Solo Challenge: Returned with Interest achievement in Sunset Overdrive

Solo Challenge: Returned with Interest

As an individual, kill 6 Mechs with the Chargebeam.

07 Apr 2015 until 14 Apr 2015

Solo Challenge: Returned with Interest
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How to unlock the Solo Challenge: Returned with Interest challenge

  • RossticusRossticus488,155
    07 Apr 2015 07 Apr 2015 30 Jul 2017
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    This guide is definitely recommended for those who do not own the "Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines" content:

    I did this on the final mission "This Ends Here". Thanks to mcnichoj for suggesting the mission.

    You are tasked with stopping 4 waves of Fizzco bots. During this time you should not be using the Charge Beam, but instead be using other useful weapons such as the Fizzbot Rifle (4 stars). I recommend having the "Second Amendment" amp enabled for these weapons when in use.

    After you complete the 4 waves, two Tank Bots will spawn, and they will be highlighted as the mission objective. Focus on killing just one using the Charge Beam weapon.

    When you've killed the one bot, kill yourself and respawn for the Tank Bots to spawn again. Rinse and repeat.

    Note: If you kill both Tank Bots, a cutscene will trigger, you will reach a new checkpoint, and you will have to restart the mission if you wish to kill more bots.
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  • mcnichojmcnichoj214,882
    07 Apr 2015 07 Apr 2015
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    You need to buy the Charge Beam from TwoHat Jack and then hunt down these guys:
    External image

    (The giant one on the right. This is the best picture I could find.)
    Charge Beam requires you to hold the right trigger to charge it for a couple seconds and then shoots out a continuous beam for a short period before having to charge again. Maxed out gun almost kills them with one charged beam.

    If you have the new Robot DLC you can go to half of the missions to get this done. I prefer Buck National vs Robot Apocalypse. Do the required steps until the Tank Bot comes and then pull out your Charge Beam to kill it. You should be able to get three of them killed per run. So two runs with each run being three minutes.

    If you don't have the DLC you can still do this with the base game. I know the final mission "This is the End" spawns two after you destroy a bunch of other Fizzco bots.
    If anyone knows of a better main game mission, please let me know.
  • PhillyCh3zSt3akPhillyCh3zSt3ak364,231
    07 Apr 2015 07 Apr 2015
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    Ok so this is slightly confusing on how they worded the description. They mean the tank bots. Kill 6 of them and this is yours.
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