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Drive a total of 5,000 Miles (8047 km) in a single car.

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Achievement Guide for Overclocker

  • Hoff 07Hoff 07829,275
    24 Dec 2014 13 Jan 2015
    45 10 32
    I got tired of the glitchy game resetting my odometer so I just did all 5000 miles in one run. I went to Little Eagle Speedway and just drove around the track topped out at about 240mph. It took about 30 hours.. Helps a lot to snap Netflix or Hulu so its not so boring haha
  • kevc99kevc9997,040
    24 Oct 2016 24 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016
    28 0 15
    This was my last achievement in the game to get and was only at 61% while I had everything else done, I actually found this guide on another forum and can confirm the method works fine and I got the achievement using it.

    1- Go to eagle speed drome
    2- Get up to max speed in your chosen car
    3- While holding the accelerator hit the options button and go to HQ
    4- Hit A To go to workshop and in demo mode rubber band the RT button down
    5-Every 10/15mins hit nos to stop you from being kicked for inactivity

    If you wish you can come out of HQ and check your progress. The thing I found is that you have to be moving at speed when you initially go into HQ as when I tried it and car is 0mph the odometer doesn't change neither does the award progress.

    Hopefully this helps some people out, thanks!
  • Barad 007Barad 007755,239
    16 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015
    21 2 9
    As of February 12th, the glitch that resets the odometer has been fixed. I can confirm this myself. As mentioned already, this is best attempted on the Little Eagle Speedway.

    This achievement roughly takes approximately 25hrs (200 miles an hour.)

    I did this achievement entirely in the 2009 Mercedes SL65 AMG (Circuit - level 1289) across 3 days. The car would achieve 255mph normally and 270mph whilst drafting.

    Having a partner to do parts of this with will make the process slightly quicker as you're able to draft them back and forth thus achieving a greater top speed along the straights.

    Another tip, if you're coming across some other playing trying to crash into you head on, then just before you think you're about to crash, simply press the back button to go to the map, your vehicle will become invisible (ghost status) and so the opponent will drive right through you, immediately return to the game and you will still be on track with the same speed as when you paused.

    Good luck.
  • TNT DjalTNT Djal840,044
    17 Jan 2015 18 Jan 2015
    16 5 3
    When I tried to do it, tree douches wanted to stop me from driving for about thirty minutes. They blocked the road and they tried to wreck my car (it was really annoying to drive with them).
    However I finally manage to do it in our run, just like Hoff 07 in Little Eagle Speedway.

    If I can give you an advice, I would say that you should do it with friends (one or two) because you can get speed from them and it will be more fun.
    24 Dec 2014 23 Jan 2015
    7 1 0
    I got it without having to do in one sitting, but I also got it before there were too many glitches. Would have to agree with the speedway being the fastest way to get it. Yes there a lot of A holes that like to take you down there but if you hit the back button before they hit they drive right thru and when you start again you are going to same speed and are still on track. Little time consuming but better than watching crash film then restarting with no speed.
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty622,025
    04 Jun 2016 04 Mar 2016 04 Jun 2016
    4 0 3
    I recommend driving circles in the Bonneville salt flats. I used a toothpick to jam my thumbstick and a rubber band to keep it accelerating. Now you cannot idle boost this, you have press a different button or wiggle the other thumbstick every 10 minutes or so.
    I recommend using a phone charger / micro usb cable to keep the controller from draining batteries or turning off.

    I hit about 360-370 km/h any faster and my car would make too big of a turncircle and eventually crash. To detect this, leave your vibration on. If it vibrates slightly and a little bit you're fine, but if it's more than 3 times in a row or an intense vibration than you'll have to correct or restart circling.

    I did this today as Netflix uploaded an entire season so I could watch that on a different channel of my tv.

    Also if you've hit the number but didn't get the achievement yet, pull over wink
  • MFPBronzeMFPBronze87,448
    17 Sep 2016 11 Sep 2016
    3 0 0
    Here's my little guide for overclocker. There is no easy or fast way to get this achievement, but then look how high the TA ratio is - it's a tough one! I didn't want to just grind around a track for hours as that's some major boring sh#t, so I decided to just clock those miles up in the very first street spec car I aquired. I went for the 2012 Dodge Challenger as it was the fastest and hardest to control vehicle on offer - I knew it would serve me well and it did.
    I did not buy any cars whatsoever until I had completed all the story missions, but I did take the time to collect the hidden car parts for the buggy and the hup one circuit spec car.
    I tried to drive absolutely everywhere in the street spec challenger, and by the time I had been to all the landmarks, completed all skills to at least gold, and done the very tedious 200 laps of little eagle I was up to over 3000 miles in that one car. Plus it was lvl 1299 by that point and I was so damn good at driving it I was regularly beating much "better" street spec cars in PVP using it. By the time I did need to buy a faster car to stay competitive in PVP, I had 3.5 million bucks saved because I simply hadn't bought anything. So my first purchase was the konigsegg, and I bought all the platinum upgrades for it to make it 1299 and barely dented my cash. I am currently at a shade under 4000 miles now, but it has been much more interesting than days and days of driving around little eagle. If I had to just grind it out I would have given up weeks ago.
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