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No Point in Dying

Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

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  • Eterna1 SoldierEterna1 Soldier99,779
    23 Nov 2014 23 Nov 2014
    175 32 19
    Pretty much self explanatory. You can only die five times in a single sitting, without saving and then resuming later.

    Don't worry, this game is actually quite easy once you know how to solve all of the puzzles. And a single play-through will only take you about 45 to 60 minutes. I would suggest practicing through the chapters that you know you have trouble on, and keep repeating them until you can get it right almost every time. That way you won't go 3/4 of a play-through flawlessly only to die five times at a single point.

    The last few gravity based chapters are particularly more challenging, as you have to get them right the first time or else you'll die, so make sure you got a solid rhythm down. Again, practice, practice, practice those challenging chapters before you start a play-through. It will save you much frustration later.

    My last advice; if you die before you kill the spider, go ahead and restart. It doesn't take you long to get there and you'll want to have those extra lives. Once you get towards the middle of the game though, keep going until you die six times. Even if you're at five deaths and you're certain you won't make it, the practice is still good. Besides, you might get lucky.

    Well, good luck!
  • VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit697,980
    30 Nov 2014 30 Nov 2014
    61 1 5

    this solution is meant as an addition to the solution of Eterna1 Soldier. He gave some good hints in his solution which make your life definitaly easier if you want to go for this.

    The trick to get this achievement is to memorize the hard parts. I used the videos below myself to get this achievement and with the help of them I got my achievements for the 360 and the One in just two days with no more than 5 retries for each version.
    So just refer to them and use them step by step until you know what you do. I.e. watch a few minutes of the video and than reproduce what he did step by step and you will be fine. Also read the tips he is giving you in the videos. He usually points out what to do in particular for most of the hard parts.

    So here are the most important things summarized as mentioned by ApatheticCobra in his guide for this achievement in the 360 version of the game:

    1. A flawless playthrough will only take roughly between 60-90 minutes (this does not take into account the time you need to watch the videos, though)

    2. If you die before chapter 10 just restart the game. All the puzzles and traps are pretty straight forward and are easy to avoid once you know what to do. Also you are only 15-20 minutes in the game so it's not too bad to restart from this point

    3. If you die in later chapters do not get discouraged. You are allowed to die 5 times and you should use your lifes. When I was going for this on the One I had only 1 Life left, so do not get frustrated and do your best to survive. You are too deep in to surrender now!

    4. Practice the later chapters beforehand via chapter select to avoid replaying the first half of the game over and over again just to get killed in the gravity sections of the game. Also, if you know that you have problems with particular parts especially practice them in advance, too.

    Good luck ;-)

    The videos are not mine. All credit goes to ApatheticCobra
    Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments!
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,239,655
    03 Feb 2015 09 Feb 2015 09 Feb 2015
    46 1 7
    Die 5 times or less, probably should be your 2nd or 3rd run through the game so you're familiar with the puzzles. Hardest part is the gravity puzzle at the very end of the game, so definitely practice that last 1-2 minutes before you go for this to avoid frustration. My video is 1.5x normal speed and has been placed to a soundtrack since the game is so quiet. It shows all eggs and No Point in Dying in one go, with timestamps for all the eggs in the video description.

  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand334,268
    07 Sep 2016 08 Sep 2016
    9 8 1
    Since there's no tricks to get this outta way of a 100% completion, the only way is to knock it off is with some skill. Here's my 2 cents of advice:

    1- Get the other 12 achievements done before attempting this one. For one, it will motivate you more. Besides, only one of them is somewhat challenging. For two, you won't be distracted nor worry about collecting eggs or anything else;

    2- If you don't want to spend time practicing the last levels for an unknown amount of time, I suggest you start a new game and see how far you can get without dying once. When you die, write down what level it was and what was it from. This will help greatly in avoiding the same mistakes;

    3- Keep progressing until you die 6 times. Now you have parameters to replay specific levels if you want and also can set a goal to reach that same area with less deaths than the previous time until you can beat the whole game with only the 5 or less. Another good advice is to pause the game every once in a while and see on chapter select what lies ahead to exercise your memory.

    If you have no patience for methods like the above, I'd suggest you watch the video below (I got it from Youtube, don't own it) 1 minute at a time (so, in about 60 little parts) and try to follow the example to succeed.

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