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Smooth Operator achievement in Halo MCC

Smooth Operator

Halo 4: Complete all Spartan Ops chapters solo on Legendary difficulty.

Smooth Operator0
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How to unlock the Smooth Operator achievement

  • i7z IDaRReNxi7z IDaRReNx403,452
    09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015 27 Apr 2015
    112 12 78
    Looks like this has been patched.
    The only way to do this achievement now is the hard way. Which isn't all that hard just very time consuming.
    If you go on your loadouts from the main menu put the BR as your primary weapon and also use sticky grenades. Those will help kill the bigger enemys with ease.
    And don't worry about dying because there's infinate respawns, good luck!

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    SonnieSlimThe defend missions are the problem ones You can fail them. overall Spartan Ops is a coop mode and a solo legendary achievement for 50 freaking missions is so stupid. 343 should be ashamed.
    Posted by SonnieSlim on 25 Apr 21 at 15:14
    Ashen SeraphFor some reason, the game has me marked as completing all the missions, both solo and co-op, on Easy despite never touching SpOps before... Including 1-1 which I just did on Legendary... is this going to be a problem?

    My achievement tracker does show the expected 2% progress.
    Posted by Ashen Seraph on 23 Dec 21 at 09:39
    Roilty2I have the same problem as Ashen, I just finished the first two missions, any issues?
    Posted by Roilty2 on 20 Feb at 02:32
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  • CheckyoshelfCheckyoshelf536,551
    26 Apr 2016 30 Apr 2016
    33 2 8
    The only Spartan Ops mission that gave me any trouble was 7-1 on Apex. The difference between rock-solid success and overwhelming failure for me was the jetpack. As you make your way down the hill you must neutralize plasma barrier power supplys. When you come to the barrier with some Promethean knights, other enemies and a covenant sniper hover tower behind it (where the mantis is dropped off) do not bring down the barrier. Instead, run back up the hill a little ways, turn around and proceed to jetpack up onto the rocks to your left. From here you can find your ideal sniping position without ever worrying about taking any damage and kill every single enemy by shooting over the barrier! I personally prefer the DMR, and when you run out of ammo you can plasma grenade yourself and respawn with more bullets! If you don't have any grenades then you can run further back up the hill and jump off the cliff. There are no time constraints on this part of the mission so take your time, and kill everything! After all are dead, drop the barrier and wait for the mantis. When you get in the mantis it will trigger the friendly phantom sequence to start and enemies will begin to spawn. Watch for fuel rod grunts as soon as you get in the mantis! Fuel rods on legendary are mantis kryptonite! Head down the hill and murder everything on the way. I actually stayed in the large clearing by the phantom and fired nonstop back and forth between the upper and lower paths. Watch out for fuel rods! They will come from both paths at the same time! Early mantis destruction will most likely result in failure. My mantis was destroyed with 14 enemies left to kill and I still managed to complete the mission with a very comfortable 70% phantom health. There may be a better place to park the mantis, but this method worked very well for me. I did not find solo success until I killed all of the mantis area enemies before dropping the barrier.
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    AcE ViCTiMiZERThis was definitely made easier in one of the updates. Like B4RN4RD5K1, I was expecting to have major difficulties, but I didn't have any trouble on this chapter whatsoever. The friendly Phantom just tanks everything and hardly loses any health.
    Posted by AcE ViCTiMiZER on 03 Jul 19 at 19:08
    TarvuThis level is awful. I declare it the worst part of the worst part of the worst part of a mediocre compilation.
    Posted by Tarvu on 24 Nov 20 at 19:33
    Arya JaegerFor anyone still looking at this achievement
    Here are the levels were you defend something:
    5-1, 5-2 (Can get away with deaths), 5-4 and 7-1
    There's a guide for all the S-OPS solo from 'RC Master'
    Posted by Arya Jaeger on 01 Feb at 18:48
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