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THE FINISH LINE in Asphalt 8: Airborne (Win 8)


Complete all seasons

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Posted on 02 May 15 at 22:08, Edited on 03 September 18 at 04:43
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[03/11/2017] Well, well, well, things got a bit more complicated. Before I start, I'm going to apologize for the super late update, if anybody is following my solution for new updates (although I'm starting to feel burnt out on maintaining this solution as up to date as possible, without me actively playing the game).

Now, let's get on to the wonderful changes. Good news is that the RUF events have been replaced with 2 other cars, which are actually available, however due to yet another licensing issue, another car goes missing and can no longer be purchased, specifically, the Scion FR-S (Season 4), since August 24, 2017, rendering this achievement still partly discontinued. Bad news, on top of that, is that those 2 replacement cars are not credit cars, so that can only mean one thing... they must be token cars. Well, not quite, one of them is indeed a token car, the other is a whole new beast, a blueprint car (herein lies the "complicated" bit I alluded to in the first sentence). I have updated the token cars section in this solution, as well as added a blueprint cars section to provide insight into this new (scummy) gimmick, so check below for more information.

For archival purposes, this achievement has been partially discontinued since June 8, 2017, the Porsche Update, due to continued various licensing issues with certain brands. [03/11/2017]

Alright, so here's the deal with this achievement. To put it short, if you don't want to dish out 100$ 120$ MINIMUM and MANY! tens of hours for this achievement, just ignore it. This is one of the most ridiculous achievements out there up to the level of "Seriously..." from Gears of War 1 (if you don't pony up hundreds of dollars for credits too), to give you a rough idea. This will be more of a general guide for this game, but will focus mostly on this achievement.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go into a bit of detail. To get this achievement, you must obtain 5 stars in ALL of the events in seasons 1 to 8. NO OTHER seasons are required for this achievement. [05/02/2016] There are 234 events in total (6 new events were added recently) that you need to complete with 5 stars. In general, you get 3 stars in an event if you finish in first place and you get another 2 if you accomplish 2 special requirements that you can see after you select the event.

In this game, there are 2 3 currencies:
1. Credits, that you earn normally through gameplay and you use them for purchasing cars, decals, car upgrades, boosts and basic Pro Boxes (that give you 4 random cards used for further improving your cars);

2. Tokens, that you can earn from timed events (from finishing the event once in 1st place or/and from qualifying high on the event's leaderboard, based on your lap time in non-multiplayer timed events or on your score that you accumulate by beating other people in multiplayer timed events) or buy them with real life money (which is the main way to get these) and use them to purchase cars, decals, boosts and advanced Pro Boxes (that give you rarer cards for much better car improvements). [05/02/2016] You can also acquire 1 token for watching an ad whenever it is available in the Token market screen.

[03/11/2017] 3. Blueprint cards, a brand new addition, explained in the blueprint cars section, some paragraphs below.

Whenever you get a new car, always buy the first set of upgrades for it. They are pretty cheap and makes winning the event a bit easier. Don't take the recommended rank into consideration too much, you can still win events with a bit of struggle when the difference between the recommended rank and the rank of your car is about 100, after which it becomes VERY difficult or impossible to win and at that point you need a better car or you need to upgrade your current car a bit more. You will get a feel for it as you progress through the game.

Many times you will come to an event where you need a car that costs WAY more credits than you currently have. It's best to move on to later events, getting five stars in them, in order to rack up credits, because later events will reward you with more credits (the base credits for ending in 1st place, that is; credits for performing stunts, drifting, doing perfect runs, etc. remain the same, regardless of the event).

When you cannot progress anymore because you don't have enough stars for the next season and need to buy some cars that cost a lot more credits than you have, find the shortest and latest event that is available to you and farm it for enough credits to buy a car and go on from there. When you get new cars, always skim through the earlier events just to check if you can use them in those too.

Eventually, you will unlock season 9, where only maxed out cars can be used. I, personally, ground the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary vs. Ferrari Testarossa event in season 8 (~4500 credits in 3 minutes) to get enough credits to fully upgrade the Audi S4 in order to use it in its MAX event from season 9 (~4600 credits in 1 minute and 40 seconds; about 2 minutes with time in between races) and then ground that one to fully upgrade the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car in order to use it in its MAX event from season 9 (~4600 credits in 1 minute; about 1 minute and 20 seconds with time in between races) and that is the fastest track I've discovered with the best payout. Events from season 9 where you use top tier cars will give you a bit more credits, but upgrading those cars to MAX will take A LOT of credits, so I don't consider it worthwhile.

Alternate credit farming method suggested by Tendoman77: "the Mclaren P1's final race. If anyone manages to fully max and pro it out you can earn just over 6k per race, and with a 24 hour x2 boost its over 12k! Even though its a Unplugged event it only takes around a min to complete since its on such a short track, plus the opponents aren't too hard to beat."

At this moment you should understand the rate at which you can earn credits and to give you a rough idea of how many credits you need overall just to buy all of the cars you need for all of the events, you will need more than 10 million credits, which is absolutely INSANE. Just for one car you will need a whopping 2.25 million credits, which is soul crushing. If you don't pay any money for credits, you will need to grind that one event (the Cadillac event mentioned earlier) more than 2000 times, or between 40 and 50 hours continuously, most likely more.

Now, the credit grind is colossal, but ultimately doable. Let's talk now a bit further about real life money. The events where you will need token cars (which are cars you can only buy with tokens) are found within the "New Events Available" section within seasons 3,5,6 and 8 [03/11/2017] as well as scattered around in various seasons.

[05/02/2016] New events were added where token cars are needed: in Season 1 you need the Renault DeZir which costs 180 tokens, in Season 2 you need the Azura NSX 2005, which costs 525 tokens.

[03/11/2017] One new token car makes its ghastly appearance in Season 8, the Mazzanti Evantra for a modest cost of 3750 tokens, bringing the total number of token cars to 7. Enjoy!

[03/11/2017] There are 4 6 7 token cars you must purchase and their total cost amounts to, basically, 100$ 120$, a 100$ token pack and a 20$ token pack to be more specific. You need a total of 12300 12550 13255 16975 tokens to buy these 7 cars and these two token packs will give you 17400 tokens combined. Financially speaking, there's no better choice.

[03/11/2017] These are the 6 required token cars:
- Renault DeZir - 180 tokens
- Acura NSX 2005 - 525 tokens
- 2015 Ford Mustang - 1050 tokens
- Jaguar F-Type R - 2000 tokens
- Jaguar C-X75 - 2750 tokens
- SSC Ultimate Aero XT - 6750 tokens
- Mazzanti Evantra - 3750 tokens (New addition)

[03/11/2017] Now let's delve into the big new concept (and by that, I mean, absolutely atrocious) of the blueprint cars! They make a few appearances in some Season Events, so unfortunately, I feel like I have to explain how they work.

Since you loved paying for tokens (those of you who ditched the grind) to buy the cars above, how about some cars which can only be unlocked by random chance in a relatively futile grind, as well? Sounds like your cup of tea? (Didn't think so...) Expanding the idea, blueprint cars can only be unlocked once you acquire a certain number of blueprint cards tied to a particular blueprint car. Now let's consider your options to earn blueprint cards. They are the following:

- Earn them from Multiplayer Events. When you select an ongoing event and check the rewards list, you will often, maybe always see "1 Random Blueprint Card" and the requirement to obtain it.
- Earn them in Pro Boxes, an even lesser chance. The only credit Pro Box and the weakest in rewards, costs 18000 credits per pop, rest of them cost token, so you most likely don't want to waste your hard earned (or bought) tokens on that.
- Earn them from Exclusive Deals. The Exclusive Deals page lists 3 overpriced items for your big spending habits, one of which can be a particular (not random) blueprint card for a specific car. Of course it will cost a lot of tokens to buy that, but you have the opportunity to make instant, targeted progress towards unlocking one of the blueprint cars you desperately need. As an example, I saw 1 single blueprint card for a class C car over there cost 900 tokens. Yay...
- Earn them from Daily Login Bonuses. I'm really not sure how often they come up, but, most likely you only get one single random blueprint card every few days. Probably the best way of getting these blueprint cars for the passive player.

All that's left now is to list the required blueprint cars for Season Events that you must unlock for this achievement:

- Marussia B2 - 10 Blueprint cards (Season 7)
- McLaren F1 XP-5 - 20 Blueprint cards (Seasons 7&8)

Yeah... not a big list, but they're there and they're there to make your grind just that much more nightmarish. Besides, there's always room for more in the future. (So better get this achievement before more show up...)

Now, you might wonder that you can save yourself some money by earning some tokens from timed events, but I tell you, it is really not worth it to struggle to get a good enough position on the event's leaderboard AND maintain it constantly until the event ends, just to receive a few hundred tokens and events last as much as a week. You'd need to put in WAY too much time to maintain your position and ultimately, it would only be a waste of time. [10/02/2016] I've learned from recent reports that participating in timed events is actually a viable solution for obtaining this achievement. Be forewarned though, that you will need plenty of dedication and perseverance to gather enough tokens through timed events and other in-game activities. It is a many months long ordeal, but it is possible.

[05/12/2016] There are a few more ways to earn tokens now:
- you can watch an ad for 2 tokens twice per day (viewable from the place where you purchase tokens)
- you can complete 3 daily challenges and earn 20 tokens (in the main menu click on the little notepad with a check mark in the upper left of the screen)
- you can earn tokens from daily login bonuses (various amounts, check it when you log in a new day)
- you can also obtain some instant tokens and add some more token packs to the daily login bonuses by leveling up your VIP level, however that will cost real life money. Whenever you buy a Credit or a Token pack, it will also come with a certain amount of VIP points. Collect enough points and you can level up your VIP level and obtain the stated rewards. That can get really costly, but if you are not far off from getting all the token cars, it is worth looking into. Check the VIP menu in-game for more details (in the main menu click on the V with a diamond above in the upper right of the screen).

That's about as much as there needs to be known about this achievement. To end this wall of text, consider going for this achievement ONLY if you have 100$ 120$ that you want to spend in this game and would feel no remorse in doing so OR if you plan on spending many months painstakingly gathering tokens through timed events and other activities.

To whomever manages to obtain this, I bow to those people. This is one beast of an achievement, both EXTREMELY grindy and VERY expensive for such a little game like this.
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