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Solo Challenge: Scabs versus FREEDOM

As an individual, kill 40 Scab Shooters with the Roman Candle.

03 Feb 2015 until 10 Feb 2015

Solo Challenge: Scabs versus FREEDOM
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Scabs versus FREEDOM

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    The Roman Candle is an Weapon that can be bought from Two Hat Jack for 15,000 overcharge.

    This weapon is really good against Scabs, hence that the game is asking you to kill quite a lot.

    A good mission to farm Scabs is the Max's Parents mission, if you have not done this mission yet, Scabs tend to hang out in bridges and overpasses, so look around there.
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    03 Feb 2015 03 Feb 2015
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    On the bridge that goes from the first area of the game (where the Brewery base is located) to the last area (Downtown) a ton of Scabs are located on top of the bridge on the Downtown side around the end.
    Near the area for "Challenge: Smash Scab Stuff" and "Episode 4 - Buck Stops Here".
    Each scab gives 2%. Should finish in a few or so minutes.
    If you run out of guys to shoot you could fast travel back to Downtown base and come back to this spot or look around as a ton of scabs run around in the Downtown district,
    They died for me with one or two shots on a maxed gun, may take more if you don't have it leveled.
    Make sure you're using the Roman Candle and not another gun. I actually didn't check what gun I was using and thought it was the right one.
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