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CQC FTW in Resident Evil

CQC FTW124 (30)

Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).

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For this achievement you have to beat the game using only your knife. You can not use defensive items, the fuel canteen/kerosene to burn zombies or stomp on their heads when they are on the ground. This can be done on very easy as well.

You can still equip weapons you just cannot use them. I mention this because the "Once Again..." play through starts you equipped with a Rocket Launcher.

Chris is the way to go for this achievement. Jill is terrible with the knife and has a lot less vitality. Here are some of the key points to help you be successful with this achievement.

1. Do not pick up any defense items. If you do pick one up, immediately go into your inventory and unequip it. This way you do not use one if the event you are grabbed by a zombie.

2. Stay away from zombies on the floor. There are very few instances of this but one in particular that stands out is when playing as Chris, if you go down to the Kitchen during your first run through the mansion there will be a zombie lying unconscious on the floor. If you run past him he is likely to grab you and then you will most likely stomp his head and void the achievement. The Kitchen I'm referencing is at the opposite end of the long hallway where Kenneth is.

3. Speaking of the Kitchen, the only reason you would go to the Kitchen this early is to get one of the four "Old Keys" to progress. However you only need two of the four to progress. You can find one in the very first save room you find that contains the "Fuel Canteen".

Another one can be found by leaving this room and going up the adjacent stairs and into the door on the left. You will enter a small room with a door on the left and one of the right. The one on your character's left is locked (requiring an "Old Key" coincidentally enough) and the room on your character's right contains the second "Old Key."

The third can be found in the bathroom next to the door that leads out to the patio that has the "Chemical." I recommend getting the third one and using it on the gate in the cemetery that leads to the Stained Glass puzzle room. This is an amazing route that was not included in the original PlayStation version but added for REmake on the GCN. This route saves on time and allows you avoid the two real nasty Mansion ambush rooms throughout your run.

4. If you are doing this achievement on a "Once Again..." play through and have "Real Survivor" and "Invisible Enemy" modes unlocked then you will also have unlocked "One Dangerous Zombie" mode. This addition is activated automatically when playing "Once Again..." after it is unlocked and cannot be turned off. With this addition, Bravo Crew Omni man and Maintenance technician Forest Speyer (nice work on our helicopter Forest...) will be running around the mansion free and reanimated as a Crimson Head. The difference is he can follow you through rooms and is strapped with grenades. If you attack him in any way you will set off the equivalent of a tactical nuke and you will die. Every time. The way to avoid this is to avoid Forest. If he does grab you, just shake him off. You are unable to use defense items against him, nor should you have any. Upon reaching the Residence area, Forest will despawn and you can play the rest of the game worry free of him. I do not recommend playing on any of the special game modes for this achievement.

5. Avoid all unnecessary quests. Only go out of your way to get health items and even then you should weigh the risk and reward. You will end up with more health items than you can count by the time your done so don't stress about that.

6. LET RICHARD DIE!! Do not go get the serum when Rebecca asks you to. Let Richard die. This is critical and if you do save him you will make this much harder on yourself later. I'll explain in the bosses section.

7. When you return to the Mansion after the Residence you will eventually enter Spencer's study using the Emblem key. When you enter a cut scene will occur where you hear Rebecca scream. Unless you are going for a specific ending, just let the Hunter have his fun.


Zombies. Just dodge. Even if they get you, Chris can take three bites before going into "Caution" status and health items shouldn't be an issue. Just remember risk versus reward. If you kill that zombie it will come back as a Crimson Head. Make sure if you do you are not returning to that area.

Dogs. You only HAVE to fight one - the one of the terrace with the collar. Just go toe to toe with it and it will die in 2-4 stabs. There is a potted plant nearby with three fixed herbs you can use. Other than that just avoid them.

Crimson Heads and Hunters. It's your funeral.

Spiders. Big and slow unless going on a straight line. Avoid and just run circles around them. Not worth getting poisoned.

Chimeras. I highly recommend killing the first one you encounter in the labs. It is in the first power room where your get the "Fuel Supply Capsule." I recommend this because when you return with the capsule with the nitro compound if you get hit too many times the capsule will explode and kill you. By this point you should have more first aid sprays than kills so have at it. It should die in 4-6 stabs.


Most battles can be avoided. When I got this achievement I only killed 20 something enemies. Don't engage unless you have to.

Yawn 1. Just run to the back, grab the mask and get out.

If Yawn manages to bite you, you will be poisoned and upon leaving the room, Rebecca will tasked with getting you serum. Doing so will net you the achievement for saving Chris as Rebecca.

Crimson Head Prototype 1. This is the boss you will fight in the crypt after placing the four death masks. This is the toughest fight for the knife only run through. My recommendation is that when Rebecca is in the piano room practicing Moonlight Sonata, you should get the other three masks from your inventory and place them in the crypt. This will free up room for some health items. During the fight you will want to run circles around him and pick your opportunity to strike. He is very fast so you will end up just trading stabs with him most of the time. An important note is that Crimson Heads most often attack with their right hands (sorry lefties, even in death you get no love). Try to favor his left side while you circle him to avoid his attacks. You will still most likely take some damage and he does have the ability to attack with his left hand so don’t solely rely on that to save you.

Mama Neptune. When you enter the Aqua Ring you will get a sight of Mama Neptune and her two pups. Go to your character’s left and into the control room. When you go down the ladder you will see the control room. Face the pane of glass that is on the right of the entrance. This is where the water drainage system is located. Activate it. Mama will ram the glass and you will be on a time crunch to get the water drained before she bashes it in. Facing the console you were just on, look to your character’s right and release the safety. Now turn around and the use the console opposite of you to activate the shudders (to your character’s left as you were facing the glass MN rammed). This will not work and you will have to manipulate the oil valves. Go to the back hallway and activate each valve until you get the right one. It is random each time. The solution is on your character’s left as they enter the console room on a desk near the map on the wall. Release the safety again. It is the console on your character’s right as they are facing the MN glass. Then turn around and activate the shudders again. Finally, face the MN glass and activate the drainage system. No go out the door and through the rusted double doors to your right. Go all the way around and find Mama Neptune. Go up and try to grab the key, she snaps, you push the generator in the water, pull the lever and she gets cooked.

Plant 42. This is why we let Richard Die. Richard clearly isn’t that bright and has a tendency to find himself in the jaws of large animals so who cares. If you allow Richard to die from poison you will be tasked as Rebecca to create a plant killer to kill plant 42. If you save Richard you will have to fight Plant 42 as Chris. Since this is a knife only run, we don't want to fight Plant 42 as Chris but gas it to death as Rebecca.

You will find a report titled “Plant 42 Report” in room 002. This is the same room with the ladder down to the Aqua Ring. Some people say this is required to activate the Rebecca side quest and some people argue it is not. I recommend grabbing it anyway since you will run right past it on more than one occasion. When you enter the Plant 42 room a cut scene will occur and Rebecca will barge into the room. Chris will throw her the book to make the V-Jolt and you will take over as Rebecca. Immediately unequip your pistol! We don’t want any accidental/negligent discharges. Go over to the room on the right with the electronic lock. The combination can be found in the break room by looking at the pool balls and checking the corresponding color and symbol of the oil lamps located throughout the room. However that would mean more time with the two giant spiders so just keep putting in different permutations of 3, 5 and 6.

Once you are in the room go ahead and pick up three of the bottles. You will notice the solution to this puzzle has been scrawled into the wall next to the door. We have to use the two chemicals and water to make the V-Jolt, or UMB-20. Each of the chemicals and water has a number.

Water – 1
Red – 3
Yellow – 6

There are numerous ways we can make a sum of 20 with these numbers but going out of order will create toxic fumes so let’s do it the prescribed way.

1. Fill a bottle with Red (3)
2. Fill a bottle with Water (1)
3. Combine Red (3) and Water (1) to create Purple (4)
4. Fill a bottle with Yellow (6)
5. Mix Purple (4) with Yellow (6) to create Orange (10)
6. Fill a bottle with Yellow (6)
7. Fill a bottle with Water (1)
8. Combine the Yellow (6) and the Water (1) to create Green (7)
9. Combine Green (7) and Orange (10) to get Blue (17)
10. Fill a bottle with Red (3)
11. Combine Red (3) with (17) to get Brown (20)
12. You now have UMB-20, also known as the V-Jolt

Now take the V-Jolt to the Aqua Ring. Since the water is drained you will have to go all the way around and back up through the control room. Then head to the back of the ring where the guard room is. Enter and use the V-Jolt. Plant 42 will wither and you will resume control of Chris. However Plant 42 is not finished yet. At this point you will have to stand underneath it and swing your knife in the air at Plant 42’s tentacles. Keep moving and slashing at the air when the tentacles are hanging down. Don't stay in one place too long. Take a few swings and run a circle. Sometimes you will think you miss and not see any blood. When I defeated it I was swinging at air so just because you don’t see blood doesn’t mean you are not doing damage.

Note: This method will also net you the achievement for rescuing Chris as Rebecca.

Black Tiger. This is the extra large spider you encounter in the caves. She is going to rush you right off the bat so run left or right as soon as you take control. Run to the door and start slashing. Six slashes and you can go through the door. There are blue herbs on the other side in case you get poisoned. Sometimes this googley eyed beast won’t turn around and come after you and other times her spidey sense goes off and she gets you before you can finish the door. Run her in circles or keep slashing at the door, either way will work. You will have to return to this room for the trek back to the elevator room. BT and her two minions will still be present when you do. Just sprint to the opposite door. She shouldn't bother you because she will either not see you or let out a call to her boys that you are back. By that time you should be long gone.

Yawn 2. See the bookcase? That’s right. Keep running him in circles around the bookcase and stab his tail. Just be patient and don't get in a hurry. The only real way you can lose this fight is if you get impatient and take too many risks. Now if you do decide you want to play aggressive, keep him in the open area and wait until he strikes and move out of the way. The timing is really easy once you see it a time or two. When he misses (hell even when he hits for that matter) he is incredibly slow to reset and get back on target so you can get in 3-4 stabs while he does that. Take him back through the bookcase to reset so to speak if you need a breather. He can’t poison you in this battle so don’t worry about that. I still recommend bringing 3 RG herbs or first aid sprays just in case. No reason not to since you just be overflowing with them.

Lisa Trevor. Nothing different here. Push the stones and let Wesker do the work.

Tyrant. This guy does not live up to the hype. Run around his off claw hand and stab him. He may quick turn on you here and there but for the most part this guy is a complete joke. You should have 5 first aid sprays in your inventory just because there is no reason not to. Don’t be surprised if you end up not using any.

Tyrant 2. Since we did not save Rebecca or Jill this fight doesn’t take place. Fire off the Signal Rockets and hitch a ride with that pathetic excuse of a teammate Brad (you’ll get yours you worthless piece of dog shit…) and get out of there.


You just beat Resident Evil using only the knife. The achievement will pop at the summary screen that shows your time, ammo used (should be 000), creatures dispatched and health items used.

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