From Beyond the Stars achievement in Grand Theft Auto V

From Beyond the Stars

Collect and return all spaceship parts.

From Beyond the Stars+0.9
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How to unlock the From Beyond the Stars achievement

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    GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Guide.

    By the end of completing the main story you will have unlocked the Stranger and Freaks mission from Omega. Go to Omega in the Sandy Shores area as Franklin and speak to him. After speaking to him you’ll be able to start collecting the Spaceship Parts.

    00:10 – Sandy Shores area where the satellite dishes are. It’s on the most western one.
    00:42 – Sandy Shores area south west on the Airfield you’ll see a small trailer park. It’s behind the big boat.
    01:07 – East of Sandy Shores Airfield across the road, it’s in the area where the road turns to grey, it’ll be on the rocks nearby.
    01:32 – East of Trevor’s house, follow the train tracks and you’ll see an area with loads of alien paintings. It’s on the top platform.
    01:52 – Directly north of Ammu-Nation in Sandy Shores, stick to the shore-line until you see two bits of land poking into the water on the map. It’s in the water in the middle next to some rocks.
    02:25 – San Chianski Mountain Range. On the east side of the map along the coast, you’ll see a small road with like a roundabout. It’s in the shed nearby.
    02:47 – Grapeseed, east of Trevor’s Airfield it’s in the farm area next to some bales of hay.
    03:09 – Mount Chiliad, it’s on the dirt road that got a shed on it. It’s in the shed.
    03:28 – Paleto Bay, it’s on the farm that’s opposite Los Santos Customs in the open barn.
    03:52 – Paleto Bay, it’s in the Fire Station go to the back of the station and go up the stairs on the right side and you’ll find it.
    04:30 – Paleto Bay, it’s underneath the small bridge that goes along the dirt road just off the main road. Look for a broken tree next to it.
    04:50 – Paleto Cove, East of the Submarine business, it’s on the bit of land that’s more northwards into the water, but still connected to mainland. You will find it next to a tree.
    05:08 – Ratton Canyon, you need a helicopter for this. From the sea it’ll be on the ledge of the bridge on the right side. Land the helicopter on the ledge next to the part.
    05:43 – Cassidy Creek, it’s under the train bridge that connects Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay. Go under it and land on the rock surface to find it.
    06:03 – Mount Joasiah, it’s in the area where you’ll see the surface starting to turn white. Land here and to part will be on a small ledge overlooking the mountain.
    06:34 – Zancudo River, south of the Lost MC hideout it’s south of the small train bridge on the left side of the river by some rocks.
    06:59 – Zancudo River, you’ll see another small bridge that’s all wooden. It’s directly underneath it.
    07:22 – Tongva Valley, it’s next to a waterfall that’s just off the main road. Head down to the waterfall and it’s in the water.
    07:43 – Tongva Hills, directly south of the house that’s in this area. It’s in a field with lots of plants in the middle.
    08:10 – Tongva Hills, follow the main road until you see a river that’s going west into the mountains. Follow that river until you see a small cave on your right side and it’s in there.
    08:33 – Banham Canyon, directly south of Devon Weston’s house. Head to the other house that’s south of it and it’ll be next to a telescope in the garden.
    09:00 – Vinewood Hills, it’s on the roof of the Observatory on the left side.
    09:36 – Vinewood Hills, it’s in the Reservoir are with water. You need a helicopter to land onto the small roof of the building.
    10:11 – Richman Glen, it’s on the western side of Los Santos look for the road that goes northwards out of the city. It’s in the building area that’s closed off. It’ll be next to the tree in the middle of the area.
    10:32 – Vinewood Hills, at the Reservoir again but it’s in the water. Dive down and next to the wall is the part.
    11:02 – Rockford Hills, it’s in the Golf Course area. Stick to the fenced wall on the right side and it’ll be on a small island surrounded by water.
    11:32 – Burton, it’s on top the building next to Los Santos Customs with a drained pool. Use a helicopter to get up there.
    11:52 – Burton, east of Los Santos Customs across the road there’s a stunt jump you can do. The part is on the grass surrounded by bushes.
    12:14 – Richards Majestic, go to the area where they’re all filming, and you’ll see a big fountain with nothing in it. Head up the stairs and jump onto the roof to find it.
    12:45 – Vespucci Canals / Palomino Ave, go behind the Liqour Hole shop and you’ll see a ladder. Climb the ladder all to the top to find this part.
    13:24 – Pillbox Hill, it’s on top the building called Penris. Get a helicopter to land onto it and find it.
    13:59 – Jewellery Store heist underground area – from the main highway go into the underground area. Follow it through until you see some train tracks, go up the ramp, on your left jump over the barrier to find the part.
    14:42 – Textile City / Sinners Passage, it’s in the alleyway. Look for the building Bean Machine to find it.
    15:10 – Strawberry, it’s directly south of Ammu-Nation with the gun range under the highway. Stick to the left side of the road and it’s next to a settee.
    15:35 – Davis / Davis Ave, it’s on top the Hospital in this area. Use the ladder to get to the top, it’s by the helicopters.
    16:09 – Rancho / Dutch London St, it’s next to the metal structures that’s directly north of the bridge that’s nearby.
    16:28 – Elysian Island, it’s east of the Merryweather base in the water. Follow the path to the left. Dive down and it’ll be inside the metal structure that’s all broken.
    16:59 – Elysian Island, look for two circular buildings that are next to each other horizontally on the map. Use the stairs to get to the top to find the part.
    17:33 – Los Santos Airport, behind the most Eastern hanger in the far left corner on the floor.
    17:57 – El Burro Heights, just after the main bridge head to the beach area and you’ll see a sewage system the ends on the beach.
    18:18 – El Burro Heights, you’ll see 3 small islands next to the beach. On the second one you’ll find the part.
    18:38 – El Burro Heights, in the scrapyard area you’ll find it in the green container.
    18:56 – Murrieta Heights, along to the road that goes under the main highway, you’ll find it to your right on the ledge where the canal goes downwards. Use the ladder to go down and jump over the railings.
    19:25 – Land Act Dam, in the Dam you’ll find a small dock area. Go under water and swim underneath the dock to get the part.
    19:57 – Land Act Dam, head to the north side of the Dam and you’ll see some pipes that are open. Go to the pipes and you’ll see the part.
    20:19 – Tataviam Mountains, this is a bit north west of the sea race that’s nearby on the right side of the map. There are 4 small islands nearby. Stick to the shoreline to find the part.
    20:41 – Grand Senora Desert, this can be found on a dirt road directly north of where you race Mary Ann from as Trevor. It’s a winding road.
    21:06 – Grand Senora Desert, this is behind a house with a white fence around it. This house is South-East of Los Santos Customs. Go to the house and it will be next to the white banner behind the house.
    21:37 – Grand Senora Desert, this is in the area where the Meth business is located in the Online in Sandy Shores. Go behind the destroyed house in this area to find it.
    22:02 – Ron Alternates Wind Farm, directly East of the wind farm you’ll find a cave with a Seashark directly in front of it. Go inside the cave. The final part will be underwater in the right corner.

    After you've got all of them, return to Omega and watch the cutscene. After this you'll have unlocked the Space Docker vehicle to use along with the achievement. If you're still struggling, feel free to use this as a reference.

    Thanks again.
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    Credit to youtuber PowerPyx for this great guide on how to find all 50 spaceship parts. One of the best channels for collectible achievement guides!

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