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Passion for Fashion

Obtain all costumes.

Passion for Fashion-0.1
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How to unlock the Passion for Fashion achievement

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    This is how I unlocked the achievement and I only played as JILL VALENTINE so far:

    1. Normal difficulty playthrough ("Like climbing a mountain" from the main menu)
    2. Normal+ playthrough (New Game Plus) ("Once Again..." from the main menu)
    3. Real Survival Mode playthrough
    4. Invisible Enemy Mode playthrough

    Everything of course on the same save-file and that's also the order I played the game.

    Additional notes:

    -Both RESIDENT EVIL 5 - BSAA outfits for each character are available from the beginning.

    -Complete the game once with Jill on any difficulty to unlock Jill's ARMY outfit.
    -Complete the game a second time (same save-file NG+) with her to unlock Jill's RESIDENT EVIL 3 outfit.

    -*Complete the game once with Chris on any difficulty to unlock Chris' THE MEXICAN outfit.
    -*Complete the game a second time (same save-file NG+) with him to unlock Chris' ALTERNATE S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

    *As I stated on the top that's how I unlocked them, never played with Chris Redfield. So either play it four times with Jill Valentine or twice with her on twice with Chris. Just make sure IT'S ALWAYS ON THE SAME SAVE-FILE!!!

    If you guys find a faster/different way to unlock this let me know. Hope this helps! wave
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    DEF Exeio I disliked the guide just because you're being patronizing toward Hobotheclown92 and I wanted you to know. The guide isn't quite clear so the comment of Hobo is perfectly legitimate.
    Posted by DEF Exeio on 30 Oct 17 at 00:41
    Wolvereese Maybe this will help someone with the same issues:

    I played my 2nd run with Jill on another save. After realizing that you have to do "once again" on a completed save game (4 times) I had the same problem as
    and the "Passion for Fashion" achievement showed me a 60% progress. But I had just one more costume to go for. So I have just overwritten all my savegames of my accidental second Jill run and at the end it popped for me.
    Posted by Wolvereese on 31 Mar 18 at 22:13
    Jimbo LaFleur In case someone checks these comments because they think they messed up with their saves I want to write here what happened to me:
    Following the walkthrough I finished the game with Jill on normal, next run was Chris on very easy with CQC and the third run was real survivor combined with a speed run. At that point I only had the invisible/no save run left (Chris, very easy).
    I did ALL of my first three runs via "Once again" WITHOUT loading a cleared save (of which I had three separate) and after my third run I was wondering why the costume-achievement was only at 60%, I just had the feeling it should be higher.
    ...Imagine the shock after I realized I was expected to load a cleared save for every new run. However, I started my last run (invisible, no save) just like the walkthrough says but this time I loaded my last cleared save, the one from my previous real survivor run.
    After the invisible/no save-run the achievement unlocked just fine!
    Why do I write all this? In case you think you are in the middle of a problem, maybe just keep following your playthrough-route.
    After all I read here the achievement shouldn't have unlocked for me because I did only load a clear save for my last run.
    Posted by Jimbo LaFleur on 04 Oct 18 at 11:20
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