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  • SneezeSomeMilkSneezeSomeMilk824,822
    24 Jul 2016 25 Jul 2016 31 Jan 2017
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    I will list some tasks that may not be self explanatory. And some that are a bit out of the way. Also at the bottom are tasks I couldnt figure out what to do, any input greatly appreciated.

    If you have questions or input to a specific award not listed here, let me know and I will update the guide.

    200 AP - Indy Car Racer (Drive 200 laps around little eagly speeddrom; Zones -> Midwest) This is the biggest fish here and you will have to do it anyways. Do it before you grind the 10k AP. You will get this together with this achievement:
    The CrewIndy Car RacerThe Indy Car Racer achievement in The Crew worth 466 pointsDrive a total of 200 laps around the Little Eagle Speedrome.

    While grinding laps (1 lap is 4.5km; 200 laps = 900km), you can work on these:
    10 AP - Fruit Salad (Drive pink & yellow vehicle for 8.05km)
    10 AP - Mirror Mirror (drive a chrome vehicle 48km at night)
    20 AP - Above the Limit (drive above 241 km/h for 8.05km consecutively)
    20 AP - Deft Touch (drive above 338 km/h for 3.22 km consecutively without collision)

    If you use a Circuit car you can also work on these:
    5 AP - Places to go (16km above 322 km/h)
    10 AP - Circuit Tripper (80km above 322 km/h)
    15 AP - Pro Circuit (805km above 322 km/h)
    50 AP - Addicted to speed (16km above 402 km/h)

    10 AP - On the hood (hood view & above 322 km/h for 1.61km)
    5 AP - Riding up front (hood view & above 322 km/h for 80km)

    10 AP - Redline (drive above 322 km/h in bumper view)
    15 AP - Eyes on the road (bumper view & above 322 km/h for 1.61km)
    5 AP - POV (16km in Bumper cam)
    20 AP - Flight Speed (bumper view & above 322 km/h for 16km)
    15 AP - At Road Level (bumper view & above 322 km/h for 80km)
    20 AP - Racing Seats (bumper view & above 322 km/h for 161km)

    5 AP - Faster & Faster (burn 25 nitro from full to empty)
    10 AP - Circuit Charge (burn 100 nitro from full to empty)
    10 AP - Jet Fuelled (drain nitro 100 times from full to empty)
    20 AP - Nitro Happy (burn 1.000 nitro from full to empty) [maybe not worth it]

    While going for 8000 km with 1 car:
    10 AP - Festive Feeling (drive a red & green vehicle for 20km in the snow)
    10 AP - Zebra (drive black & white veicle 8km offroad)
    50 AP - Behind the Wheel (drive 1.609km in bumper view)
    50 AP - Overclocker (8.047km in a single vehicle)
    50 AP - Night Owl (1.609km at night)
    50 AP - Sunshine Kid (1.609km during daytime)
    50 AP - Precious Goods (drive from san francisco to st. louis without crash cam)
    50 AP - Sunday Driver (drive from seattle to miami without crash cam)
    50 AP - The Mother Road (drive from chicago to los angeles in bumper cam)
    50 AP - East Coast, West Coast (drive from new york to los angeles in 50 min)
    50 AP - Urban Explorer (drive to all 5 racetracks in 1 session) => no fast travel allowed! the tracks are:
    >Little Eagle Speedrome (Midwest)
    >Long Island Speedrome (East Coast)
    >Sebring International Raceway (The South)
    >Golden Hills Racetrack (Mountain States)
    >Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (West Coast)

    Take a reasonably fast Fullstock Spec car (=no modifications) and do stunt jump 10 in chicago. Jump the bridge, drive a bit, turn around, jump the bidge again. Will give you (all Specs > Fullstock):

    5 AP - Taking Stock (24km with a fullstock car)
    10 AP - Need A Fill Up? (drive 48km in a fullspec car)
    10 AP - Hang Time (jump for 3.22km in a fullstock car)
    15 AP - Hop To It (jump for 8.05km in a fullstock car)
    20 AP - Stocked Up Skills (complete 50 skills in a fullstock car) => can be same skill over and over

    Take the car to the salt desert. Drive backwards and after that do drifts for:
    10 AP - All in my rear view (drive 1.61 km while looking backwards)
    10 AP - Luck or Skill? (1.61 km without crash while looking backwards)
    5 AP - Rear View (reverse for 8.05km in a fullstock car)
    15 AP - Driftin' By (drift for 4.02km in a fullstock car)
    5 AP - Sliding About (drift for 4.83km in a fullstock car)

    660 AP - Under Cities & Zones there are 4 awards each 15 AP per city / zone dedicated to landmarks.

    You just have to drive over the landmark, not entering it. You have to visit the 2-3 landmarks per award WITHOUT FAST TRAVEL in between.
    As it is a pain to switch between map and award page I will list the landmarks per award. It helped me during my run:

    On the slam: State Prison - Downtown - Mexican Town
    Suburbia: Von Steuben - Warren - Cork Town
    Walk in the park: Bloomfield Hills - Highland Park - Brush Park
    Around the boundary: Rivertown - Grosse Pointe - 8 Mile

    Hugging the Shore: Gold Coast - Grand Park - Museum Campus
    Touching the sides: Near West Side - Near North Side - New East Side
    Central Chicago: Old Town - Fulton River District - Pilsen
    Loop the loop: The Loop - West Loop - South Loop

    New York
    Jersey Devil: Jersey City - Central Park - New York Airport
    Concrete Jungle: Financial District - Uptown - Bronx
    The American Dream: Industrial Harbor - Chinatown
    Island Hopper: Harlem - Queens - Brooklyn

    Land of the free: Little Havanna - Freedom Tower - Little Haiti
    Bridging the gap: Miami Harbor - Venetian Islands - North Bay
    Welcome to Paradise: Airport - Coconut Grove - Florida Keys
    Life's a beach: North Beach - Mid Beach - South Beach

    Las Vegas
    Sandy Settlements: Las Vegas South - St Georges - Santa Fe
    Struck Gold: Old Gold Mine - North Las Vegas
    Thirst Quencher: Boneville Salt Flats - Hoover Dam - Salt Lake City
    Wild West: Rhyolite - Giant Thermometer - Amboy

    Los Angeles
    LA Tourist: Donut Stand - Crossroad of the World
    By the waterside: Long Beach - Marina Del Rey - Santa Monica Pier
    Outta the Ghetto: Inglewood - Paolos Verdes - Venice
    Glitz and Glamour: Hollywood Boulevard - Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive

    Mainland: Badlands - Dairyland - Dakota Grasslands
    Track Day: Doland - Mother Road 66 - Little Eagle Speeddrome
    Water World: Navy Pier - Lower Peninsula - Lare Eerie
    Cross Country: Black Hills - Blue Grass - Holmes County Fields

    East Coast
    Force of nature: Niagara Falls - Maine Highlands - Salem Woods
    Nature Hike: Coal State - Allegheny Forest - White Mountains
    East coast icons: Newport - Washington - Pentagon
    Coasting Along: Long Island - Cape Cod - Acadia

    The South
    Atlantic Coast: Cape Canaveral - Daytona - Palm Coast
    Florida Sights: Clarksdale - Natchitoches - Bayou
    The way to armarillo: New Orleans Downtown - Dallas Amarillo
    River run: West Florida Coast - Swamp - Port Isabel

    Mountain States
    Road to ruin: Grey Stone Ruin - Mission Ruins - Mesa Verde
    Ghost Hunter: Barstow Ghost Town - Red Lands Ghost Town - Tucson Aircraft Cemetery
    Whole Lotta Holes: Amboy Crater - Meteor Crater - Grand Canyon
    Space Race: Space Arrays - Roswell - Observatory

    West Coast
    Mountain Ranger: Giant Sequoia Forest - Kings Canyon- Lake Tahoe
    West Coast Towns: Fresno - Sacramento - Santa Barbara
    Pacific Coast: Nuclear Power Plant - Big Creek Bridge - Eureka
    West Coast Cities: Los Angeles Downtown - San Francisco - Seattle Landmarks

    Kinda special awards:
    20 AP - Mind the Blowhole (find the whale) => credit for the video to S Gaf

    20 AP - Magical Gallops (find the unicorn) => credit for the video to Sykes

    20 AP - Missing Link (find bigfoot) => credit for the video to Sykes

    If you have spare money you can work on:

    All under SPECS:
    20 AP - Full Collection (Buy 10 Fullstock cars)
    20 AP - Money to Burn (Own 10 Street cars)
    20 AP - Dirt Collector (Own 10 Dirt cars)
    20 AP - Perfect Specs (Own 10 Spec cars)
    20 AP - Spoilt for choice (Own 10 Raid cars)
    20 AP - Fast Car Fever (Own 10 Circuit cars)

    All under ORIGINS:
    20 AP - Helping the Economy (Own 10 American vehicles)
    20 AP - Imported Glory (Own 2 Asian vehicles)
    10 AP - Customzilla (Customize every body part of an asian vehicle in a session)
    20 AP - Classy COllection (Own 10 European vehicles)

    All under OWNERSHIP:
    5 AP - Paintwork (change vehicle color)
    5 AP - Two Tone (2 different colors in vehicle) => does this need to be unlocked?
    5 AP - Interior Design (change interior, then sit inside it [in demo mode])
    5 AP - Looking Good (apply a body part)
    15 AP - Getting Creative (buy 1 sticker)
    15 AP - Frankenstein (apply random body set with at least 5 parts)
    15 AP - Facelift (customize every visual part of 1 vehicle) => use asian vehicle for Customzilla (10 AP)
    20 AP - Rainbow (own 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 orange vehicle)

    5 AP - My first part (buy 1 part)
    5 AP - Prized Part (spend 5.000 on parts)
    5 AP - Prized Part (spend 100.000 on parts)
    10 AP - Level 10 part (purchase a level 10 part)
    10 AP - Level 20 part (purchase a level 20 part)
    15 AP - Level 30 part (purchase a level 30 part)
    20 AP - Level 40 part (purchase a level 40 part)
    20 AP - Level 50 part (purchase a level 50 part) => these stack! (confirmed by vzr326)

    If you have spare time you can work on (need to wiggle a stick every 10-15 min):

    45 AP - Grease Monkey (spend 4 h in the HQ) [10+15+20 AP]
    45 AP - Car Expert (Spend 3h at the car/bike dealer) [10+15+20 AP]
    35 AP - In Tune (Spend 3h at the tuner) [5+10+20 AP]

    Awards where I have no idea how to unlock them. Any input welcome:
    20 AP - Stick like glue -> Which car & parts work?
    20 AP - Stop on a dime -> Which car & parts work?
    20 AP - What Limiter? -> Which car & parts work?
    15 AP - New Plates -> Glitched?
    20 AP - Slick finish -> Progress stays at 0%

    Credit for these goes to vzr326:

    5 AP - Experimental
    Got this after entering Demo mode when I see the whole car (not only parts) and used every buttons what described on the side).

    20 AP - Down the rabbit hole
    "It's working now with a red and blue (two tone colored) vehicle. I used the 6th and 15th colors in Metallic 1 category."
  • Lamar RomneyLamar Romney258,879
    20 Apr 2015 20 Apr 2015
    12 7 0
    To view your rewards total, go to the map and press the cn_LS. Use cn_LB or cn_RB to cycle over to the rewards tab.

    There are just over 15,000 award points available across hundreds of tasks. Some will come naturally as you play the game (beat a story mission, find a few landmarks, etc); some are very specific (drive to America Park in Detroit between 10 and 11 p.m.); and some are a straight up grind (drive 200 laps around Little Eagle Speedway).

    I realize this is more of an explanation than a solution, but there is no one way to attack it. Find the tasks that will be most enjoyable to you and knock them out that way.

    Good luck!
  • TonySkiTonySki1,257,325
    14 Jan 2015 05 Jul 2015
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