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Defender of Franciade achievement in Assassin's Creed Unity

Defender of Franciade

Complete Suger's Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.

Defender of Franciade+0.2
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the Defender of Franciade achievement

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    This achievement is quite difficult to unlock if you don't know what to do. The riddles are not always entirely clear, and the hints provided in-game do not always help, so hopefully this guide will direct you to the location of each symbol without much hassle.

    There are seven series of riddles that you have to complete to unlock the Sword of Suger. Two are done as a part of the main story, and you will have to progress that far to be able to complete the rest.

    The missions are progressed by finding symbols located on the walls across Franciade. You must activate Eagle Vision to locate them, and you must solve each riddle in order. The separate missions can be attempted in any order. Once you know the location of the solution to a riddle, interact with it and you will be given the next riddle.

    I - Nativitatis et Mortis
    The starting point for this series can be found on top of a church in the Windmill district, roughly central on the map.
    1) From the starting point, get to ground level and make your way to the other side of the church (facing south-west). There will be several guards around, so I suggest dealing with them. Looking at the church, you will see the doors, and a water bowl to the left. The symbol can be found behind the bowl.
    2) You now want to head north. There is a building that you visit during the main story a couple of times, which has red walls. It's located in the Cemetery district (tough to give you directions via text; for more info, consult the first video below - 1:00). There is a small courtyard at the north of the building, and the symbol can be found on that wall.
    3) For the final one, fast travel to the sync point in the Cemetery district. Dive into the bale of hay below, and jump over the graveyard wall just to the north. There will be a tree stump right in front of you, and the symbol is located on it.

    II - Morbum
    The starting point is on a tower on the outer wall, at the far north-east of the city.
    1) Jump down from the top of the tower and head north. You will find small covered area, with several guards in front. Deal with the guards, and interact with the symbol located on the wooden wall.
    2) Head south from the first location, and activate Eagle Vision. You should see the symbol on a door to the west.
    3) Head south once again. The final symbol can be found on a wall at the end of a short alley.

    III - Diabolus
    Upon completing story mission 3, you will have to complete this series of riddles. Simply follow the green markers and you will have no issues.

    IV - Natura
    The starting point can be found roughly halfway up the west side of the restricted area in the Windmill district (the far south-west corner of the map)
    1) For this one, head north-east to the windmill itself. It might help to kill some guards along the way. There are actually two symbols located around the windmill; you want the one that is more on the north side.
    2) For the second one, head to the far south-west corner of the map. There will be a campfire and some stones. The symbol can be found on one of the stones.
    3) Head north from the last symbol, along the western edge of the restricted area. About halfway up you will find a well in front of a wall. The symbol is on this wall.

    V - Crux
    Upon completing story mission 3, you will have to complete this series of riddles. Simply follow the green markers and you will have no issues.

    VI - Noctis
    The starting point for this series of riddles is located on a rooftop near the center of the map in the Basilica district.
    1) From the start point, look south-east towards the large crescent-shaped building. If you have equipment that extends the range of your Eagle Vision, you may be able to see it from the roof. If not, then jump down and head in the direction I mentioned. You will have to stand on a pile of wood to interact with it.
    2) From the first symbol, look in a westerly direction. There is a road running in a west-north-west direction away from you. If you look on the main map, you should see a small circle in a triangular courtyard (at 1:00 in the second video. This is your destination. The circle represents a fountain, and next to it is a tree. The symbol is on the tree.
    3) The final symbol can be found in the cemetery in the Cemetery district. Fast travel to the church, and head towards the northern-most alarm bell in the restricted area. The rock with the symbol on can be found there.

    VII - Dies
    The final set of riddles starts in the graveyard of the Basilica.
    1) From the start point, look towards the Basilica, and you will see a large circular window. Climb up the side, and the symbol can be interacted with by standing on the balcony in front. You may be able to see the back of it, depending on the route you took up, but must activate it from the front.
    2) Begin making your way down the Basilica, and head along the west wall of the building. Once you are out of the graveyard, activate Eagle Vision, and you will see the symbol on the wall near the front of the building.
    3) Head around to the front of the Basilica, and climb up the doors. There is an open window directly above. Climb in, head up the short set of steps on either side, then up the wooden stairs into the library in the Basilica. Activate Eagle Vision and you will see the final symbol on the floor next to the holy water font. Activate it to solve the final riddle.

    Once you have complete all seven series of riddles, follow the scroll icon to the door in the wall in the next room. Interact with it, and the door will open, revealing the Sword of Suger. Your achievement will unlock!

    The videos below show you exactly where to go for each of the riddles. Hopefully you will find them useful.

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    Debon4ireAwesome guide. Was flawless to do this using the videos.
    Posted by Debon4ire On 30 Oct 18 at 02:26
    Mr PullOut711This achievement as well may be unobtainable. I solved every riddle and did everything but no achievement. Any solutions?
    Posted by Mr PullOut711 On 25 Aug 22 at 07:22
    IIIxHUNTERxIIII took 100% of the puzzles and didn't release the last weapon to equip, it's padlocked
    Posted by IIIxHUNTERxIII On 18 Sep 22 at 16:30
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    ***Solution for those who are bugged***
    1) Delete all of the weapon dlc you mav have downloaded
    2) Restart up the game
    3) Equip a rifle
    4) Equip a pistol
    5) Equip the Eagle of Suger
    6) Restart the game
    The achievement should unlock when you are loading up your save.

    Nativitatis et Mortis
    - First Riddle - Climb down the church go to the other end of the church at its base. Its near the front door
    - Second Riddle – It is on a wall of the orphanage where Leon lives and you meet him frequently during the story.
    - Third Riddle – You will be looking for a stump on the east side of the graveyard. The graveyard is in the Northeast of the map at the Cemetery District.

    - First Riddle – You will want to face west and climb down the tower then face north and walk a few steps, there should be a barrack where some guards are standing guard. It's on the wooden fence facing north.
    - Second Riddle – Turn around and use eagle vision The solution is on the wall to the west.
    - Third Riddle - From this location face south and walk toward the wall at the end of the small dead end alley you just walked into.

    - Story Related

    - First Riddle – At the windmill on its base. There are two in the same area you want the one to the north.
    - Second Riddle - Go to the southwest end of the map, there you will be looking for a large bonfire. The solution is on one of the stones.
    - Last Riddle – Head northwest of the bonfire, there will be a fountain with the solution on the wall behind it.

    - Story Related

    - First Riddle - Climb down facing south, the solution is on the semi-circle shaped building not far from the starting point.
    - Second Riddle - Turn around, and walk down the street for quite a bit until you find a withered tree and a fountain. It is in a courtyard about 3-4 blocks northwest form the last point. The solution is on the tree.
    - Third Riddle – You will find the solution on a big rock at the north end of the graveyard in the Cemetery District. It is very close to the fast travel viewpoint.

    - First Riddle - Climb up on the north side of the Basilica . It is above the big sun-flower window on the wall.
    - Second Riddle – Go to the front entrance of Basilica which is outside of the graveyard and around the corner.
    - Third Riddle – From the last solution go to the front doors and climb up and into the building. Go either left or right just be sure to up the stairs that will take you into the library towards the center. Once there the solution is on the floor by holy water.

    *lastly go to the new symbol on the map and acquire you new sword.
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    MLG TOPSHOTSo way back in January I could not equip guillotine guns and sugar of eagle weapon. But now in December I can equip all those weapons. However no achievement pop. I also deleted all weapon add-ons. I followed his solution, still no achievement. I replayed seq. 13 pt. 2 still no. I really don't want to have to delete my save. Has anyone came up with a solution?
    Posted by MLG TOPSHOT On 22 Dec 15 at 07:22
    D0NTMoCKMemy problem is ive met all requirements and the weapon still has the locked symbol.
    Posted by D0NTMoCKMe On 04 Mar 16 at 15:32
    TropanFinished the Liberate 3 areas and the Suger Missions. Killing people with his Sword...No achievement for both. So tired of Unity, Worst gaming week of my life on this piece of garbage I think. wasn't even worth the 2.50 I got it for x.x
    Posted by Tropan On 09 Aug 16 at 02:40
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    19 Jan 2015 20 Jan 2015
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    Video guide to solve the enigmas of the Suger's Legacy mission, and obtain the achievement Defender of Franciade. There's a timeline in the descryption of the video with a shortcut to each of them.
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