Solo Challenge: I stab at thee! Pt. 2 achievement in Sunset Overdrive

Solo Challenge: I stab at thee! Pt. 2

As an individual, kill 5 Herkers with the Captain Ahab.

14 Apr 2015 until 21 Apr 2015

Solo Challenge: I stab at thee! Pt. 2
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How to unlock the Solo Challenge: I stab at thee! Pt. 2 challenge

  • nomunonomuno157,099
    08 Jan 2015
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    "An old, old sight, and yet somehow so young; aye, and not changed a wink since I first saw it..."
    - Moby Dick, Herman Melville

    The Captain Ahab harpoon gun can be purchased from Two-Hat Jack, relatively early in the game, for 9000 Overcharge.

    A Herker is an OD mutant whose arm has fused with an excavator shovel. They are several times the size of a normal OD, and appear as a large red blip on the Player's radar.

    While most commonly spawned in the Old Factory district, Herkers can be difficult to find. Rather than searching for a Herker, try finding a mission containing one and going from there. The easiest is the side-quest: "To Cure a Case of Scabs." Kill the nearby Herker, restart the mission, and repeat. Herkers are also commonly spawned during Night Defense and Chaos Squad.

    Before upgrading, the Captain Ahab lacks a high ammo capacity. For this reason, some may find it more efficient to widdle down the Herker's health with an alternate weapon, and switch back to the the Ahab for the kill. However, I would advise against this.

    Each hit you get with the Captain Ahab slowly levels it up. Unloading a whole clip of harpoons into a Herker should raise the weapon's level, and further increase it's ammo capacity. Additional ammo can be purchased from Two-Hat Jack should the need arise.

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    J2B9Insanely easy, leveled up the weapon from 0 to 5 in less then 5 min doing this. Only took two shots for me to kill the herker.
    Posted by J2B9 on 15 Apr 15 at 00:36
    Vandel BusterI just got this with about 20 min left. A level 5 Ahab takes 5 shots to kill a Hurker. Combine it with Second Amendment and it won't run out. Took 3 minutes to get my 5 kill.
    Posted by Vandel Buster on 21 Apr 15 at 06:47
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  • mcnichojmcnichoj214,872
    14 Apr 2015 10 Feb 2015
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    If you don't have the Captain Ahab maxed out yet, I suggest you go grind it out.
    Using any of the guides here will make things easier:
    Sunset OverdriveI Like Them AllThe I Like Them All achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 146 pointsUpgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

    A small note, I use the term challenge below, that's what they call the missions/side-quests that have no story behind them. So hopefully that doesn't confuse you with the challengre achievement this solution is for.

    You will manually have to travel to the Episode 4 - Buck Stops Here challenge as the fast travel for only this in-game challenge is glitched and takes you somewhere else.
    Once there, start it up.
    Just like Buck's other challenges the pattern is always the same per challenge.
    This specific ones are:
    1. Melee kills
    2. Grind kills
    3. Bounce kills
    4. Winger kills
    5. Herker kills
    6. Catapult kills
    Three weapons maxed out I feel are pretty useful for getting through this fast:
    Hair Spray Bomb
    Dirty Harry
    And of coarse you'll need the Captain Ahab

    Start by using the Hair Spray Bomb to build up to level two overdrive meter to activate your melee amp which should help you get through the first phase easy enough.
    Next jump up on the wires and keep spamming the Hair Spray, then transition to jumping on something.
    You should get those three done pretty fast.
    Next the Wingers come out, this is why I bring with me Harry but any weapon you like can be used in place.
    Then Herkers, pull out the Captain. They go down with three hits for me, you don't really need any specific amp on the gun. You can put the one that stuns them but they don't really move around too much during this challenge.
    Then finish up this last part (those of you who have never done this before, look for the yellow spots and stand in them to lure OD, then press Y to have bombs launched at your spot, may be required to do twice to finish this step).

    After you complete a full cycle everything starts over but with larger requirement to continue.
    The important waves to note though are the Winger/Herker ones as they increases by one each cycle. This is a good thing as it's possible to get all five that you need in just one two minute try although if you don't make it to the third Herker cycle you can just click retry and get to the second cycle again.
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    EggChrisTI pretty much did the same thing, except I restarted the challenge after the first hurker. I felt it was a lot easier with this method. Thus, avoiding the waves of increased wingers and standard OD. Nice guide BTW +1 on upvote wink
    Posted by EggChrisT on 14 Apr 15 at 16:10
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