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Solo Challenge: Bounce Badge King

As an individual, acquire 4 Bounce Badges.

10 Feb 2015 until 17 Feb 2015

Solo Challenge: Bounce Badge King
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Challenge Guide for Solo Challenge: Bounce Badge King

  • Removed Gamer
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    Bouncing is introduced at the very start of the game, so as soon as you have started this game, this challenge is able to be done.

    You just need to keep bouncing on surfaces that can be bounced on, try killing groups of OD Or Scabs while you are bouncing to increase the chance of getting the Badge.

    Bouncing on the same platform multiple times will not give you a badge, so you must vary from bouncing locations, I usually get about 1 bounce badge per mission, and that's without focusing on bouncing, so this challenge should be easy to get.
  • HalderHalder292,893
    10 Feb 2015 11 Feb 2015 11 Feb 2015
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    Easy Challenge,
    Just bounce between cars, bushes, parasols & other bounce-able objects.
    I counted around 80 or so bounces and that seemed to get a badge.

    also doesn't necessarily have to be a large chain of bounces to get the badges.
    to save time if this is all your doing don't press jump when bouncing as you just jump really high.
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