Viking Conqueror Hard achievement in Viking

Viking Conqueror Hard

Reach the end of the game on hard difficulty

Viking Conqueror Hard0
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How to unlock the Viking Conqueror Hard achievement

  • Solar156Solar156350,801
    22 May 2011 28 May 2011
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    Nipplepwner's solution should help to get you through the majority of the game, and he's deffinitely right about hard difficulty being ok so that only one playthrough is needed.
    I just like to add a few things about the final boss fight, since it gave me a lot of trouble at first.
    Go into the final battle with full supplies of flamepots, throwing axes and healing potions. The actual battle phase is not very long and consists of three stages. In the first you have to kill three shamans, then three giants (for which you are allowed to use dragon runes) and then take over the portal.Don't use any flamepots, axes or potions during the battle.
    After the battle you are on your own and have to fight your way towards the final boss through a number of enemies. Try to get through this as well without using flamepots, axes or potions. Make instead use of your frost rune, espacially when outnumbered and try to throw enemies with (LT + A) over the outer wall or into the lava streams that run down the inner wall. There are three segments in this fight, each with a respawn point in the beginning and with a red dot enemy at the end. After the last segment you reach the final boss.

    The first phase plays out a bit like a shaman fight, except that the four rods or seperated by flame walls and take seven hits each to destroy. After you have destroyed a rod you have to wait a while for the flamewalls to drop so that you can reach the next rod. Same goes for the time after the destruction of the last rod, don't run towards the boss, the game will switch phases after a while. The key to survive the big onslaught of spawining enemiesl during this first phase is to abuse the (LT + A) move. By constantly blocking you avoid most of the damage and with (LT + A) you can push the enemies into the flamewalls, which will kill them. Pushing enemies away should always have pirority over damaging the rods, even if you might miss one of the flamewall drops because you take to long for the current rod. Don't worry the walls will drop again. If you need to, drink a porion during this phase. I used one on the third and one on the fourth rod.
    The second phase is a giant like battle, and is very easy if you conserved your flamepots and axes. Bombard the boss with the flamepots first and then with the axes. For me it took the three pots and then only 4 to 5 axes, afterwards you start a button sequence again which is different from the usual one. If you should run out of flamepots and axes you have to go in for the rest of the kill, use your usual giant killing techniques then.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,525,966
    19 Jan 2011 17 Jan 2011 17 Jan 2011
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    this game isnt too hard so i would recomend doing it from the start on hard difficulty so you spare yourself two playthroughs. There isnt much you have to keep in mind, but maybe those tips will make an attempt much easier :

    once you want to liberate a settlement or camp, make sure you free the caged in vikings FIRST! sneak in and try to not alert too many guards (a few are ok, as long as you dont alert the whole camp) and open the cage as soon as possible. once the vikings are freed they will kill any remaining assailants neting you an easy conquer (you can help them when you use the magic powers on RT since these buffer your allies as well)
    you can stay stealth even when you use throwing axes and flame pots so make frequent use of these :)

    use the RB+X or A moves as often as possible. a wounded enemy is better to take out than a vital one. also keep in mind that once you can fatality finish them u can stop concentrating on these since they will die on their own over time, posing no longer any threat ^^

    also make frequent use of the LT+A move and make sure you get it as fast as possible. once enemies are stumbled (especially shield carriers and chieftains) they take 3to4 hits till they block again, so make good use of this

    once you have to take out shamans you can easily avoid the massive battles. simply jump through the battlefield. this way i made it through several battles without even taking one hit till reaching the shaman. once you reach him, simply use RB+X on the totems protecting him. these are one hit kills and the shockwave will kill/throw back eventual assailants.

    these tactics helped me through the majority of the game, hope they help people playing this game after me as well xD
  • Vballboy51Vballboy51327,445
    05 Sep 2012 05 Sep 2012
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    ok, everyone's hints on here are extremely helpful and my comment is only to add on to theirs. The lightning "magic", when fully leveled, actually drains life from enemies and gives it to you. in the "flame" room use this to your advantage.

    collect as many red orbs as you can, and if you are over about 1/3 full of that, use the lightning rune then press x+a (which is apparently a special move for all magics, i had no idea!). this will target an enemy, lift them and actually leech their life and refill yours! I'd recommend using it on the shielded guys or the bigger guys, as they seem to give you more. make sure you have enough of the red stuff, because there was one time i used it and didn't have enough to get the leech going.
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    spxyu02Great tip on the lightning power move! It was sorely needed when I used my first health potion of the whole game on the 3rd staff/pole and it hardly did anything. I tried to use lightning again waiting for her giant form, but of course I accidentally hit the shortcut for the frost, as that was my go-to during the campaign facepalm
    Posted by spxyu02 on 26 Feb 14 at 05:43
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