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Adventurer in Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP)

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Unlock 25 areas of the Jelly Lab

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Posted on 14 January 15 at 20:13, Edited on 07 September 15 at 02:16
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4/8/15 - Update #1: Due to a recent version update, it would appear the tab for inputting free gift codes has been removed. Sorry folks! I have left the solution intact below however for those lucky individuals still running an earlier version with access. I'm hoping the codes will still work!


Firstly, this game is quite simply brilliant. If you adore these little yellow pill-shaped creatures as much as I do then you will surely experience hours of enjoyment from watching them run and listening to their endless babble.

However, be warned. This game can also be quite challenging and unforgivably difficult at times. If you are going to attempt a full completion be prepared for tears of frustration and cries of joy when your own ability and reflexes astonish you.

*Short disclaimer*

Please bear in mind that I am by no means an expert at Minion Rush as, at the time of writing this guide, I have only just unlocked level 110. As you can see, I have a long way to go before I complete level 332 and unlock the 25 areas achievement.


Now on to the in-depth guide. Here are some of the best hints, tips and tricks that have helped me on my playthrough so far:

General Tips

- Follow the yellow banana road

Bananas in minion rush are extremely useful fruits, not only do they allow you to upgrade your powers and costumes but they also show you which lane is the safest choice for running. Once things really start to speed up, it is near impossible to react quickly enough to incoming obstacles, especially those that move, and therefore a good strategy is to follow the bananas. Jump when they jump, change when they change.

However, although bananas show you a safe path, it is not necessarily the easiest path to take. Keep your eyes mid to long distance during a run and see if an easier option presents itself, like vaulting over a wall in your current lane as opposed to switching and rolling with the bananas. Also, try to return to the middle lane as frequently as possible as it allows for greater manoeuvrability around obstacles.

- Participate in daily and weekly events to win prizes

Prizes are given out both during the run and for reaching a certain rank on the leaderboards at the end of an event. These prizes have so far included large banana bundles, perks, tokens and costumes with the more valuable prizes being awarded to better performances. Note that prizes ‘unlocked’ during a run will need to be collected by your minion. These unlocked prizes usually appear very soon after the requirement is met and therefore they may be easily missed, however, subsequent runs of the event will allow you to collect any missed prizes.

- Conserve your tokens

Tokens are gold, extremely rare but all the best kit can be brought with them. Again, if you’re going for completion you will need at least 200 tokens to revive yourself 10 times or (I presume) have a premium costume which allows for 1 free revive per run. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your tokens if you do not want to purchase them using real money as they can also be used to purchase new costumes and upgrade powers.

Free tokens can be gained by linking the game to Facebook, winning prizes and by completing the in-game achievements. These achievement tokens will need to be claimed by clicking on the fruit above the Xbox symbol on the upper right corner of the screen, selecting the middle tab and by clicking ‘claim’ next to the unlocked achievement. Coincidentally, the minion to the left of the achievement description indicates how close you are to unlocking other achievements. The more the colour has been filled in, the closer you are to more free tokens!

- Conserve your perks

Perks are challenge-specific items which can be used to double the count of actions performed in a single run. For example, if I needed to collect 180 bananas for a challenge I could use the banana perk and would only need to collect 90 bananas as each banana I collect is counted twice. Perks are also incredibly rare so I would recommend playing all levels in an area several times over before you consider using one. By doing this, you will not end up wasting perks on easier challenges which just take a little patience or luck to complete.

- Use costumes effectively

Costumes each come with their own unique styles yet some are more useful than others due to added bonuses or special attributes. At the beginning you start with only one costume, the classic minion, which is the most basic in terms of design and bonuses. Therefore, new players should aim to acquire the referee costume from the store for 2500 bananas as soon as possible because it increases the time spent in mega minion by 5 seconds –a significant help in the early levels.

As you progress, you may find yourself acquiring other costumes from puzzle pieces or by purchasing them using money or tokens. Always check your available costumes before starting a new level so that you can select the one most likely to help you succeed.

- Upgrade your items

Upgrades will become a necessity as you progress further through the levels and can mean the difference between a comfortable two fruits collected or barely scraping by with one due to the difficult challenges you will eventually face. Power-ups should be your first priority; ideally you want to focus on upgrading the banana splitter and the fluffy unicorn first as this will optimize your banana collecting runs. Personally, I wouldn’t upgrade the banana vacuum as a priority as you can do much of the collecting work yourself.

Alternatively, it may also be useful to maintain a stockpile of bananas in case you become severely stuck on a level requiring a specific power-up. By having this stockpile readily available, you could instantly upgrade the power-up and proceed to the next level instead of becoming frustrated with grinding for more bananas.

Costumes may also be upgraded to improve your overall despicable multiplier level or to increase other special attributes, like increasing added power-up time. The only costumes I would ever consider upgrading would be those with special attributes that could help with future levels.

Which strategy you choose to follow will depend on your own preferred style of play. However, I do have one final recommendation: the mega minion.

Yes, the mega minion is perhaps the most versatile power-up as it continues to increase your metre count whilst active, removes all obstacles allowing a safe running period and increases your despicable multiplier and despicable action count all-in-one! Therefore, I would also prioritize upgrading the mega minion as soon as possible.

- Use gift codes to earn free stuff! *please see Update #1 at the top of the solution*

On the jelly lab screen, in the upper left hand corner, will be an orange cog. Click on the cog and then select the tab with the present icon to show the gift code screen. Use the arrows to select the minion who is wearing the correct costume in the sequences listed below to earn some useful freebies!

Combinations which have been confirmed include:

Baby + Firefighter + Maid = Banana Perk x5
Baby + Dancer + Golfer = Smash Perk x5

Credit to Buckswana for the following combinations:

Classic + Firefighter + Baby = Baby Costume
Maid + Classic + Golfer = Loser Taunt
Dancer + Firefighter + Dad = Minion Launcher x3

Thanks to Daffadillon for confirming the combinations below:

Dancer + Maid + Baby = Banana Perk x3
Golfer + Golfer + Baby = Smash Perk x3
Dad + Baby + Dancer = 1 x banana
Golfer + Dancer + Dad = 1 x banana

If you have any more gift code combinations you would like to add, please leave a comment with details as to what unlocked. Cheers!

- Learn to appreciate some areas of the jelly lab are more difficult than others

A sad, but oh so true, fact. If you have become stuck on any area of the jelly lab the best thing to do is persevere. Keep running, improve your skills, sharpen your reflexes and eventually you may notice certain parts within the levels which repeat themselves, for example winding paths with set obstacle positions, or your luck will change. All these actions will help to make you a better runner and will eventually allow you to grasp that last elusive fruit to unlock a much more enjoyable level.

Areas that I have found particularly nightmarish have been El Macho’s Lair and the Anti-Villain League. Thankfully, the super fun Volcano area has since worked wonders in returning my sanity.

Challenge Specific Tips

- Run for X amount of time

Collect as many timewasting power-ups as possible! All fluffy unicorns, moon visits, mega minions and Gru rockets will give you a well-deserved break from the obstacles whilst the clock keeps ticking.

- Run for X amount of metres

Keep an eye out for both Gru rockets and mega minion power-ups on these levels. Again, both will give you a break whilst increasing your metre count at the same time. Also, don’t forget about the minion launcher boost at the start of the level. 750 bananas will give you a nice 500+ metre head start!

- Near miss/slide under/jump over X number of obstacles

Focus on taking the obstacle path which will net you the most slides/jumps and do not worry about actively collecting bananas or power-ups. As for near misses, you may find it useful to rest a finger on the screen in between obstacles before swiping in the direction you want to move. I found this helped with the timing for near misses and ensured they were not definite collisions!

- Collect X amount of bananas without the fluffy unicorn

Focus on running the path laid out by the bananas. Also, make sure to optimise your collection by using the banana splitter and banana vacuum power-ups as much as possible.

- Pick up X a certain number of times

Luck based, unfortunately. Sometimes you will have good runs with multiple X power-ups early on in the level, others you will die a horrible death without ever seeing a single one. However, avoid other power-ups as no more will spawn whilst you have an active power. The only exception to this rule is when certain parts of the level spawn banana vacuums or banana splitters in a set location, such as before the giant slide in the beach level or after the elevator section in Victor’s place.

- Increase your despicable multiplier by X amount in a run

In addition to bashing other minions off the runway and using the mega minion power-ups, you can also run through obstacles frozen with the freeze ray to increase the multiplier.

- Commit X amount of despicable actions by smashing other minions

Despite the description, this challenge works similarly to the despicable multiplier challenge. Run through an obstacle frozen with the freeze ray to further increase the action count.

- Beat X a certain number of times

Boss fight! Just focus on running to stay alive, bananas and power-ups don’t matter much here and Gru rockets may even carry you through a spawn trigger. This will force you to run in an abandoned street for 30+ seconds or so whilst cursing the power-up.

If all else fails…

- Consider purchasing premium items

Premium items are those items which are purchased from the in-game store using real money or tokens for which money has already been exchanged. As can be expected in any modern free to play game, Minion Rush has its fair share of microtransactions with many incredibly useful costumes and items available to buy.

I would suggest that if you enjoy playing Minion Rush, can justify the purchase and want to support the developers for their good work then there is no harm in purchasing these items from the in-game store as they will most likely guarantee reduced frustration and increased enjoyment of the game.

Below is a list of the most useful premium items currently available at time of writing. Please note these items might be subject to change.


Dad – 1 free revive per run.
Cost: 1200 tokens

Vampire – Power ups last 15 seconds longer, maximum upgrade = 22 seconds
Cost: 1200 tokens


Golden Banana – Each banana collected counts as two, permanent effect.
Cost: $4.99/£3.49

Golden Shield – Makes the shield invulnerable during power-up (recommended by Onsidic).
Cost: 1200 tokens

That’s all folks!

If you have found this guide to be helpful and/or entertaining, please rate appropriately and leave some feedback. Also, if you have any other tips you would like to share or ideas for improvement please feel free to send a message or comment and I will incorporate your suggestions into the guide. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Information requests by author:

- US dollar pricing for ninja costume and golden banana upgrade (Credit to TanukiV)
- Confirmation of free gift codes (Credit to Buckswana and Daffadillon)
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