Geometry Warrior achievement in Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions Evolved

Geometry Warrior

Earn 3 Stars on all 50 levels of Adventure Mode

Geometry Warrior0
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How to unlock the Geometry Warrior achievement

  • StorslangeStorslange454,001
    06 Jan 2015 28 Feb 2015 22 Mar 2015
    28 1 5
    This achievement may be seems a bit hard at the beginning and the more you will play the more you will realize that its true. This achievement is very skillfull and at the begin I wasnt really believing that its possible to get it but later on you will upgrade your ship to a really badass warmachine. If you wanna get some high scores obviously you will need to upgrade COLLECT drone to the max. It will fly around you all the time trying to collect as much geoms as he can so you can focus more on the shooting part of the game. I also recommend to upgrade TURRET super to the max because sometimes there is so much going on on the screen and you can barely see your own ship so with this turret you can mop the whole screen. Yes its that powerful at the last upgrade.
    One of the hardest things I've occured during play was the final boss because he have a lot of waves coming right at you and you need to stay alive till the very end otherwise the score just wont matter.

    Darkened Night and Flonk gave me some advices which I`ve used in redo this solution and here are the set of weapons which I was using towards 3 stars in each level. As you can see collect is most used in Boss levels where you have to avoid his little annoying helpers while the collect super will help you get more geoms. Of course the hardest level for me was level 50 where we have to get through countless waves of enemies and in very hard moment Turret super (maximum upgraded of course) is most useful. Generally if you wanna get all 150 stars in this Adventure mode then first what you have to do is upgrade all super to the max.

    Here are the sets of supers which helped me get all stars

    1 - Snipe, Homing
    2 - Attack, Black Hole
    3 - Snipe, Turret
    4 - Collect, Turret
    5 - Attack, Turret
    6 - Attack, Turret
    7 - Attack, Turret
    8 - Attack, Turret
    9 - Attack, Miner
    10 - Collect, Turret
    11 - Attack, Turret
    12 - Collect (this is Pacifism level so you cannot choose any attack super)
    13 - Snipe, Turret
    14 - Collect, Turret
    15 - Snipe, Turret
    16 - Snipe, Turret
    17 - Collect, Turret
    18 - Snipe, Turret
    19 - Collect, Turret
    20 - Collect, Turret
    21 - Ram, Turret
    22 - Attack, Homing
    23 - Collect, Turret
    24 - Collect (again this is Pacifism level)
    25 - Collect, Turret
    26 - Attack, Homing
    27 - Collect, Turret
    28 - Attack, Homing
    29 - Collect (yep, again it`s Pacifism)
    30 - Collect, Turret
    31 - Snipe, Turret
    32 - Collect, Turret
    33 - Attack, Homing
    34 - Collect, Turret
    35 - Collect, Turret
    36 - Attack, Homing
    37 - Snipe, Homing
    38 - Attack, Homing
    39 - Snipe, Homing
    40 - Collect, Homing
    41 - Attack, Turret
    42 - Attack, Homing
    43 - Attack, Homing
    44 - Collect, Turret
    45 - Snipe, Homing
    46 - Snipe, Homing
    47 - Snipe, Turret
    48 - Attack, Homing
    49 - Collect, Turret
    50 - Collect, Turret

    I hope this will help a lot of you guys :)

    This game is all about training and the more you will play the more skillfull you will be I am pretty sure of it. If I was able to get all stars in this game anybody can do this :)

    Good luck!

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    FlonkIf you look at each level you can see which drone and super you used for that specific level. I would give you a positive vote if you included them in your solution.
    Posted by Flonk on 22 Mar 15 at 22:51
    Storslange@Flonk thats a great idea. Will do that right now :)
    Posted by Storslange on 22 Mar 15 at 23:04
    FlonkAwesome! +1
    Posted by Flonk on 24 Mar 15 at 12:21
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  • Edward HyenaEdward Hyena435,038
    05 Apr 2015 05 Apr 2015 05 Apr 2015
    12 0 3
    Are you having trouble with this achievement? Post update, there's a little bit of help. The update added "Ultimate" and "Hardcore" mode to the game, a new 40 level and 20 level adventure, respectively. The achievement tracking for this only keeps track of "Level 1", "Level 2", etc. So if you are having trouble with a particular level in Adventure but find the corresponding number in Ultimate easier, go do it in Ultimate and it will still count.
    Showing all 3 comments.
    FlonkWow awesome tip. Had only level 29 left but that helped me from playing that stupid level. The ultimate level (29) was super easy :)
    Posted by Flonk on 10 Apr 15 at 21:55
    KirblinxI had the same issue as Flonk. Level 29 was giving me fits. This was the solution that I needed :D
    Posted by Kirblinx on 10 Jun 17 at 13:18
    HolyThugRabbitJust like the two above, I got destroyed on level 29. Was super happy to see this solution last year. And it did indeed worksmile Figured to do the 360 version also. And just a small heads up for the 360 version (in case someone may be looking for a solution from there). Sadly, it do not work on the 360 version. Think the reason why it works only on this version, is because of the achievement tracking bar.
    Posted by HolyThugRabbit on 06 Jun 18 at 19:56
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