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Smoldering remains

Kill 150 foes with fire.

13 Jan 2015 until 20 Jan 2015

Smoldering remains
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  • Epsilon ThetaEpsilon Theta702,847
    13 Jan 2015 13 Jan 2015 14 Jan 2015
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    You need to kill enemies with fire which can be done by using Fire Arrows, tossing enemies into flames, or causing explosions near enemies. Detonating fires is the most effective and quickest method. To detonate a fire you need to have purchased the Detonate ability from the first Tier of abilities. The method below highlights how to get detonates rather easy on the second map. If you haven't unlocked it yet, the last paragraph is for you!

    Detonating fires
    To detonate a fire you need to find either a camp fire, large brazier (sometimes found in strongholds, piles of explosive kegs, or grog cauldrons. You cannot detonate torches or small braziers. Enter the Wraith World with cn_LT to spot fires and other items that can be detonated by the special icon above them. However, this only works if you are close enough.

    Fast way to earn burn kills
    First off, advance your game time to night using the cn_Y button on a tower. This is not required but makes it easier to spot fires. You want to aim at the fire and watch for the cn_RT prompt in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Once it pops up you can pull the trigger to detonate the fire. No need to charge the shot. Don't be afraid to shoot an Uruk if he stands in the way. Just make sure he doesn't tumble into the fire or he will set himself on fire and extinguish the fire in the process.

    The video I made for A fire shall be woken in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will show you a method where you can get 5 fire detonations on a specific tower in the Fern Outskirts. Look at the video to get a grasp on the location. What you want to do is to get the first just in front (and slightly left) of the spawn. Then turn around and get the fire in the distance if it is lit. Both should have enemies, about three to seven for the first and four to five on the second. Just keep travelling back to the same tower to reset the fires. Fast travelling will replenish your Elf Shots and you shouldn't have any trouble with ammunition. I would, however, recommend upgrading the number of Elf Shots you can carry. Doing those two fires over and over will net you a fair amount of fire kills a minute which will make the achievement doable in about 15 minutes.

    You haven't advanced to the second map yet?
    You can use the same method on the first map but I have found that there are less fires that are accessible from the towers. Hence you would need to move around more which will increase the time you need to get your fire kills. However, you should still be able to get the challenge done within an hour!

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  • mcnichojmcnichoj189,941
    18 Jan 2015 13 Jan 2015 15 Jan 2015
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    You need the Test of Wisdom (or season pass) DLC for this method.
    Pick Trials of War and then Tests of Wisdom.
    Fast travel to the tower in the area where the captain Zathra can be found which is the Barrows of Udun. Once there he'll be on the other side of the mountain in front of you. Go get his attention and run around getting the attention of other uruks, then lead them all to the fire and blow it up.
    I easily get 30+ from these groups.
    Now quit out of the trial and repeat.
  • The FinalShroudThe FinalShroud225,734
    13 Jan 2015 13 Jan 2015
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    Easy. Fast travel to the tower right in the center of the map. Turn to your left. Look off the edge and see the campfire to the right of the bridge. Target the campfire (Hold LT and hit RT to detonate) to take out the Uruks nearby. Repeat until you get 150. There will be 2-4 Uruks there each time so should take less than a half hour.
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