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Solo Challenge: Grind Badge King

As an individual, acquire 4 Grind Badges.

13 Jan 2015 until 20 Jan 2015

Solo Challenge: Grind Badge King
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Grind Badge King

  • nomunonomuno149,562
    13 Jan 2015 05 Jan 2015
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    NOTE: Badges can be unlocked sometime after the campaign takes you out of Old Factory. If badges aren't unlocking for you, try progressing a bit more through the story.

    Badges are earned by using a weapon, killing specific enemy classes, or using different traversal methods repetitively.

    Grind Badges are earned by simply grinding on any rail or wire. In order for a grind to count towards it's badge, you must change rails. Grinding in a circle will not count towards the grind badge.

    Here's a good method to "grind" this badge:

    This challenge shouldn't be to hard to do regardless. Most travel done in the game is through grinding, so it should just unlock naturally.
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