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The Seven Deadly Weapons achievement in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

The Seven Deadly Weapons

Kill 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons

The Seven Deadly Weapons0
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How to unlock the The Seven Deadly Weapons achievement

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    There is one Deadly Weapon for each type of weapon. The Seven Deadly Weapons are unlocked by completing special objectives, challenges, and missions. There is a video at the bottom if you need a visual of how to do each one. Credit to VGFAQ. Below the video is the time he shows each weapon just in case you only need 1 or 2 weapons.
    The Seven Deadly Weapons are

    Uriels Edge (Melee) You must convert 5 Marshaling Ground areas in New Hade.

    Gallows Dodger (Pistol) You must kill 7 dexs after acquiring Shakespeare power.

    Diamond Sting (SMG) Buy From Weapon store for $100,000.

    Boom Chicka (Shotgun) You must open Blackbeard's 5 chest by finding 15 glyphs.

    Armchair-A-Geddon (Rifle) First Weapon unlocked by completing “Take a Break” quest.

    Ark of the Covenant (RPG) Defeat Satan's Top Agent by killing 10 Archdukes.

    Last Supper (Special) Visit Dane at the 3 drivethru locations.

    How to Use Weapons

    Uriels Edge (Melee) To Use:cn_LT to slash hold cn_RT to shoot a fireball.

    Gallows Dodger (Pistol) To Use: cn_RT to shoot and after X amount of hits you can
    shoot an string of shots that are strong and fire automatically.

    Diamond Sting (SMG) To Use: cn_RT to shoot with 1 shot head-shots and drops money

    Boom Chicka (Shotgun) To Use: cn_RT to shoot and when fully upgraded its a one-hit kill on a legionaries and everything smaller.

    Armchair-A-Geddon (Rifle) To Use: cn_RT to use Gatling guns and use cn_LT to fire missiles.

    Ark of the Covenant (RPG) To Use: cn_RT to shoot and cn_LT to gain ammo.

    Last Supper (Special) To Use: cn_RT to shoot frosting everywhere (Which does nothing) and cn_LT shoot explosive Frosting Balls.

    Help on how to obtain them

    Uriels Edge (Melee) When at the Marshaling Ground area go to convert a stone use Stone Blast and Ground Stomp to cover your back while you convert the stone.

    Gallows Dodger (Pistol) While you roam around you will see a red circle on the screen representing the Dexs health bar and when you see it go straight to it because he disappears if you dont. but i finished the game killing 24 dex so there is not a set amount

    Diamond Sting (SMG) Get $100,000 and buy the weapon. after obtaining all collectibles and finishing the missions i gained $2,300,000.

    Boom Chicka (Shotgun) When you reach level 15 buy the collectible finder and collect all of the glyphs then open all the chest. (all shown with the collectible finder)

    Armchair-A-Geddon (Rifle) I spent forever on this one. You must find a chair in front of a T.V. and sit in it. Its on the roof but NOT ON THE REALLY TALL BUILDING.

    Ark of the Covenant (RPG) Kill people on the street and get a 6 Star Notoriety Level and after you kill the 10th Archduke you will fight Satan's Top Agent.

    Last Supper (Special) When you reach level 15 buy the collectible finder and go to the 3 Drivethru locations
    You just need 25 kills with each weapon. These can be boosted at a survival act by killing all enemies except to 2 or 3 and pausing the game and exiting the activity and restarting it or just kill stuff on the street.

    If you have a better way to word something or format this Pm me
    Hopes this helps pm me or comment if you have any questions or anything to add to the solution. If you give me a negative vote please comment or pm why so i can fix it.

    0:00-0:33- Intro (SKIP)
    0:34-2:09- Armchair-A-Geddon
    2:10-3:14- Uriels Edge
    3:15-4:04- Boom Chicka
    4:05-5:01- Gallows Dodger
    5:02-5:49- Last Supper
    5:50-6:18- Diamond Sting
    6:19-7:52- Ark of the Covenant
    7:53-8:08- Outro (SKIP)
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    dale smeegleI think the frosting from last supper can cause the victims to be targeted by other demons, not 100% but it did seem to have that effect.
    Posted by dale smeegle on 09 Feb 15 at 08:43
    SubatomicCamd97it does but i dont think the kills count cause i did that for hours thinking that was the only way to use it but i didnt have any progress on kills for it.
    Posted by SubatomicCamd97 on 09 Feb 15 at 21:08
    WarFox45The last blackbeard chest has vanished from my map,anyone else had this happen.I'm close to finishing it but i've got a bad feeling it's glitched on me.
    Posted by WarFox45 on 10 Feb 15 at 05:22
    A Monkey PriestNone of them appear on my map
    Posted by A Monkey Priest on 10 Feb 15 at 09:01
    AglowChalice58Same thing happened to me with the blackbeards chest
    Posted by AglowChalice58 on 19 May 15 at 21:30
    redsalesI had the blackbeard glitch too, but it fixed itself once I joined a friend's game who was just starting his loyalty mission.
    Posted by redsales on 14 Jun 15 at 14:31
    napoearthThe Blackbeard chests do not show up when you select collectibles on the map, they show up when you select all or targets.

    Excellent guide.
    Posted by napoearth on 15 Jan 16 at 13:39
    AznstrykerHave tried everything to get this, still glitched at 85%. The last supper trick didnt help
    Posted by Aznstryker on 29 Jul 16 at 21:36
    fighterx93chippAccording to TA this achievement is unlocked but according to Xbox I’m at 97%... anyone know this issue?
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 31 Dec 17 at 08:21
    Fanta MorganaJust a minor nitpick, but I if you spray frosting with the last supper on enemies other enemies will attack them, so it doesn't do nothing.
    Posted by Fanta Morgana on 20 Feb at 14:27
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