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Business master

Use a “Double The Rent” card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel.

Business master+0.1
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Achievement Guide for Business master

  • zzUrbanSpacemanzzUrbanSpaceman787,385
    20 Jan 2015 20 Jan 2015
    58 1 3
    The description is pretty straightforward, so I'll just mention something that caught me out twice while I was going for this achievement.

    You can't use the "Double The Rent" card if you use the rainbow Rent card. You need to use one of the Rent cards that is half Dark Blue.

    However, you can have wildcard properties for the blue set.

    Hope that helps.
  • bigdaddy1622bigdaddy1622706,872
    05 Feb 2015 05 Feb 2015
    12 4 0
    To get this achievement you have to have Boardwalk and Park Place down with both a house and hotel on top. After you must have the rent card with the blue/green on it and the double rent card. Use the rent card on this collection and than it will ask if you want to use your double rent card, use it. Achievement will unlock after doing this. If boosting for this as I am sure most will be, the person that was helping the other person get this can use the card to steal the collection from the person that just got it and they will get the properties as well as the house and hotel, than they just need to get the 2 different rent cards. Please keep in mind when playing that any card you cash into your bank will not come back in the card pile, so any cards that are needed have to be discarded back in the pile so they can come up again.
  • creeping montecreeping monte489,627
    07 Sep 2019 07 Sep 2019
    0 0 0
    When you start the game this achievement should be your main concern. You will get most of the others trying for it. It is mostly luck based but without a strategy you'll miss your opportunity over and over and over again.
    You will need both Dark Blue properties whether legit or with Wild Cards, a House, a Hotel, the Double Rent and the Green/Blue Rent cards. Multi colored Rent cards do NOT qualify.

    Play a local match against just one Easy AI. Getting the Dark Blue cards are the least of your worries. Keep restarting the match til you have at least 2 of the buildings or Rent cards.
    Don't try to win. Prolong the match as best you can. In the beginning focus on having money in the bank and stifling the AI so Rent doesnt decimate your property cards. Don't put down a Blue property til you have a plan to put down both at once or the AI will steal it. It will take a minimum of 2 turns to get the kill move for the achievement probably three turns though unless all 6 cards are in your hand. Make sure you have enough moves left to add the Double Rent to the Green/Blue one or the opportunity is lost.

    Keeping 6-7 cards in hand seems to work best, holding onto cards the AI needs to win. Discard the cards he needs instead of playing them so he can't steal them. Try not to allow enough cards for a set even onto the board.
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