players dropping out then I would suggest playing shorter durations.

    You will want to camp on the north-east end of the map inside the test lab. It is easy to defend (only two ways in) and there are at least 2 primary objectives and 5 secondary objectives within a few feet of that room. Most people will take the upstairs in the main computer room however it is MUCH harder to defend because there is 5 ways into that room (one from below, both sides, the front and the back).

    If you are still having problems with drop-outs go ahead and let the other group take the lead. It's better to get some money then none at all. Again this method is highly not recommended but if you can't find a boosting group and it's your only option, then GOOD LUCK!

    The End

    I hope this guide will help someone. If your having any issues place a comment down and I will try to help you out and add to the guide. Thanks for reading!

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    FafhrddWTG! Got it in before the server shut down! Good work, can't beat it popping early!
    Posted by Fafhrdd on 03 Aug 11 at 11:06
    NickHawkeyenot that it matters anymore but i believe that is because even though the leader board updates with what you have on the session end screen I think it still counts money you earned and spend on ammo/guns. so for every session you had to play if you bought weapon pack 7 that would reflect $300,000 less on the leader board then you actually earned. smae way with the $10k for every early revive doesnt show up in the stats but it actually does a good job of tracking "earnings" not Net total at the end
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 15 Aug 11 at 11:48
    Posted by WRATH 0F PAIN on 07 Apr 13 at 04:07
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  • Molloy2006Molloy2006371,888
    24 Jul 2009 27 Jul 2011
    23 5 4

    This method is similar to the traditional boosting method posted above but seriously speeds up the process!

    Like usuual set up a Afghanistan, on Bounties mode with 20 minutes for the time.

    The trick here is the hovercraft actually keeps spawning every 10 seconds even tho its not the primary objective! One team needs to go to the far left of the docks area beside the tank, from this point you are able to see the edge of the hovercraft sticking out from behind the rocks! Snipe away! The hardest/slowest bit of this solution is the first few minutes as the starting sniper rifle is a bit rubbish, but once ur team obtains $600,000 both of u's should imediatedly buy weapon pack 7 that has a far superior sniper rifle (5 shots per hovercraft).

    We where able to earn between 50 and 65 million EACH doing this!

    Some key points:

    # Before weapon pack 7 is obtained, and u's actaully get the hovercraft objective, it is usually a good idea to run up to the turret, as the hovercraft will make easy work of ur team! This is only really a problem in the first 3-4 mins, as the pack 7 sniper rifle is good enough firepower to go toe to toe with it.

    # Both team members can stand at the required point to snipe the hovercraft, we take alternate shots to speed up the process! The team member at the back may need to turn round occasionaly to kill enemies!

    # Reload after every hovercraft rather u need to or not, this is all about blowing up as many as possible in the 20 mins!

    # If the manager appearing on the helipad mission appears, its usually a good idea for the hovercraft team to kill him.

    Now the other team during this process, pretty much has lisence to do what they want, the rest of primary/secondary! Because of the constant hovercraft killing, the value of the other primary objectives goes up alot more (800,000 per computer by the end, as apposed to the usually 300,000). I recommend this team just plays the normal boosting game i.e one in the control room, other on bridge method, only difference is yours dont go for the helipad objectives.

    This method has kinda of caused the map to glitch slightly on us a few times, with mulitple objectives appearing etc, but it doesnt affect the money earned!

    Good luck!
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    oDEADDOGoMyself and a friend who had 3 xboxes and tvs used this method. Once I had the $300,000 I bought the 7th weapon pack. When I ran out of ammo I would run back to buy ammo for $3000. It's cheaper then dying. My friend bought both armor upgrades which helped a little. I just destroyed the hovercraft over and over and he ran around doing all the main and secondary objectives. We were getting between $60 and $80 million EACH. The most we got was $82 million EACH.
    Posted by oDEADDOGo on 04 Aug 09 at 09:18
    Molloy2006I never noticed us getting charged for ammo each time! tho suppose its only 3k! We also tried with one person buying the rocket launcher (pack 8) to be very effiecient! As u can fire the rocket before it even spawns if timed correctly, with only one further shot from the sniper being required! Tho with this method theres a lot of running backwards and forwards for the rocket guy!
    Posted by Molloy2006 on 04 Aug 09 at 09:45
    neeker75We had money glitched on us twice over the last two nights. Upon destroying the hovercraft, an objective to destroy the hovercraft popped up simultaneously. This caused future shooting ot the hovercraft to not generate any money at all. We thought it was pretty random, but having it two evenings in a row really dampened our moods a little.
    Posted by neeker75 on 26 Jul 11 at 03:39
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