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Over "The Air" Achiever

Summon the Achievement Bot.

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How to unlock the Over "The Air" Achiever achievement

  • K4rn4geK4rn4ge2,935,238
    11 Dec 2014 11 Dec 2014 06 Jun 2017
    713 46 176
    First of all, this is one of the most creative achievements I've ever seen. Secondly, either you or a friend will need a free Twitch.tv account which you can get by going here: http://www.twitch.tv/ OR a Twitter account which you can get by going here: http://www.twitter.com. This is because there's both Twitch and Twitter integration built into the game and this achievement requires one of the two. I will explain how to get the achievement both ways but you will only need to do one or the other.

    Twitch Method

    Start up the game on your Xbox and from the main menu, select "Options". Make sure the Twitch option in-game is toggled to "Chat w/ Hashbombs". After that, scroll down three menu items to "Set Twitch Channel" and type in the name of the channel you want to use. It can be your own or any other Twitch channel, even if it's not live at the moment. For instance, the channel I stream on is http://www.twitch.tv/karnage so for this option you would type "karnage".

    Now, log into Twitch (on any device) and visit the channel you designated in the game. Now start up a local or online match. Meanwhile, in the stream chat room you will need to type #achievement

    If you, or anyone in THAT chat room typed #achievement , it will prompt you with a message indicating that you activated the achievement bot. Shortly after this happens, the achievement will unlock!

    Twitter Method

    EDIT: Keeping this alternate method here just in case but many people have said that only the Twitch method seems to work these days and NOT the Twitter method anymore.

    Start up the game on your Xbox and from the main menu, select "Options". Make sure the Twitter option in-game is toggled to "#IDARB Feed w/ Hashbombs". After you have done that, start up a local or online match. You will notice that in the top left corner of the screen it says "@idarbwire #xxxx" (where x is a unique four character/digit code for your current match). You must go on Twitter (using any device) and tweet the following: "@idarbwire #xxxx #achievement". For example, if my room code was N3PV, I would tweet this: "@idarbwire #N3PV #achievement". Shortly after this happens, the achievement will unlock!


    I should also add that if the achievement does not unlock for either method after following the steps, try exiting the whole game/app and starting it up again. Some people have informed me that it did the trick! Also, since the game is now officially available and many people are on it, the Twitch and Twitter feeds may have some issues so if it doesn't work, try again later. Both methods have been tested though and the achievement can be earned either way.

    Anyway, VERY cool and innovative integration of Twitch & Twitter throughout this game and specifically this achievement!

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    Brap73Thank you!
    Posted by Brap73 on 26 Jan at 16:33
    Brave TanukiI had to restart my game multiple times to get this working. It wasn't reading the chat.
    Posted by Brave Tanuki on 21 Apr at 07:46
    xVAMPMANxTook a few attempts but the moment I turned Automated Hashbombs then typed #achievement into my own twitch chat it unlocked.
    Posted by xVAMPMANx on 25 Dec at 17:31
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  • Anum HunrramaAnum Hunrrama565,935
    02 Oct 2016 03 Oct 2016
    79 5 11
    very easy to get, you can get your own, do not need help.

    1 - create an account twitch.tv
    here https://www.twitch.tv/
    2 - put options and enter the following settings
               2.1 - automated hashbombs: 30s
               2.2 - twitter: off
               2.3 - Twitch: chat w / hashbombs
               2.4 - set twitch chanel [idarbgame]
    3 - Local play
    4 - start game
    5 - select sand (any)
    6 - play alone - launches party
    7 - when the game starts and appears on the top right "idarbgame" LIVE
    8 - go directly to the channel idarb
    here https://www.twitch.tv/idarbgame
    (Previously logged into the page)
    9 - enter the page idarbgame
    only comment #achievement and heading appear a message that has commented #achievement and achievement bot automatically activated, appear an animation of a button and you jump achievement

    I hope you can help, any questions comment

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    LukeMcC1991Yeah i couldnt get it to work either
    Posted by LukeMcC1991 on 08 Feb 19 at 22:52
    CanadianClark31Thus worked for me.
    Posted by CanadianClark31 on 13 Dec 19 at 18:41
    Pebsterit worked first try for me
    Posted by Pebster on 16 Dec at 05:10
  • slowdog76slowdog76447,106
    07 Feb 2015 08 Feb 2015
    43 4 4
    Just to add to the description above as written by K4rn4ge, which is as accurate a description as you will find, I can confirm that you do not have to be in a game yourself to get this.

    I was trying unsuccessfully to get this via the twitter method whilst in matches. However, I remembered that the demo games that play when you do not press a button at the start screen also have room codes. So I tested it. And I got the achievement.

    So yeah, wait on the main menu for a demo game to start, then make note of the match code and input the necessary things on twitter. Other hashbombs work too, incidently.
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    DaeryoonAlso cannot get this to work, but it does not work in a regular, local game either using Twitter.
    Posted by Daeryoon on 29 May 15 at 14:44
    MaseJSolid solution. Tried in my local game & hashbomb would show but never activated the bot. First go in demo & pop!
    Posted by MaseJ on 10 Apr 16 at 09:48
    tm1985Thumbs up dude. Couldn't get it to work for me in games i was playing but worked first time using a demo code. Cheers!
    Posted by tm1985 on 09 Jul 16 at 19:53
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