Lord of the Hunt

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Lord of the Hunt

The Hunt is my Mistress achievement in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Hunt is my Mistress

Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild.

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How to unlock the The Hunt is my Mistress achievement

  • Phoenix C64Phoenix C64287,378
    23 Dec 2014 23 Dec 2014 16 Jan 2015
    266 11 212
    OK, so first off! I want to thank Roose91, BiLLzuMaNaTi and all the people who commented on both their solutions for all the help to the community and the ideas I got from it...

    I'd like to say that my solution is maybe a mix of all others, taking bits and pieces plus ideas of my own.

    The reason why I worked to get another method and felt the need to write another solution is because:
    1) this method doesn't require to gather barely any intel
    2) this method doesn't require to roam & run around getting beast kills
    3) this method seemed much more reliable to me than the other solutions.

    that being said, more and more people unlocked this with the other solutions, so maybe I just suck a lot at this game. which is why I needed an easier way to get this achievement.

    With all other solutions I always ran out of time... with my system I ended up (as of writing this, today):
    5th on Elite leaderboard with 37:12min and 15636 points (could have easily got 1000ish more points more in those 2-3min.

    I worked real hard on this. I probably tried this 20 times. sometimes giving up at 10min in, sometimes not making it in time and wasting 40min.
    The reason is I wanted to find the absolute best and clear way to do this in order to write a solution. I recently started to stream on twitch and I was excited about making a good video guide for this.
    Some of my ideas didn't work. Some did. And I adapted some stuff from other people.
    I hated the fact we had to lose 6-8-10min. gathering intel on Captains, so I tried something different.

    --- Youtube links added and twitch link removed as twitch videos will disapear in a few days ---

    I strongly suggest to watch the videos, as it shows important stuff like Graug bait locations, needed for my solution. However I will now try to write a clear instruction.

    *** Has to be done in the "Lord of the Hunt" DLC in the Trial mode. The Trial name is "Test of the Wild"
    *** The objective is to only get intel on a Warchief and from there on ONLY do riots with that Warchief
    *** no wasting time gathering intel on Captains or running around killing them with beasts. it's all done through riots
    *** if you don't want to watch my video and/or you haven't played as many hours as me, it might be a good idea to make a "test run" to find all the Graug baits near the riot locations. but it would be just easier to check my video

    You get intel on a warchief either by finding a green intel or quickly going to the closest power struggle Captain and branding him.
    - Ugakuga is the one you really want. Easy to beat. Doesn't die too easy in riots. NOTE: he will probably not go "green" while beating him. Just hit him with the sword (carefully not to kill him) and eventually he will kneel and surrender. You then get the option to kill or brand him.
    - Shagflak IGNORE you would waste too much time trying to beat him
    - Zugor Beast Butcher (The explosive arrow one) is easy to beat (vulnerable to ranged) but he is too powerful in riots and may destroy or scare your enemies before you can eat them. NOTE: when you riot against him, kill him right away even if you miss all his bodyguards that way. He is way too dangerous to keep him alive until your Graug arrives.
    - the rest are more or less fair game.
    - The best is to reset and start again if the first Warlord you unveil is not Ugakuga, in order to save time and have a clear run

    Once you branded a warchief, start rioting against other warchiefs
    When you start rioting, you need to learn the locations of Graug baits near each riot location (watch my video or do a "test run"), summon and brand/mount the Graug and eat the Captains first and the Warchief last.
    Sometimes it's better to just kill the enemy Warchief and let the bodyguards flee, as another Captain will be promoted to Warchief and get new bodyguards, which is what you want: warchiefs with lots of bodyguards all the time to eat and eat them quickly. Also, killing a Warchief nets more points, so it's good when a Captain gets promoted.
    Once you're done with your Graug, make sure to kill it for extra points
    Once the riot is over, grab your branded Warchief before he leaves and send him on the next riot (this saves you time as you don't need to make a Beck&Call)
    After the Warchief left the screen, press cn_down to dispatch all remaining Uruks for some extra points.
    Focus on the 10 beast kills first with your Graug, then use the Graug for speed kills and points for killing the Graug.
    and basically rinse and repeat... NOTE: even if the next riot is closeby, you should use quick travel, in order to make Graug baits respawn.
    Oh, also: at the beginning, when there are still plenty of Captains (but you already killed 1-2 Warchiefs), it's a good idea to use the "advance time" options a few times, to allow the game to promote a Captain to Warchief and also to promote some guys to bodyguards. Later on it's not a good idea, unless you already have your 10 beast kills... because you might run out of normal Captains to eat.
    NOTE: It sounded obvious to me, but to make sure everyone understands: if there are no more Warchiefs and you don't want to advance time because you still need to eat regular Captains, you do NOT run around searching them, you just riot them too.
    04/jan/2015 NOTE: another thing that might come obvious when watching the videos, but I'd like to explain it here too: WARCHIEF KILL COUNT RESET EXPLANATION: the game counts how many Warchiefs are alive at any given time. If you killed some Warchief but you advanced time and/or a bodyguard took his place, that kill won't count anymore. It's not a big deal, I actually explain in the video that you get more points for killing Warchiefs anyways and in the end you have to spend the same time killing 25 Uruks total, so you WILL get those 5 Warchief kills one way or another. But it is suggested to only use advance time at the beginning (after killing a few Warchiefs) and to always kill bodyguards before killing the Warchief himself.
    16/jan/2015 NOTE: a little trick I thought might come handy. Credit to Fuzzmeister J in the comments. quote: "Twice in this run I grabbed Ugakuga with the Graug by mistake. I was able to pause the game and quit. Click continue and he was still alive. As long as you quit before his head is munched on, you are good. It will even save the captains you killed during that riot, but you can start it back up and and kill the war chief like normal."

    Before voting negatively, please let me know why. I worked a lot for this achievement just in order to come up with a nice guide and video. If you think there is room for improvement please let me know instead of just giving me a -1 and leaving me in the dark. Much appretiated.





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    EarthboundXServers are still up actually aren't they? Apparently they are going down mid Jan now.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 06 Jan at 01:37
    rannaganGreat guide...I was able to complete the achievement at the 33+ minute mark. Prior to this I would get off track by trying something a little different (staying on the graug or going with a different war chief). Finally, I decided to stick with your instruction and success...much thanks.
    Posted by rannagan on 13 Jan at 19:45
    MothSniperThank you for the guide! With your help I got it (Time 31:52 Score14358) as of 1/15/2021 toast
    Posted by MothSniper on 15 Jan at 19:19
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  • Roose91Roose91931,459
    18 Dec 2014 17 Dec 2014 25 Dec 2014
    118 6 167
    After many, many attempts at 40 minutes a pop, I have finally done this. Thank you all for your input in the comments section as it really did give me, and i'm sure others, new strategies to work with. I've done this 5 consecutive times now, I know this method works. If you are struggling with it and find it isn't for you, I would suggest trying one of the other excellent and very well detailed guides below.

    NEW video guide on Youtube. You'll see in the video I do this in 36:22; my best time yet, i even made more than a few cock ups (as usual, running into walls, warchief essentially suffering a heart attack etc) so there is more than enough time, points aren't great, but as i've always maintained, I am playing for the achievements (and in this case helping you guys get it) and I couldn't care less if I am at the top or the bottom of the leaderboard and if you don't either then please watch and enjoy.

    Essentially for this achievement you must complete the Test of the Wild whilst completing the main objective, plus all 3 bonus objectives.
    These are as follows (although note, possibly not verbatim):

    Main Objective: Kill all 5 War Chiefs and all 20 Captains

    Bonus Objectives: Complete the challenge in under 40 minutes (bonus 1000 points)
    Kill 10 Captains using a beast (War Chiefs do not count)
    Obtain 13,000 points (12,000 plus above bonus)

    Now this is by far the most challenging achievement in this game. You will likely attempt this and fail several times and get very frustrated (I know I did). It is very much down to luck of the draw, specifically in terms of enemy placement but perseverance is key. You cannot afford to make mistakes and I cannot stress enough the importance of using the map and the Sauron's Army page to your advantage-it wastes too much time to go to one area of the map, kill a few captains, race to the other side of the map and then realise that there was another one in the area you were previously. Furthermore, you cannot let enemies escape, that also wastes too much time as you are essentially having to track them down and battle them twice. You will want to spam use of LB (think it's called wraith vision or something) to pinpoint your foes in these areas.

    When you start, immediately drop down and start dominating the generic uruks until you have intel on all 20 captains. If you happen to see worms or intel pages by all means grab them to use on the war chiefs but don't worry too much about the war chiefs for now. Now, ignoring any involved in power struggles, the majority of the captains will be centered around the 3 strongholds; the shanty town type area in the south, the fortress to the north-east and the fishery to the north-west. Use the Graugr bait on the nearest NORTH-SOUTH facing bridge to where you spawned (there is an East-West facing one not too far away) and mount the Graug using shadow mount and using the Sauron's Army screen track all the captain's down using the Graug's Y button move to bite their heads off, killing them in one hit. Ensure that you have killed every captain in that area before moving onto the next one. Again use the Sauron's Army screen to your advantage to mop up any captains not in the strongholds as you traverse the map from point to point. If you think you may have messed up and lost a bit of time, you can also ignore any Uruks who you know are bodyguards (as you can kill them during the War Chief fight), although it's probably safer to just kill all the captains (again, to clarify NOT those involved in power struggles), before moving onto the War Chiefs. You should have more than 10 beast kills by this point so that's one objective down.

    With all that done I would suggest having at least 10-12 minutes left on the clock and as ever expediency is still a must. I would 100% recommend using Ugakuga Graug Rider (he doesn't actually ride a Graug like he does in the story) as the War chief to dominate, as a beserker class enemy he has a move where he can trip enemies up and then do a one hit kill move (it's actually 3 or 4 hits in the animation), where he just lays into them while they are led on the ground. This is particularly useful against Shagflak Ghul Keeper who is all but invincible to anything you can do to him unless you have a Graug handy but can seemingly be harmed by other Orcs regardless. Even then he's still a bit of a hard case but in the 4 times him and Ugakuga have gone toe-to-toe for me, Ugakuga has come out on top. Ugakuga is also pretty easy to beat as you can use the stun move or the move where you jump over him and then use combo flurry until you have a finisher, use both finishers on him, rinse and repeat. The only potential problem is that he never turns green, meaning you can't actually garb him but every time for me he has done the thing where he drops to his knees on low health and you can either kill or dominate him (i'm not actually sure what let's some captains and war chiefs do this when others get killed outright). Regardless, once you have dominated your warchief, command him to riot against each other warchief and any remaining captains (the 3 or 4 who were involved in power struggles). Utilising Riots not only skips out the mission to draw out the warchief but you also have a load of friendly uruks should things get too hairy. I would always advise killing all of the war chief's/captain's troops first and then killing the leader apart from in the case of Tumhorn who can be killed instantly with a stealth kill and will likely be alerted if you start shooting his troops. Zugor can be a pain with his rapid firing exploding crossbow but building up combo chains whilst killing his supporters and then using flame arrows on him makes short work of him as he is distracted by your uruks.

    Truth be told the only captain or war chief who is consistently a nuisance, is Shagflak who I mentioned above-he will likely take a good 1-2 minutes for your guys to kill as they are pretty dumb and you can't do anything to help.

    Now the question of points. DO NOT DISPATCH YOUR DOMINATED WAR CHIEF (who should be the last target standing) UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST 12,000 POINTS! I never had a problem with points (you can see I'm currently 4th on the world leaderboard for a narrowly failed attempt)-except on the time I actually did it. I was over 1000 points short after killing my last target (excluding my dominated war chief obviously) and with only 90 or so seconds left I started panicking. Now in the wake of the last riot there were a lot of dominated uruks stood around who I built up combos on and then used finishers to build up some half decent points. What really did it for me though was killing 3 Carragors for I think 105 points a pop. That was luck as if they hadn't been there I likely wouldn't have got the points in time. To remedy this I would suggest making sure to kill your Graug once you are done with him and if you get an opportunity to kill Carragors (a lot seem to spawn around the starting area where you will be dominating uruks for intel) for a tidy point boost (the clock also stops whilst in focus mode-this can be used to your advantage to cover ground quickly as well). Ultimately you will also get points for dispatching your own war chief but I can't imagine this is more than 1-200 so I would play it safe. Provided you have done it in under 40 minutes you will now get a 1000 point bonus to take you up to 13,000+. Congratulations.

    This challenge is annoying, it will take a lot of time and effort and ultimately I barely made it by the skin of my teeth (I am currently sat at the bottom of the elite leaderboard and had a measly 25 seconds left before failure), but as someone who has been devoting all my gaming time to this since it was released and thought it impossible, I can now say it is doable but very challenging.

    Good luck doing it, please let me know if you've found any other helpful shorcuts or methods and remember: ALL HAIL BASED UGAKUGA.

    EDIT: I just did this for a second time. I was streaming via Twitch but being my first time and with Twitch never mentioning that you have to select a box in settings to make videos archive automatically, it hasn't saved. I actually completed it again with just over 3 minutes to spare and this time had a comfortable amount of points. I even died twice whilst doing it. The more you try this the easier it gets, evidently.
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    FlollyLFI had all captain locations at about 7mins I then used the graug and had 11 captains killed at about 16 mins.

    I was doing good on time got ukakuga dominated did about 3 warchief riots. But for some reason I was on 36 mins and I still had 2 power struggles to do and 1 warchief.

    I dunno what happened or where time went but this is so difficult
    Posted by FlollyLF on 24 Nov 20 at 18:42
    byNeizoNice guide, i did it in 32mins
    Posted by byNeizo on 06 Dec 20 at 06:34
    MetroidoWorked on my second try with this guide. Thank you very much. :)
    Posted by Metroido on 16 Apr at 08:31
  • Templin41Templin4190,800
    27 Dec 2014 31 Dec 2014
    25 2 2
    I made a 5 minute video explaining all the steps to get this achievement. All credit goes to Roose91 because I used his solution to get the achievement. I hope it helps!
    Showing both comments.
    lionpantsUsing your short and sweet example I was able to complete the achievement after about 5 attempts with just over 1 minute remaining. I had 11086 points when I dispatched the final Warchief and his homies. My heart was racing!
    Posted by lionpants on 06 Jan 15 at 01:59
    snake42069this is the solution that helped me. A short and sweet video that gives the TLDR of all the other solutions.
    Posted by snake42069 on 02 Dec 20 at 09:55
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