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Solo Challenge: I stab at thee!

As an individual, kill 5 Herkers with the Captain Ahab.

06 Jan 2015 until 13 Jan 2015

Solo Challenge: I stab at thee!
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: I stab at thee!

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    "To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

    -Moby Dick

    Anyway, you're going to need to hunt for some Herkers a.k.a. the Great Orange OD. They're one of the more common special OD, easily recognized by their giant size and excavator shovel arms. Herkers tend to travel in groups with lesser, easier to kill, OD. I tend to find a few of them around the Old Factory district. They appear as large red dots on your radar and tend to move around slowly. If it's moving around quickly, it's a Mugger or a Winger, and if it's not moving at all, it's a Spawner.

    Once you hunt one of these beasts down, you must kill it. How you do that is up to you. Personally, I would erect the Flaming Compensator, set the Herker aflame, widdle it down with a weapon like the Dirty Harry, and finish it off with a Captain Ahab shot, as it has very little ammunition when it isn't upgraded. If your Captain Ahab is Rank 5, it might be quicker and easier to just turn the Herker into a pincushion by ejecting all your harpoons into the Herker as quickly as possible.

    Herkers are rather common at towards the end of a Night Defense.

    Quicker "Dangerously Cheesy" Method: Thanks to iiTz xFIREL0RDx for this one! You can replay the side quest "To Cure a Case of Scabs", which at the very beginning, has a guaranteed Herker spawn on one of the nearby rooftops. Press the menu button then press "X" to replay the mission from the beginning, where you can quickly and easily get some Herker kills. If your Captain Ahab is maxed out, you should be able to kill a Herker in three shots if you are right in its face.

    Do this four more times and the challenge is yours! Happy hunting!
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    If you don't have the Captain Ahab maxxed out yet, I suggest you go grind it out.
    Using any of the guides here will make things easier:
    Sunset OverdriveI Like Them AllThe I Like Them All achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 129 pointsUpgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

    A small note, I use the term challenge below, that's what they call the missions/side-quests that have no story behind them. So hopefully that doesn't confuse you with the challengre achievement this solution is for.

    You will manually have to travel to the Episode 4 - Buck Stops Here challenge as the fast travel for only this in-game challenge is glitched and takes you somewhere else.
    Once there, start it up.
    Just like Buck's other challenges the pattern is always the same per challenge.
    This specific ones are:
    1. Melee kills
    2. Grind kills
    3. Bounce kills
    4. Winger kills
    5. Herker kills
    6. Catapult kills
    Three weapons maxed out I feel are pretty useful for getting through this fast:
    Hair Spray Bomb
    Dirty Harry
    And of coarse you'll need the Captain Ahab

    Start by using the Hair Spray Bomb to build up to level two overdrive meter to activate your melee amp which should help you get through the first phase easy enough.
    Next jump up on the wires and keep spamming the Hair Spray, then transition to jumping on something.
    You should get those three done pretty fast.
    Next the Wingers come out, this is why I bring with me Harry but any weapon you like can be used in place.
    Then Herkers, pull out the Captain. They go down with three hits for me, you don't really need any specific amp on the gun. You can put the one that stuns them but they don't really move around too much during this challenge.
    Then finish up this last part (those of you who have never done this before, look for the yellow spots and stand in them to lure OD, then press Y to have bombs launched at your spot, may be required to do twice to finish this step).

    After you complete a full cycle everything starts over but with larger requirement to continue.
    The important waves to note though are the Winger/Herker ones as they increases by one each cycle. This is a good thing as it's possible to get all five that you need in just one two minute try although if you don't make it to the third Herker cycle you can just click retry and get to the second cycle again.
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