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Weapon Breaker achievement in Onigiri

Weapon Breaker

Receive 100 bad repairs to unlock.

Weapon Breaker0
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How to unlock the Weapon Breaker achievement

  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime978,480
    15 Feb 2016 15 Feb 2016 16 Feb 2016
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    In order to unlock this achievement, you need 100 bad repairs. Yoshitsune (purple haired girl) has 3 possible results when she fixes something. Great success/good/bad repair. Bad repair is the result we need, and although the rate at which you get bad repairs seems to stay the same as you level Yoshitsune's friendship level, you still ideally want to do this when she's as low as possible. You have a higher chance of getting a bad repair when a weapon has zero durability, and bad repairs lower durability. The higher Yoshitsune's friendship is the less durability a weapon loses when you get a bad repair, but since we want to get the weapon to zero durability as fast as possible, the more we lose with each bad repair the better. There's a few ways to do this.

    The first would be 4 staves. The more self-cast skills (like first aid) the better. Just spam all the skills on your weapons until you have no SP, then hold cn_LSc to charge SP. Charging SP uses up durability, and any self-cast skills do as well. Once all your weapons are 0 durability, repair them all with Yoshitsune and hope for a bad repair.

    An alternative, and my preferred method, is collapsing "X" weapons. Each type of weapon has a skill whose first word is collapsing and the second word varies based on the weapon type. Spear's is collapsing blade for instance. These skills use up a shit ton of durability when used, anywhere between 100-200 per use. So, you get 4 weapons with this skill (I had a sword, a spear, and 2 bows) and then go kill stuff with them. Use the skill on one weapon, switch to the next, and cycle through until all of them are at 0, then go to Yoshitsune and repair them and pray. I did it outside of Izumo Rest Stop, as the flies/daruma/red dragon things all drop items you'll need for the purity magatama spam the 1000 magatamas made achievement requires. I didn't do this until level 79 though, so they were all one hit kills.

    My sword used the most durability per use, and bows used the least durability. You're looking at about 6-7 uses to get a typical weapon to 0 durability, but each time it gets a bad repair, the durability goes down and it takes less hits. I needed 3-4 uses to get to 0 durability when I was getting closer to 100 bad repairs, thanks to all the durability loss.

    As an aside, don't go for the 100 great success repairs until you've done this. Oddly enough, I got quite a few great success repairs while grinding for bad ones, and the opposite isn't true. While grinding great success repairs, I didn't get a single bad one.

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    SaracinOne thing I did was once I got a decent weapon with the Collapsing skill I kept it with me on my dungeon runs. I'd then use it right away to get it down to zero and then go back to my main weapon. It's especially good if you get a weapon that's linked to your main stat since it'll still do great damage even as you get further and further into the game.
    Posted by Saracin on 05 Jun 16 at 04:56
    Crims0nScorpionthese repair ones are some of the worst achievements to get in this game...only because it's completely random whether it'll be a bad repair or not -_- I'm only at 4% for this but 23% on Great Repairs
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 28 Jun 16 at 01:57
    LonesquiffUsing the collapsing weapons worked great while grinding out mats for blacksmithing Oninodachis. Many of the ones I made had the skill and other weapons that I picked up while farming in the training grounds did as well. I was able to use them to 1 hit kill everything and just kept going until all were broken. My Yoshitsune was 21 when I worked on this achievement.
    Posted by Lonesquiff on 22 Sep 17 at 22:44
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  • nizahnizah153,658
    04 Dec 2014 04 Dec 2014 04 Dec 2014
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    Fail weapon repair 100 times.

    Repair become 3 types of result, poor repair, good repair and excellent repair.you need poor repair 100 times.

    If your weapon's durabilty is zero, failure rate increases. So, I recommend use long/short rod, because those can expend durability to recover SP. Use weapon skills and recover SP (hold cn_LS). Both actions expend durability. When durability become zero, just repair that.

    As a result of poor repair,durability maximum decreases. If durability maximum less than 100, that weapon can't repair. Use another weapon, and repeat.
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    LEGENDARY2GAMERJust to add, the title of the achievement is 'weapon breaker'
    Posted by LEGENDARY2GAMER on 07 Aug 15 at 10:38
    Posted on 31 Jan 16 at 18:59
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