King of the Streets achievement in Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8)

King of the Streets

Beaten Frank Milius

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How to unlock the King of the Streets achievement

  • HeisenbergThomHeisenbergThom403,568
    03 Jan 2015 31 Dec 2014
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    I haven't actually got this achievement just yet, but I wanted to offer a tip so others don't make the same mistake I had. I had completed each of the first episodes taking the bosses car by beating them a second time.

    I've almost fully upgraded the Lamborghini Countach I received by beating Hot and Shiny in Episode 4, but after getting the final star necessary to see what the boss needs, it's not quite enough.

    The maximum power of the Countach is 1,586 when fully upgraded while you need 1,660 to take on Frank Milius. You're probably best off going straight in for the Lamborghini Veneno with the money you won in the previous chapter. Hope this helps.

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    Claudio 10 JuveThe Lykan Hypersport has 1,680 and costs only 685,000 while the lamborghini veneno costs 750,000 and have 1,726
    Posted by Claudio 10 Juve on 02 Jan 15 at 14:12
    DKMDreyI've always bought the most expensive car in every episode.
    To win money to update the Lamborghini I played the last mission of Episode 5 Stunt Run a lot of times =p
    Posted by DKMDrey on 03 Jan 15 at 22:56
    WestsideSxERestricted Run cars:
    Lamborghini Countach (T4 boss car)
    Lamborghini Veneno (T5 store, 750k sez Claudio above)
    Ferrari FXX (T5 boss car)

    if you don't already have the Countach it's really not worth it going back for the extra stars - I just did as I'm not getting enough doubles and triples on the dodge-only levels... costs 40 gold to race, and the car is so low by default the cops are on you after 5 seconds in the Restricted Run unless you waste $$ on upgrades (had to blow 50k on the acceleration just to finish the damn level and get my measly one star to check the other cars)
    Posted by WestsideSxE on 20 Mar 15 at 18:05
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  • DF I PhoenixDF I Phoenix367,083
    26 Mar 2015 24 Mar 2015 24 Mar 2015
    11 0 2
    Even though I don't already have this achievement, I can give you the tips I'm using to reach the 1660 power required to beat Frank Milius.

    First of all :
    There are only 3 vehicles that can reach 1660 Power :
    - Lamborghini Veneno (which I would recommend to choose)
    - Hennessey Venom GT (only buyable with gold, and you'll never get it with in game gold because the total gold I earned by now is around 100, because I've won an event giving me 50, and that car is buyable for 1250, if you pay to win, choose this car, but in this case, you won't need any help as you'll be able to buy money to upgrade faster)
    - Lykan Hypersport (costs less than the Veneno, but you'll need to spend lot more money to upgrade it to reach the required power so don't choose it)

    Then, if you follow what I say, considering that you choosed the Veneno, to best upgrades config I would tell you (well, at least that's what I'm trying to get and it looks the cheapest way) is :
    - Engine => Level 4
    - Gear => Basic Level (costs too much for only +3)
    - Nitrous => Level 2 (upgrade/cost is lower than Engine, that's why it's only 2)
    But you can also choose to upgrade Nitrous to level 4 and Engine to level 3, but I personnally don't think it's cheaper.

    Last but not least, to get your upgrades, you'll need cash.
    But how to farm it ?
    Two methods. I used the first one until I was able to get enough gold to race, beat and earn the Lamborghini Countach.
    First method : To begin, do you best on Stunt races and Destruction races, they give you a net of 15'000 minimum each time you do them. Plus the Stars bonus when you get them the first time.
    Always do your Daily test, 15'000 bonus and even more with in race bonuses, but over anything else, you can't lose this race (well, at least I never lost one, and can't see how to lose there)
    Finally, you'll farm Cop chases (anyway you need to complete them all to get this other achievement)
    Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8)Maestro of EvasionThe Maestro of Evasion achievement in Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) worth 43 pointsCompletes all gateway missions in Turf 5

    I used to only reach the 11th mission on 12 with my current power of 1611. The power required to complete the last one is 1640 (it's gonna be on your way to end this game). Farm it. I got around 20'000 $ everytime I completed it, but be careful, it's a pain in the ass to win this. I mean, you'll win it, but the Police Countachs are really boring...Never crash, always boost when you can, and create chaos to earn even more nitrous to make your way to the end.
    With that method, you'll basically get to the end of the game, but it's kind of boring, and annoying when cops get you in those missions.

    Second method. I recently got enough gold to earn the Lamborghini Countach by beating the 4th boss. My strategy was to get it, complete the Restricted run with it (1st Run is with the Countach), and then get to the second Restricted run playable using the Veneno.
    This method is easier than the first, but requires you the Countach, that's why I recommend to 1st method if you don't have many gold.
    Completing the run with the Veneno nets you 17'500 each time. Plus bonuses which gets me around 20'000 to 25'000 each run. And the fact this method is better is because the runs are shorter than a Cop chase, and less stressing as the goal for that run is to get 11 jumps. Really easy. My best was around 15, and my best score around 59'000 while it only needs 33'500 for the 3 stars. (I did a 36 combo).

    To conclude, I would say good luck for everyone willing to complete this game as it was fun at the beginning, but a pain in the ass in the end.

    Oh, and for those asking, I checked my stats...I only have under 4 hours of game time, so this game is really fast, you only need to wait to replenish your energy, that's what is boring in this kind of game..

    Hope this guide will help you :)
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    CosminiionJust as an alternative to farm Bills, I used Destruction Mission 3 driving the Veneno, of course. I found that this mission gives you the opportunity to score really big and get a lot of score bonus bills at the end. It is rather long, but if you get lucky enough and the game doesn't glitch you out of your combo (smashing into a civilian car from the side, but the game considers it as a hit from behind, because of glitchiness, ruining your combo), you can get up to about 27000 Bills (that is in a near perfect run). Regardless, you are assured 15000 Bills just for finishing, which is really easy, but generally speaking you'll usually get around 20 to 21 thousands Bills per run, you just have to be somewhat aggressive and switch lanes to hit cars from the side as often as possible.
    Posted by Cosminiion on 15 Jul 15 at 01:39
    EmagDrolBotThe mission I chose to grind was the last stunt run. It made ~20k every time so not as much as the destruction ones might be, but the main draw is that it's very short and very easy to get that 20k. Just barely finishing with the right amount of jumps is ~19.5k, finishing quite well is ~20.5k. Incredibly consistent and pretty much no chance to fail and a run is much shorter than the destruction or getaway missions.
    Posted by EmagDrolBot on 19 Jul 18 at 12:18
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