Season Two

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Season Two
This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.

Season Two Wizard Apprentice achievement in The Pinball Arcade

Season Two Wizard Apprentice

All Regular Goals Completed in Season Two

Season Two Wizard Apprentice0
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How to unlock the Season Two Wizard Apprentice achievement

  • GibGirlGibGirl315,729
    18 Mar 2015 10 Dec 2014 23 Mar 2015
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    Thanks to the new patch, this achievement is now finally working.

    The following are all of the season 2 tables, and goals you'll need to complete:

    Cactus Canyon

    * Collect a Bounty Reward
    * Win a Quick Draw
    * Win a Gun Fight
    * Complete the Combo Task
    * Score a Mother Lode


    * Complete the Guardian Rollovers
    * Complete O-R-B-S in order
    * Complete 1-2-3-4 in order
    * Hit all Drop Targets in the Chamber
    * Score a 200,000+ point Bonus

    Central Park

    * Light a Yellow and Green Pop Bumper
    * Score at least 500 points on one ball
    * Increase Yellow Target to 30 points
    * Increase Green Target to 30 points
    * Score at least 1,000 points

    The Champion Pub

    * Earn the Training Complete Jewel
    * Score a Jab Combo
    * Win a Fight
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Complete the Spittin Gallery

    Class of 1812

    * Score a Crypt Million
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Score a Zom.B’s Bonus
    * Score Grover's Millions
    * Score a Million Point Shot

    Cue Ball Wizard

    * Complete a Skill Shot
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Score a Scratch Award
    * Score a Clean Bank Shot
    * Score a Sweet Spot

    Dr. Dude & HIs Excellent Ray

    * Score a "Way Cool" Award
    * Collect a Bag of Tricks Reward
    * Score a Molecular Million
    * Score a Big Shot Value
    * Earn an Extra Ball

    El Dorado: City Of Gold

    * Light Hold Bonus
    * Advance the Bonus Multiplier
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Score a 285,000+ Point Bonus
    * Score at least 1,000,000 Points


    * Light the Inlanes
    * Light the Kickback
    * Advance the Bonus Multiplier to 5x
    * Light 2 Jet Bumpers
    * Score at least 550,000 points

    Flight 2000

    * Sweep the Right Drop Targets
    * Light B-L-A-S-T O-F-F
    * Score a 75,000 Point Bonus
    * Activate Multi-Ball
    * Score at least 750,000 Points

    Goin' Nuts

    * Earn an Extra Squirrel
    * Increase the Timer to 180 seconds
    * Re-Launch 1 ball from Roll-Unders
    * Earn a 250,000 Point Bonus
    * Score at least 1,000,000 points

    Haunted House

    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Advance the Bonus Multiplier to 5X
    * Light Double Scoring on the Main Floor
    * Score a 100,000+ point Monster Bonus
    * Score at least 500,000 Points


    * Score 100K on the Skill Shot
    * Activate Multi-Ball
    * Score the Energy Value
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Advance to Jupiter

    Space Shuttle

    * Score a Stop & Score
    * Collect a Shuttle Value
    * Light the Inlanes
    * Activate 3-Ball Multi-Ball
    * Light all three Jet Bumpers

    Tee'd Off

    * Complete a Cheap Shot
    * Score a Multi-Ball Jackpot
    * Find the Gopher
    * Activate Go Fore Par-Tee
    * Earn an Extra Ball

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    * Collect a Database Award
    * Activate Multi-Ball
    * Score a Million Point Shot
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Collect the 10M Escape Route Award


    * Complete the Race
    * Complete the F-U-E-L Targets
    * Score a Checkpoint Bonus
    * Complete the F-I-N-I-S-H Targets
    * Score at least 10,000,000 Points

    White Water

    * Complete a Skill Shot
    * Activate Gold Rush Multi-Ball
    * Collect a Whirlpool Award
    * Score a Multi Million
    * Collect a Disaster Drop Reward


    * Complete a Super Skill Shot
    * Earn an Extra Ball
    * Activate Feel the Power Multi-Ball
    * Score a Drop Award
    * Score a Quick Multi-Ball Million

    The table most likely to be the sticking point is Goin' Nuts, and the "180 seconds" goal. The best advice here is to make sure you understand the rules on how to restart multiball after draining two of the balls, and practice those shots until you can make them reliably. You need to minimize the amount of time you lose when trying to return to multiball, and ignore the drop targets completely until that's completed. Note that the mid right flipper has a great shot to hit the captive ball, which restarts 3 ball multiball.
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    FunkDogYep, I can confirm that as well.
    Posted by FunkDog on 15 Dec 14 at 18:04
    adamrulzThere has been a patch, and seems to be tracking now!
    Posted by adamrulz on 19 Mar 15 at 16:40
    Guido LonguiniThis achievement is still glitched as of May 15. The achievement popped for me but I have yet to earn all the standard goals on Haunted House and Goin Nuts. I'm not complaining though as the Goin Nuts table sucks. Guess I still have to do it if I want all the wizard goals as well. Oh well.
    Posted by Guido Longuini on 20 May 15 at 08:19
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