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The Collection

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How to unlock the The Collection achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner1,017,448
    22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014
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    There are 20 pickups in total across the 10 main worlds, pickups are small black squares and are simply picked up but jumping/passing through them.
    Something to note this popped early for me as I picked up a few pickups twice when I was making videos, so this goes by the achievement tracker and not in game.

    There are two pickups in 'Spawn'

    1. Level 0.3 @0:08
    The first pickup is the bottom right of the first block you have to jump over. Clear the obstacle, drop to the floor and then move back to the left to pick it up.

    2: Level 0.5 @0:20
    The second pickup is to the left of your starting location floating above the water. Move left and jump cn_A to reach the pickup. You will die getting this pickup but dont worry.
    There are two pickups in 'Array'

    3. Level 1.8 @0:06
    After jumping over the two pools over water with John and falling down to the bottom you will be at a point with some small jumps intended for Chris and John, you don't need them however. The pickup is top right of this area, if you jump onto the platform below it and the jump and move left at the same time you will clear the space above (See the video)

    4. Level 1.9 @0:42
    The pickup is located on the right hand wall after you've used to two small 'elevator' blocks. I found it easier to bring both Thomas and Chris with me but you should be able to make it on your own with John. (See video for use with Thomas and Chris)
    There are two pickups in 'Origin'

    5. Level 2.4 @0:08
    You start off on top of Claire and the water is rising, use Thomas to activate the switch then jump back onto Claire, as the water rises and you travel through the path you come to an opening with 4 blocks, jump off as soon as you can and head off to the left where the pickup is, it doesn't matter if you die.

    6. Level 2.9 @0:58
    When you get to the area with the elevator blocks you will see the pickup below the second set of spikes above the first elevator, again it doesn't matter if you die.

    Sorry the pickups aren't in there this time but they'd be where I die.
    There are 2 pickups in 'Associations'

    7. Level 3.4 @0:04
    Once you have gotten Laura and Chris up to the second level (Where their end spaces are) the pickup is top right under the small lip, use Laura to bounce Chris up to it. (See video for where I am bouncing)

    8. Level 3.8 @0:11
    As soon as you begin level John and jump onto the top right square of the 4 moving squares, the pickup is on the top right hand side and you can easily jump to it cn_A

    Here's a video (Unfortunately I already collected the first one)
    There are two pickups in 'Purge'

    9. Level 4.4 @0:04
    After you pass through the 3rd checkpoint the pickup will be to the right under the second block with spikes on it to the right, its hard to see so if you miss it land on the spikes below to retry (As I do in the video)

    10. Level 4.8 @0:46
    Immediately upon starting the level press cn_RB/cn_LB to switch to Claire (Blue) and move left cn_LSl to place Claire next to the spike wall for John (Yellow) to jump on and jump to the pickup which is right next to the spike wall so you will die.
    There are two pickups in 'Invert'

    11. Level 5.1 @0:06
    When you reach the end of the level after the spikes stay on the bottom (top) and follow the path to the end and the pickup is there.

    12. Level 5.4 @0:18
    As soon as the level starts swap to Thomas cn_LB/cn_RB move left a bit and jump cn_A as the pickup is above Thomas (I already picked it up in the video, its where im jumping)
    There are two pickups in 'Iterate'

    13. Level 6.2 @0:04
    In this level you need to follow the ray of light to the switches, after you press the second switch the pickup will be above the middle block, you will need to double jump at the peak of your first jump to reach it cn_A.

    14. Level 6.7 @0:44
    This ones easy, at the start of the level switch to Sarah and head towards the middle of the level, the pickup is just above the floor spikes, you will die getting this.
    There are two pickups in 'Design'

    15. Level 7.1 @0:04
    Once you have freed everyone and have free movement the pickup is above where Chris (Orange) was, stack Chris and Thomas on top of Claire and use John to jump on them to then jump to the pickup.

    16. Level 7.10 @0:22
    Switch to Sarah (Purple) and follow the course down, pass through the checkpoint carry on to the end of the level and the pickup is at the top in a small nook that can be reached with a double jump.
    There are two pickups in 'Generation'

    17. Level 8.5 @0:04
    After you drop into the water jump up to the checkpoint and grab the red strips, then fall into the water on your right where the pickup is, you will die.

    18. Level 8.10 @0:16
    When the level begins drop down and bounce off the larger of the two characters at the bottom and double jump back to your start position. Then double jump to the left platform and over the top making sure to hug the right wall as you fall, the pickup is in the nook top left, double jump to it.
    There are two pickups in 'Y+1, X+1'

    19. Level 9.2 @0:04
    From the start pass through the blue stripes and float over to the first pool and pass through the grey stripes. The pickup is at the bottom of the pool of water at the bottom right, fall into the water and make sure to push cn_LSr as the current will push you (I don't do this in my video)

    20. Level 9.10 @0:34
    From the start switch to the small block with the green stripe cn_RB/cn_LB then follow the level up and to the left, keep going till you reach the top of the level and the pickup is near the top left of the level.

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    MattSharp94ideas to make the final two unlock anyone.. its saying 100% for both but no unlock of the achievement?
    Posted by MattSharp94 on 09 Aug 16 at 10:01
    SpilnerDone unlocking?
    Posted by Spilner on 09 Aug 16 at 10:31
    Dynamite AndyThis popped early for me, My save progress did not sync so 4 pickups counted towards the progress previously but when I reloaded I had to redo them pickups and gained the progress again.
    Posted by Dynamite Andy on 17 Dec 18 at 15:57
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  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning2,363,072
    09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
    12 0 0
    This is for anyone who got all the collectibles but did not receive this achievement and maybe another one.

    After having beat the game and getting all collectibles I didn't have the 'Lone Survivor' or 'The Collection' achievements. My tracker read at 50% for Lone Survivor and 95% for The Collection.

    I repeated both levels with collectibles for Lone Survivor but neither collectible was present because I had already grabbed them both.

    The only way that I found to fix this was to delete your save of the game from both the cloud and your local save on your Xbox.

    After doing so I played my way back up to 4.4 and the collectible was there. I grabbed it and both of my achievements popped.

    So for any collectible that doesn't register for you, I would suggest this to finish off your otherwise easy completion and 1k.
  • Drastic Ed xoDrastic Ed xo793,345
    24 Nov 2018 25 Nov 2018
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    Full Guide with all Achievements:

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