Return to Dust achievement in Resident Evil

Return to Dust

Burn up 100 zombies.

10 Dec 2014 until 09 Feb 2015

Return to Dust
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How to unlock the Return to Dust challenge

  • HellCreeper666HellCreeper6661,042,875
    20 Jan 2015 20 Jan 2015 20 Jan 2015
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    Easy way to grind this Challenge is to make your way to the Medical Storage Save Room (Mansion Map 1F West Side) and avoid the Zombie on the Stairs.

    Enter the Save Room and Save your Game at the Typewriter.

    Exit the Save Room and move against the wall behind the dead Zombie on the floor.
    Now wait for the Zombie from the staircase to walk over his dead buddy and put a round in his chest and one in his leg.
    Walk up to the two and press cn_Y to open you invetory and then press cn_A on the Fuel Canteen to set them both on fire.

    Rinse & Repeat 49 more times and your Achiev... Challenge should unlock toast

    I will post a video soon!!!!

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    TropoebusThe infinite Laucher count to this? because i didn't remenber burning too many zombies and my progress is on 20%.
    Posted by Tropoebus on 02 Feb 15 at 20:30
    HellCreeper666No, if you kill them with the infinite RL they still come back as Crimson and will not burn them.
    Posted by HellCreeper666 on 02 Feb 15 at 21:23
    SomeDudeWABeardGreat guide. Thumbs up from me. Just want to point out that it has to be culminated with one person. I had 15+ with Jill on her play through, started up Chris to also work on the head shots and flash bang kills and I had to do the full 100. This was probably because it was a different save file but I figured knowing this would help.
    Posted by SomeDudeWABeard on 05 Feb 15 at 02:28
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    For the challenges accumulate 4 Flash Grenades (You should save 5 on Normal or Higher, I was on Very Easy) and save at the Lab Entrance. You will find 4 Zombies here (5 on higher). 2 (3) in the hallway after the save room and 2 downstairs. Same place for burning and headshots. The hallway has kerosene right outside the save room door. Use the Flash grenades to blow off zombie heads and you can still burn the corpse. You will get 4/5 Zombies per load.
  • ChampionOfLightChampionOfLight1,631,044
    23 Jan 2015 23 Jan 2015
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    HellCreeper666's steps on the process are perfect but the best area to grind for this challenge is any room with three zombies rather then 2.

    For instance, I did this in the first room of the Lab. After advancing through the entrance you can kill the first zombie in the area and then allow the other two zombies to get near that ones corpse and then kill them so they fall on top of him. Then save the game in the Lab entrance before burning any so you can reload at this spot.

    If all three fall on each other then you just have to use the Fuel Canteen once. If not then you may have to use it twice (and if none of the bodies fell close enough and you saved like that, there is gasoline in this room to refill your canteen). It's the same exact steps as the previous solution but if you do it in a room with 3 zombies then you only need to do rinse and repeat 33 times rather then 49 so it simply saves a bit more time.
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