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Conference Championship Sportscaster

Make and confirm 4 Live Pick selections

13 Jan 2015 until 19 Jan 2015

Conference Championship Sportscaster
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    19 Jan 2015 04 Jan 2015 18 Jan 2015
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    !GLITCH WARNING! Second poll question sent out the alert but some (or all?) people didn't get the poll. I'll update this as soon as poll questions start appearing again. (If they even do.)
    Update: Solution comes from Gunstar Red, close and reopen app.

    Much appreciation to DUCK KILLER 01 for posting all the info for the first Live events which this info is based on.
    Below I have listed the day, teams, time and the channel the game can be viewed on.
    You do not need to watch the game for the questions to pop up.
    During the time of the game after each quarter a question will come up for a short amount of time, pick any option and you will get credit regardless if you're right or in majority.
    It will become locked afterwards and you won't be able to vote on that quarters poll anymore if you missed it.
    You need to vote four times, so with two games and four chances to vote during each will give you up to eight chances to vote which is more than enough.

    Jan. 18th Sunday
    Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks
    3:05 p.m. ET

    Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots
    6:40 p.m. ET
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