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Solo Challenge: Shot Badge King

As an individual, acquire 4 Single Shot Badges.

27 Jan 2015 until 03 Feb 2015

Solo Challenge: Shot Badge King
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Shot Badge King

  • Removed Gamer
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    Single Shot kills can be done with weapons that kill in one hit

    If you are killing scabs, I suggest the Dirty Harry, most of the time this kills in one hit.

    If it is OD, TNTeddy does great against them, and if they are in a horde, you should get a badge in no time.

    I usually earn about 3 Single Shot Badges during each of the Overcharge Night Defenses, and there should be loads of OD Around the barricades if you let them bunch up, your only problem should be the Herkers.

    Other overpowered weapons aswell include the hairspray bomb at Level 5, this weapon may be expensive but is worth it, it deploys a bomb and when this bomb explodes, it shoots out another three, and they deal massive damage and can kill up to 30 OD With one shot.

    EDIT: Credit to neeker75, the One-Handed Dragon Challenge can unlock 4 One-Shot Badges in 2 minutes, if it doesn't just do the challenge again
  • PhillyCh3zSt3akPhillyCh3zSt3ak347,177
    27 Jan 2015 28 Jan 2015
    4 1 1
    I got this doing the Dude weapon challenge as there are tons of enemies that you can take down with one shot. One or two tries of this challenge will earn you the challenge.
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