Weapon Master achievement in Onigiri

Weapon Master

Enhance a weapon's level to 100 to unlock.

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How to unlock the Weapon Master achievement

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    Weapon Master
    This Achievement is for enhancing a weapon to lvl 100 which means you have to enhance a weapon to lvl 10 by feeding it with items, then smelting it - which is the 2nd option at Yoshitsune- with the same weapon or an Artisan Treasure Sword that can sometimes be obtained through opening a lockbox. Depending on the level and rarity of your weapon of choice can be pretty expensive - so I advise if your only going for the achievement you can craft multiple Odachi (the first weapon you craft for Yoshitsune) as this is the cheapest way but also a very time consuming one.
    WARNING: Weapons can be destroyed if the smelting fails , to prevent that you can use upgrades which looks like a single red (+10% success rate) or golden (+20%) card. You can also use some Ryu and buy the first upgrade which give another 5% success rate. Success Rate is maxed at 95%!
    If your stuck and cant upgrade weapons any further you should level up Yoshitsunes Friendship Level to 20 first as you can only upgrade from 90-100 if she is at least lv 20.

    Put any questions or solution problems in the comments below :)
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    GeoffistophelesI believe that glitch has been patched. I was able to get it to work to get the level 100 weapon achievement, but it hasn't worked since.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 13 Mar 16 at 00:44
    FinnanDoes anyone have any experience doing this they can relate as to actual failure / success rates? I've been trying to break the barrier at 80, with a supposed success rate of 45-55% depending on the items I use, but I've now failed 7 times in a row, which does not align very well with how successful it's supposed to be...
    Posted by Finnan on 26 Mar 16 at 16:36
    IMeeresgeistIts still a CHANCE of being successful while doing this. Even a 90% chance can fail more than 10 times if you have bad luck...I gave up after my 23 try getting my weapon from 80 to 90 ^^ Chances, espescially in this game, are a bitch :D
    Posted by IMeeresgeist on 26 Mar 16 at 17:36
    FinnanYeah, that's why I was looking for other's experiences, to see if I was just having a really bad run of luck, or if the game's given "rates" are not exactly accurate. Based on what you've just mentioned, and what I've seen on the official game forums, the given "rates" do seem to be much higher than what actually happens.

    For myself, I finally broke 80% after 10 tries, but I still have the last barrier at 90% to break, and the given "rates" are even lower there...
    Posted by Finnan on 26 Mar 16 at 19:38
    FreakrisHey. I just want to mention that the glitch GoGoActionTeam talks about still works. But it only works in single player mode of course. It won't work if you have login boost, Premium Ticket (or whatever it's called), basically any boost. So make sure you don't have any boosts, and are in single player, then it'll work. It even works with lucky boxes, when you use skill cards on weapons, and magatama ornamentations. So if you don't get what you want, just dashboard and go in single player to try again. It's great, so you can get just the skills you want on a weapon with skill change option with Yoshitsune, perfect magatama ornamentation stats, etc...
    Posted by Freakris on 12 Nov 16 at 02:15
    Leo AscendentAs far as I know, anything you do in Single player doesn't effect Multiplayer. I had a character at level 25 in offline mode, brought him online, and the levels, kills, quests, etc didn't get me any achievements. Maybe that was patched since the above comment?

    And yeah, the % in this game is junk. I was trying to smelt a weapon for the first time (Lvl 10 cap to 20) with an 85% and it still failed. Which seems to not bode well for future attempts. XD
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 22 Jun 17 at 00:04
    IDarK VorteXXI can't seem to get the dashboard trick to work after failing a smelt. Are there any variables I need to be aware of? I've tried everything I can think of but can't get it to work. It works f or Lucky boxes and Gacha Tickets but not smelting.
    Posted by IDarK VorteXX on 13 Aug 17 at 17:26
    TexMac2Not gonna lie I found out I couldn't raise my weapon level any higher the hard way but nice to know i have to get her to lvl 20 1st though
    Posted by TexMac2 on 15 Feb 18 at 07:14
    BaronVoNewmananyone know if you can buy a weapon above 90 already from a shop and just get it to 100 that way for the achievement?
    Posted by BaronVoNewman on 19 Jul 19 at 12:52
    IMeeresgeistIf someone put a lv 90 in a Shop, sure go for it, the solution was meant to be a f2p but grindy way of doin it :)
    Posted by IMeeresgeist on 19 Jul 19 at 20:59
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