Solo Challenge: Painful Delivery achievement in Sunset Overdrive

Solo Challenge: Painful Delivery

As an individual, kill 10 Spawners with the ProPain Launcher.

03 Mar 2015 until 10 Mar 2015

Solo Challenge: Painful Delivery
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How to unlock the Solo Challenge: Painful Delivery challenge

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    "The only woman I'm pimping is sweet lady propane! And I'm tricking her out all over this town."

    -Hank Hill

    This could very well be the hardest Challenge in SSO, if only because part of it requires you to be lucky.

    First of all, you are going to need to get the ProPain Launcher. But you can't just simply BUY the ProPain launcher like any other weapon. No, you are going to need to tackle Chaos Squad.

    Chaos Squad is a short multiplayer mode where you and several others do all sorts of wacky challenges in order to gain Chaos and boosts for a Night Defense at the end. There are two bonus individual challenges for said minigames that will get you either a 2x point multiplayer or a 4x point multiplayer per challenge if completed. All this culminates in a Night Defense, and if you win, you get extra points based off whatever percentage of Chaos you obtained. After all this, the game plays a spinner for you.

    You get one free slot and four more slots that you can unlock based on how well you did in Chaos Squad. The free slot normally gives useless things like weapon boosts. What you are aiming for is to get the four score slots. The bigger the slot, the better the reward. The ProPain Launcher is the rarest Chaos Squad reward and most commonly drops from your Fifth Spin, though it is possible to get it on your third spin. Some people might get this on their first round of Chaos Squad, some might plays dozens of rounds and not get even a hint of it. The easiest Chaos Squad mode for getting all five spins, in my opinion, is Little Tokyo.

    Once you get the ProPain Launcher, you now have the delightful task of hunting down Spawners. Spawners are Special OD that have a dumpster embedded in their back that normal, boring OD crawl out of. Spawners are cowardly and will run away when faced with violence, so you might have to give a chase. It is not recommended you get close to the Spawner, as they have a brutal melee attack.

    Spawners seem to be a rather rare creature to find in the wild, but they are either dormant or moving extremely slowly, so look for slow moving or stationary big red dots on your minimap. After that, nuke it with the ProPain Launcher. It'll only take two shots (and that's without a single upgrade!)

    There is a guaranteed Spawner location. From the mission selection menu, select To Cure a Case of the Scabs. Right at the start area, you will find a Spawner that is fleeing for his life. Kill it with your ProPain launcher, restart the mission, do this ten times, and the achievement should be yours! You shouldn't worry about ammo, because if you hit the Spawner right in its ugly face, it'll only take two shots of your ProPain Launcher, and the starting ammo capacity is 26.

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    James HoskinThere is only one weapons pack on, and it contains "Rage Bomb, Plague Bomb, Shield Buddy and Multi-lock Rocket Launcher"
    Posted by James Hoskin on 04 Mar 15 at 23:31
    HaKaShUPretty sure they did increase the drop rate on the ProPain Launcher. On my second game of Chaos Mode I got the 4th slot and every single slot was the ProPain Launcher.
    Posted by HaKaShU on 06 Mar 15 at 07:08
    Harlequin GodAt HaKasHu they def did not increase it when you posted, I played something like 30-40 games in the period between the 6th and today, and even with 4 and 5 spins I got squat.

    Today I finally got it in the only game I played so, who knows if they finally decided increase the rate.

    Incidentally, I think its always the only thing on its wheel, ie if you see it you got it, I cant confirm because I obviously only got it once, but seeing how its the only weapon from chaos squad it makes sense it would be by itself on its own wheel.

    Kudos to OP, with his suggestion you can kill the ten spawners if you get the gun, within a minute or two. So if any of you are getting this baby at the last second like me, then do this strategy. Also heads up, use the harpoon to whittle down the health and then kill it with the propain launcher. Two to three harpoons on a level five will take it down to a one hit kill with a level one propain launcher.
    Posted by Harlequin God on 10 Mar 15 at 04:08
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  • mcnichojmcnichoj214,956
    04 Mar 2015 04 Mar 2015 04 Mar 2015
    7 3 2
    Credit to teengirlsquad4 for the mission.

    Start up the in-game challenge for "Episode 3 - Buck's Revenge".

    Here's the order for the tasks for Buck 3:
    Kill Spawner
    Kill Stalkers
    Activate Gyser

    All you really need is the Hair Spray Bomb and the ProPain Launcher.
    Hair Spray Bomb is bought from TwoHat Jack and the ProPain Launcher can be obtained in Chaos Squad multiplayer.

    Whip out the Hair Spray Bomb, spray it everywhere to get your level two overdrive meter then start melee killing.
    Next jump on a grindable surface and spry some more.
    Next is to kill the thing we're here for, so switch to your ProPain and unload shots into it till it dies. (Three if it's maxed out.)
    switch back to the HSB and jump on something, then undergrind on a wire for the next two Buck tasks.
    Now two Stalkers will come out, unload a couple shots in their general area.
    Then for the final think just jump on one of the Gysers until the thing resets and you have to melee again.

    Now in these repeat tasks the counters will increase as do the special OD waves. So the second time you'll have to kill two Spawners and then the third time it's three.
    It's possible you won't make it to the third time. No big deal, just keep doing this over and over for however many times you need to.
    I also tell you to use a second gun instead of just the Launcher because if you just use that, you have good chance of running out of ammo.
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    CDK"(ProPain Launcher can be obtained either in Chaos Squad multiplayer or from the Weapons Pack DLC.)" -- Incorrect. It can only be obtained through MP.
    Posted by CDK on 04 Mar 15 at 21:10
    mcnichojI confused it with the multi-launcher, my bad. Fixed.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 04 Mar 15 at 23:50
  • SNaKeTXSNaKeTX397,734
    05 Mar 2015 05 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
    1 2 8
    Here,s a vid to show you where the spawner is in the mission "To cure a case of scabs" :)

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    SNaKeTX@ ck2875 ok man sorry to hear,guess i was really lucky then.
    Posted by SNaKeTX on 09 Mar 15 at 14:11
    neeker75Yes you are. Five sessions today and no propain. I'm letting this go.
    Posted by neeker75 on 09 Mar 15 at 16:29
    SNaKeTXOk i added my first post and took this "confirmation" away
    Posted by SNaKeTX on 09 Mar 15 at 16:52
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