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Perform 5 Super Jumps and Tossed 5 Tornadoes while in Kan-Ra's Instinct Mode

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Achievement Guide for Sandstorm

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles862,236
    03 Dec 2014 03 Dec 2014
    78 6 2
    This can be done in Practice Mode. Pause the game and press cn_LB or cn_RB twice to reach Practice Options. Set Instinct Meter to Infinite.

    Within the game, activate Instinct with HP+HK (default: cn_RB+cn_RT). cn_downcn_downrightcn_right+cn_Y to use Whirl and throw tornadoes, it doesn't matter if the CPU blocks it. Once you've counted five, do a super jump with cn_downcn_up, cn_downcn_upleft, or cn_downcn_upright. A hand should push him into the air for the super jump. It's any five jumps, not any specific direction.

    Once you've done five of each, the achievement pops immediately.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,260,801
    29 Dec 2014 29 Dec 2014
    58 1 4
    The other solution wasn't working for me, as pressing down-up in instinct mode wasn't doing a super jump. In frustration, I just started wiggling the left thumbstick up and down as fast as I could and low and behold, he started super jumping!

    You don't need to place a sand trap on the ground or anything. Just go to practice mode as he mentioned and set instinct mode to infinite, then do your 5 tornadows (D, DF, F + Y), then either use both thumbs to tap Down/Up on the D-pad really fast, or just wiggle the left thumbstick up and down really quickly, and you'll get your 5 super jumps and the achievement.
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