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Solo Challenge: Cuddle Delivery

As an individual, kill 4 Wingers with the TNTeddy.

20 Jan 2015 until 27 Jan 2015

Solo Challenge: Cuddle Delivery
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Cuddle Delivery

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    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    To earn this challenge, you must kill 4 wingers with the TNTeddy

    By the time you are introduced to them by the game, you should already have the TNTeddy (Mines was at level 4), so as soon as the game shows you them, whip out the TNTeddy and kill em', this challenge should be easier to get than completing the games tutorial!

    For those who have completed the game, replay the mission "Floating Garbage", the Wingers have lower health than when you see them in other missions, and there is more than 4 in that same mission, if for some reason there isn't, just replay it again.
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    SandHawkTime's solution is good. But there is another mission that is far quicker for killing the four Wingers.

    "One Man Is An Island"
    Help a survivor out with some flying OD problems.

    He'll have you run to 3 different spots all within close proximity of each another to kill Wingers there.

    There are 5 Wingers there and I did it in under 3 minutes with a maxed TNTeddy.

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