Podium Placing achievement in The Crew

Podium Placing

As a team (3-4 players), finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a PvP Crew vs Crew Event.

Podium Placing0
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How to unlock the Podium Placing achievement

  • adiash73adiash73896,637
    18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015
    38 1 18
    The matchmaking in this game is dire and after having spent 4 hours trying to get into a public PVP lobby in an attempt to get this achievement, after finally getting to work as a team, we decided "someone" should write a solution to help others on TA.

    The following is what worked for us as a team of 8.

    After trying many different ways of searching for each other in the public PVP lobby, all without success, we tried getting the achievement in a private lobby instead. (This does not work, but may have helped match us later).

    Here are the steps we took.....

    First off we got 2 people into a private lobby, then invited in the other members of the party, so all 8 of us were in the lobby.

    Next we arranged ourselves into crews, then made sure that each crew was on the same colour team.

    We tried a couple of races to see if we could get the achievement in the private lobby, but that didn't work, so we quit out and returned to the map.

    This is probably the most vital element

    The game returned all of us the to the same PVP location on the map, so we could all see each other's names, although the cars were invisible for some.

    We then tried to search for a public game and got into a lobby straight away. Instantly, no waiting, no count down timer, immediately.

    We completed a race making sure that we met the finish 1,2,3 conditions, but to be extra safe we finished 1,2,3,4 and also made sure that the losing team finished so there were no dnf's.

    After both teams had gotten the achievement, which pops at the race results screen, we backed out of the lobby and tried entering again to test the method and again were instantly pulled into the Public PVP lobby.

    So it seems the important thing is, to all be at the same PVP location, in 2 crews of 4.

    Extra Notes
    I think the 4 vs 4 is important, I had tried being at the same location in a previous 3 vs 3 session, but that did not work.

    Before getting it to work, we had tried searching as 4 x 2 player crews, searching as 2 x4 player crews, searching individually, making sure each crew belonged to the same faction, different PVP locations, nothing seemed to matter or work, until we went through the process mentioned above.

    As I say the important thing is probably to be in the same location, but we did feel that maybe as we had just all been matched up in a private lobby first, maybe that had helped the game match us again, but we weren't sure, so I've added in all our steps, just in case.

    Hopefully that sheds some light on this and help's others get the achievement easily, although no doubt it will lower it's ratio, the fact our success could save many hours of others peoples time, it had to be worth writing a detailed solution.

    Good Luck and thanks to the other members of the session, who deserve credit for this solution as well

    IanK1987 (extra proof reading credit)

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    Radek69Still looking for this if anyone can help
    Posted by Radek69 on 04 Dec 20 at 18:05
    Segendary TyHost a session
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 05 Dec 20 at 14:06
    Osty 26GGot this one done last night. Can confirm that it is NOT region locked; our group was from all over the world. We attempted hosting the private matches (and dealt with many connection issues for 3 hours), but found that when we left it would not put all 8 of us together in one session.

    What worked best for us was logging out at the pvp event spot (Seattle for us) and all logging back in around the same time. This finally managed to get the 8 of us into one session. Then we made sure we were in our crews and searched public pvp. Both teams reset the search if it didn’t find a game in 30 seconds. Finally put us in a game after around 15-20 minutes of trying!
    Posted by Osty 26G on 09 Jan at 13:01
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  • Barad 007Barad 007828,775
    19 Dec 2014 16 Dec 2014
    24 2 6
    The first step to this achievement is to start a crew with at least 3 players and have everyone pick the same faction from the five factions available; The Wolves, The Eagles, The Crocodiles, The Snakes & The Bears. Note: you can change to a different faction at any time but this will result in the reset of your reputation and faction stats for your current faction, and there is also a 7 day waiting time to be able to switch between factions.

    Once all players are in the same faction AND crew, you should now choose any PvP event from the map, select Play > Public > Faction vs Faction and the game will attempt to find a lobby with opponents in the same faction as you are. This is extremely luck based and will take some time as not a lot of people play PvP, let alone as a faction therefore once you do finally find a lobby, your crew will need to take the first three spots at the end of the race for this achievement, therefore you should only attempt this when everyone in the crew have high levelled up cars for the best chance.
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    HamsterLVWe managed to get it to work with 8 Wolves.
    Posted by HamsterLV on 04 Mar 15 at 20:49
    Capt StealsMe and some friends are trying to get this achievement but we still miss people. It's being hard to enter in a PvP Crew vs Crew lobby so, we are trying to get 8 people on Xbox Live Party and have 2 Crews with 4 members each (could also be 2 Crews with 3 members each), searching for the lobby at the same time. But we are struggling to get the necessary people at the same time.

    Resuming, if you want this achievement add me on Xbox Live, GT RickDII. Message me and let's arrange this. We'll be online today around 5 pm UK time (GMT+1) and we should stay until around 10 pm. If you can't today no problem, add me anyway and we usually are online everyday during that time.

    We would also happy to help with other Crew based achievements.
    Posted by Capt Steals on 30 Apr 15 at 05:35
    ChevJumbaJust managed to get this achievement today.

    I can confirm factions do not matter. My group had 8 people (4v4) and we were all in different factions (1 Bear, 3 Wolves, 2 Eagles, 1 Crocodile, and 1 Snake) but we still managed to get in a lobby.

    Whether the game puts your two groups into a Crew Vs. Crew lobby or not seems to be based on luck because we got into a lobby within 45 min to an hour of trying.

    We tried multiple different PvP areas (Saint Louis, Chicago, and Miami) and we got into a lobby from Miami but I don't think the area actually matters.
    Posted by ChevJumba on 31 May 15 at 18:14
  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox637,399
    10 Aug 2016 05 Sep 2016 13 Sep 2016
    11 1 11
    I understand there are 5 other guides. Most of the time I would not write ANOTHER solution at that point, but I was requested for clarification and from someone who isn't a native English speaker to write up how I got this achievement most efficiently. This was originally a TA PM however I've just slightly adapted it to a solution.
    I hope this helps someone with some of my ideas! **Warrz98 gets some credit, and the other solution authors for their work.

    I'm going to give you a run-down of how to get this achievement from my perspective. I'll try to be as clear as possible!

    The BIG problem is getting into a lobby in order to qualify for the achievement! The steps below explain how to do so.

    1. You MUST have 8 people.
    I recommend BACKUPS!! Because every time I tried for this someone didn't show up.
    2. Everyone add each other as friends BEFORE the session. I recommend everyone hard reset their console/router/internet if AT ALL POSSIBLE.

    3. Try to get online in The Crew 10 minutes ahead of time to allow the games servers to start recognizing the other people in the session as being online in the game.
    4. Choose a PvP location on the map where you expect fewer random people will be in the area at the time. I personally used Seattle.
    5. Have everyone online, in a party--chat is not required as long as people can:
    ---A. follow messages
    ---B. Understand what's happening
    ---C. Accept game invites!
    Figure out who else you can understand easily and can understand you easily--use them as other crew leaders and have them help with the inviting stages!!

    6. Start gathering everyone into a private PvP lobby. You do not have to start a race, but this will indicate whether you can have success. Pick someone who has a good connection and preferably Open NAT.
    7. Once that person has started a lobby, and starts inviting other people, there are a few tricks to get everyone in the lobby:
    ---A. Xbox Live Party invites to the game
    ---B. In-game friend game invites
    ---C. in-game crew invites.. which should allow you to invite someone that's in your crew to the lobby
    ---D. Some people might appear offline to random other people in the session and party--that is ok, as long as whoever sees them online invites them to the lobby.
    8. Keep trying until you get all the cars and people in the private PvP lobby. If you do not get this step done--if it looks like one person is having trouble connecting, consider replacing them with a backup! Or, have them do a quick hard reset, reconnect and see if they can join.

    9. If you succeed in step 8, you are very close!!!!

    10. Now, have everyone get into 2 crews of 4 while in the private PvP lobby. You might have to try a few times to get it all organized and ready.
    11. Once you have 2 crews of 4, everyone leave the lobby at the same time!

    12. Look around in the Crew world, and look for names of random people's gamertag's. The crew leaders at this point need to be communicating very well! If both crews have random people in their Crew world, make another lobby and repeat. If that doesn't work, split up and have the 2 crews of 4 join and leave PvP lobbies until there are NO randoms in one of the worlds.
    13. If one crew has NO random gamertags in their world, you need to do the next steps as fast as you can!
    14. The crew in the empty world needs to split into 2 crews of 2 as fast as possible.
    15. Now, the 2 crews are going to invite the 4 other people into the 2 new crews. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT INVITE MORE THAN 1 PERSON AT A TIME! You need to make sure you are bringing people INTO your game session world, not being dragged out of your game session world because you've invited too many people and their session drags you along. This is why you only invite when you have a crew of 2, and invite ONE person at a time so your crew will bring them into your session.
    16. If you've done that right, you should now have 2 crews of 4, in the same game session world! With no randoms!!

    17. Now, have one crew start searching the PvP lobby, and the other crew start searching about 10-15 seconds later.
    18. If this does not work after a couple tries(don't wait longer than 30 seconds!), have one crew restart their search a few times. If that does not work, it's time to do what worked for us finally.

    19. Do this carefully--I'm going to call the crews A, B, and C. Crew A's leader leaves his crew, and then invites 2 of crew B and one of crew A into a new 4 person Crew C.
    Crew B's leader stays with his crew, and invites the two people left over from Crew A into Crew B.
    You should now have 2 new 4 person Crews.

    20. Try searching right away again using the 10-15 second delay before the 2nd crew searches.
    21. If that doesn't work, mix the crews up again by splitting and forming new crews and try again!
    22. I never needed step 21. :-)


    Now that you have your lobby, you simply need to do a race and have one team finish first then switch teams. I believe all 4 on a team get the achievement even though it only says 1st, 2nd, and 3rd--but if not, it's easy enough to just do another race for those who didn't get it, switching teams as necessary.
    Choose Race, Dirt, Big Sur(Sprint) for the fastest one that I know of. Someone please correct me if I named this one incorrectly from memory!

    A good note from Mikasz! The lobby has a countdown. You must have an even number of players in the lobby otherwise you will all be kicked out to the world map! So if you are switching players for the achievement, do it quickly before the countdown is down.

    Hope this helps and makes sense! It's long, but I like to be thorough especially with annoying achievements!
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    Shadow 00 FoxTerrific you got it to work!! toast

    I don't worry about people voting, the big thing is no negatives. lol. Yet. smile

    It's a newer solution too, I didn't start this game until late in it's history :-)
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 01 Oct 16 at 01:08
    ODC115Thanks for your guide. Twelve players have unlocked the achievement today with this. clap
    Posted by ODC115 on 04 Feb 17 at 15:38
    Shadow 00 FoxNice! toast
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 05 Feb 17 at 03:36
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