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The Whole Story

Finish all side quests.

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How to unlock the The Whole Story achievement

  • Lliryn DresLliryn Dres52,386
    18 Feb 2015 04 Feb 2015 03 Apr 2015
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    First off let me start off by saying this achievement is currently glitched I checked my achievement progress before turning in my final side quest and it was at 97% and even after doing the last one the counter never changed. Also make sure to drink the potion right after doing Witch Queen quest as the quest giver may bug and not give you the other quest. Now then below is a list of every side quest in the game for those who would like to make sure they have done them all.

    EDIT- I would also like to point out that even though the game says you can finish up side quest after beating the game if you didn't acquire them already people have reported that they can't get them from the quest givers. Also after leaving the Slums map for the first time people are losing the ability to pick up the quest there so you should make sure to at least have the quest activated before leaving.

    EDIT 2 - Doing quest in co-op may or may not count towards your completed quest. Also people are reporting issues with doing quest post game also when doing quest in the slums after leaving the slums the first time. Some people have also reported the achievement popping upon starting a new game.

    EDIT 3- A patch was released that adds 3% to the achievement progress so if your under 97% complete the achievement won't unlock

    EDIT 4- Just found a work around, that works for Witch Queen glitch. It was posted on game fans.Craft her mushroom potion (Dahlia's Shroom Potion), hop over the safe area walls and drink it, then go back and stand in front of her. She's the one stirring the pot inside the hut. After the potion's effects wear off, you'll be able to speak to her and accept another quest. Make sure you repeat this process after each of her quests. Go drink the potion, then stand in front of her and wait. Thanks Prattalmighty for the information.

    EDIT 5- If your progress for "The Whole story" is bugged, from the main menu go to extras, personal statistics, and scroll down to "the Whole Story" checklist, and identify the quests it says are incomplete, and do them again (single player) in new game plus.
    Thanks to Syzygy Collapse for the tip.

    EDIT 6- The new patch should fix this but I can't confirm this as I already have the achievement.

    EDIT 7 - I have marked all the Slums quest in bold.

    Mother's Day.
    Goodnight Mr.Bahir
    Lost in Space
    Incense Herbs
    Bring me the brain of Usain bolter
    Kidney punch
    Hunting the goon
    Witch Queen

    Chasing Past
    The Launch (this is the final quest available after going to the antenna and the one that glitched)
    The shadow of the king
    Do you believe?
    Blocks for the boy
    Health Potion
    Rupert the gunsmith
    Fan Zone
    Radio Station
    Office Outpost
    Legless Spider
    The Bunker
    Bandages and meds (for those who can't find the items make the quest your active one and loot the first aid cabinets)
    Lighter Gas ( again make the quest active and you should get the gas out of anything you loot)
    Electronic Parts
    Crayon for the kids

    cease and desist
    Total security
    The big bang thesis
    Steal from a thief
    Gassed up
    Binoculars (I couldn't loot them until I made the quest active)
    Assault and Batteries
    On the hooks
    O Brother where art thou?
    Where's my mother?
    A Survivors Guide To Zombieland
    Midnight Bride
    Poisonous herbs
    Gas Mask Man
    A baby is born
    Tunnel Vision
    Spare Glasses
    The Prodigal Son

    Note this list is exactly how it appears in my journal under completed quest.

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    The SCHWARTZ 00Thanks for the tip about checking the statistics at the menu screen. I knew I had to be at 72% before leaving the Slums but I was at 70%. Turns out I forgot to do the mission Tunnel Vision, the one that has you visit the house with the red smoke coming from it. Tracker moved up after completing it. +1
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 15 Aug 19 at 02:39
    IstIngilizThanks for the guide. When I left the Slums I was at 72% after doing all side missions. As mentioned above, several missions don't increase the % once completed. My achievement progress bar didn't increase when I completed the following missions:

    Assault and batteries
    Any of the Witch Queen missions:
    Lost in Space
    Legless Spider
    Blocks for the Boy

    As soon as I completed Chasing Past the achievement popped.
    Posted by IstIngiliz on 02 Dec 19 at 07:07
    FeudalHyper GuyIt turns out I missed “A Baby is Born”. But I noticed I had one your list is missing. “Fountain”
    Posted by FeudalHyper Guy on 13 Mar at 20:10
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  • De L0ng Sh4nkDe L0ng Sh4nk92,294
    19 Feb 2015 25 Feb 2015
    23 3 4
    I was stuck at 97% before and after the patch...
    I started the game over on New Game + setting.

    My game popped on "steal from a thief." I know on the first play through i died several times horribly, left it, came back to it later. I'm sure this messed up the script for it. If you start a side quest, make sure you can finish it in the same sitting.
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    killajp01The achievement popped on me on new game + in old town on legless spider quest and I did that one on first play through. Never did co-op in first play either just straight solo and was at 97% at end of game.
    Posted by killajp01 on 08 Mar 15 at 21:37
    DaradarkaI have just got this now i did all of the quests on a new game + all the way up to legless spider and i still did not get this but i had to do Fan zone quest all i did was kill the man in the quest and the achievement poped for me did not even finish the quest by getting out of there weird!!
    Posted by Daradarka on 21 Apr 15 at 17:09
    AWC GOTTIThanks!!! This worked. Went to New game+ and it popped instantly!! YES!!! YES !!!

    If already in a game. Hit Start>Quit>Play Campaign>Advanced>New Game+
    Posted by AWC GOTTI on 23 May 15 at 16:20
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,174,902
    07 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016
    20 1 0
    In order to complete this achievement, you must complete all side quests. They are initially marked with white '!' marks on your map.

    Here is a list divided by location.

    Side quests - The Slums

    1: Mother's Day
    2: Goodnight Mr. Bahir
    3: Gunslinger
    4: Voltage
    5: Gas Mask Man
    6: Prodigal Son
    7: Gassed Up
    8: Incense Herbs
    9: Spare Glasses
    10: Searchlights
    11: On the Hooks
    12: Tunnel Vision
    13: Firebug
    14: Steal from a Thief
    15: Dulse
    16: Binoculars
    17: Where's My Mother?
    18: A Survivor's Guide to Zombieland
    19: O Brother Where Art Thou?
    20: Poisonous Herbs
    21: Midnight Bride
    22: The Big Bang Thesis
    23: Total Security
    24: Crayons for the Kids
    25: Electronic Parts
    26: A Baby is Born
    27: Witch Queen
    28: Lighter Gas
    29: Coffee
    30: Bandages and Meds
    31: Assault and Batteries
    32: Cease and Desist
    33: Hardware
    34: Hunting Goon
    35: Kidney Punch
    36: Bring Me the Brain of Usain Bolter

    When I left the slums the first time, I had finished all the quests EXCEPT for the 3 extra 34-36, and I was at 72%. After which, I came back and did those quests. They did not increase my achievement tracker. It seem that not all side quests count.

    Side quests - Old Town

    1: Radio Station
    2: Office Outpost
    3: Lost in Space
    4: The Bunker
    5: Rupert the Gunsmith
    6: Do You Believe?
    7: Fan Zone
    8: Legless Spider
    9: Health Potion
    10: Blocks for the Boy
    11: Dungeon
    12: Troll
    13: The Shadow of the King
    14: Chasing Past

    NOTE: I did not have to complete the side mission 'The Launch - After doing all side missions my first time in Old town, I was at 97%. When I completed the The Museum I was able to 'get the reward' from a side mission which was in that area and the achievement unlocked.

    By completing several of the missions in the slums, you will also unlock several safe houses which will allow you to complete:

    Dying LightNow It's SafeThe Now It's Safe achievement in Dying Light worth 41 pointsCapture all Safe Zones
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