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Title Update 2

Invasion achievement in Halo MCC


Halo 4: Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 7.

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How to unlock the Invasion achievement

  • CheckyoshelfCheckyoshelf
    25 Apr 2016 30 Apr 2016
    This solution is really only for legendary, but will be effective on any difficulty.

    The only Spartan Ops mission that gave me any trouble on solo legendary was 7-1 on Apex. The difference between rock-solid success and overwhelming failure for me was the jetpack. As you make your way down the hill you must neutralize plasma barrier power supplys. When you come to the barrier with some Promethean knights, other enemies and a covenant sniper hover tower behind it (where the mantis is dropped off) do not bring down the barrier. Instead, run back up the hill a little ways, turn around and proceed to jetpack up onto the rocks to your left. From here you can find your ideal sniping position without ever worrying about taking any damage and kill every single enemy by shooting over the barrier! I personally prefer the DMR, and when you run out of ammo you can plasma grenade yourself and respawn with more bullets! If you don't have any grenades then you can run further back up the hill and jump off the cliff. There are no time constraints on this part of the mission so take your time, and kill everything! After all are dead, drop the barrier and wait for the mantis. When you get in the mantis it will trigger the friendly phantom sequence to start and enemies will begin to spawn. Watch for fuel rod grunts as soon as you get in the mantis! Fuel rods on legendary are mantis kryptonite! Head down the hill and murder everything on the way. I actually stayed in the large clearing by the phantom and fired nonstop back and forth between the upper and lower paths. Watch out for fuel rods! They will come from both paths at the same time! Early mantis destruction will most likely result in failure. My mantis was destroyed with 14 enemies left to kill and I still managed to complete the mission with a very comfortable 70% phantom health. There may be a better place to park the mantis, but this method worked very well for me. I did not find success until I killed all of the mantis area enemies before dropping the barrier.
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    ParadoxReal8For those of you which the Phantom spawn too soon and you and far away from the spot, concentrate on the enemies not on the Phantom. This one don't do much damage on your ship and he aim at you more than anything. I had just the two ships at the end and mine was half-health. No good weapon so I was sure I will failed as the other had full health and always regen. One sticky well placed and I had win rock

    Don't wasted your time with the ship. Stick it! I never saw a Phantom goes down like that only with one sticky grenade. That was laughable!
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 On 22 Nov 16 at 00:06
    PurpleFiftyTwoThis solution is a good starting point, but I found the phantoms spawn before I had time to clear all the enemies. As per the comment above, as soon as the phantoms spawn, focus on the enemies not the phantom; they will do more damage to your phantom than the enemy phantom will. Clear the enemies then get under the enemy phantom and use stickies as suggested.
    Posted by PurpleFiftyTwo On 29 Sep 18 at 10:00
    SkunkStripedI did some testing and I found out something interesting. The Phantom will fly away if you destroy its heavy bottom turret and kill the elites manning the side turrets

    It makes sense actually. After all, if you disable all of its weapons, it can’t attack Murphy anymore so it has nothing left to do except retreat

    A well-placed Plasma Grenade can easily do this, but you can even pull it off with a DMR or sniper if you’re accurate enough and have ammo
    Posted by SkunkStriped On 24 Apr at 18:07
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