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No One Left Behind achievement in Halo MCC

No One Left Behind

Halo 4: Save at least one Marine on Hacksaw (Ep.2 Ch.3) of Spartan Ops on Heroic or Legendary.

No One Left Behind0
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How to unlock the No One Left Behind achievement

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy
    10 Jan 2015 10 Jan 2015
    This is doable solo, even with a couple deaths and the lack of a perfect run. You just have to be pretty aggressive early on and use rockets to take out the ghost and hunters near the first building. I threw up a quick vid showing a rather crappy solo run with a few deaths that still snagged the achievement.

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    I did this twice and pushed off 2 Marines each time and still no achievement. Even verified both were still alive before heading to the pelican

    EDIT: Weird.... Popped like 1 hour later
    Posted on 29 Mar 21 at 20:43
    LifeExpectancyWelcome to the joy of Xbox One delayed unlocks. wink
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 29 Mar 21 at 22:09
    Bandana skull works for achievements on general

    I just had my rocket launcher and br.
    Posted by casioTuf on 30 Dec at 10:43
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  • WhyteGuy07WhyteGuy07
    20 Jul 2015 20 Jul 2015 20 Jul 2015
    This will take a few tries at least, but can be done solo.

    Primary- Favorite long-range rifle. Recommended- Battle Rifle
    Secondary- Plasma Pistol
    Grenades- Plasma
    Armor Ability- Jetpack
    Tactical- Shielding
    Support- Explosives

    Mission- Episode 2, Chapter 3, Hacksaw.
    Difficulty- Heroic. Marines will stay alive just a bit longer, and enemies wont be so brutal.

    First Stage- Regroup
    In this section, it matters not how much you die and how quickly you go, because the marines have so much health that they are effectively invincible in this stage. The order to gathering these marines for maximum alive-ness is from left to right of where you spawn initially. Every spot has an initial encounter, followed by a drop pod encounter. Don't be afraid to use rockets or grenades to wipe them out, as the marines are invincible. Once enemies are clear, give the marines weapons that they can fight with. I would suggest the Battle Rifle for all, though shotguns for one or two cant hurt, and i wouldn't suggest rockets, becasue they wont shoot them very often and hit even less. From group one on the far left of spawn, go to group two. Kill all as before, rearm as before. Grab a Rocket Launcher from here and decimate the Ghost and Hunters between here and group three in the back corner, because they don't count as enemies you must kill for stages to move on. As well as them, kill the manned turret in the main building up the ramp before moving on. At group three, kill all, rearm all, and the stage is complete.

    Second Stage- Don't Die
    From here on out, the marines can and will die. If they have headshot capable weapons or shotgun for rampaging elites, most of them should lat to the end, though no guarantees. It's also critical to minimize your deaths here, because its a painfully long trip back from spawn to the building, Immediately after finishing stage one, you should run up into the building and grab a Spartan Laser. The marines will walk and follow you in, as a nice bonus. A Phantom will be approaching from the opposite side of spawn with a Wraith attached. Try to destroy the Wraith before it sets down, or kill it first upon it being dropped off. Then, rearm for the approaching assault coming up the ramp. Prioritize anyone wielding an Energy Sword, Needler, or charged Plasma Pistol. Careful with grenades, the marines can die to them. If the marines start to travel back down the ramp, focus fire on anyone approaching them. At least one marine might stay on the above ramp out of line of fire of the ramp, and if the rest die, fall back and defend him.

    Third Stage- Phantoms
    Once all of the baddies are dead here, get a new plasma pistol. DON'T give your marine a Spartan Laser or Rocket Launcher yet. This part isn't the most difficult, but can kill the marines much quicker with their now lower health. Grab a Spartan Laser yourself, and shoot off the main Concussive Guns from the approaching Phantoms. There should be only two phantoms on Heroic. Those guns should be gone before they arrive to drop off some Elites, but if they are not, forget them for now. Don't drift too far away from your marine as you kill the few remaining Elites that are dropped off, and don't die at all. After you have killed the Elites and other baddies, the hard part is over. Arm your marine(s) with Lasers or Rockets and kill everything left. The achievement should pop in game.

    Bonus- If you still have a jetpack by the end of the mission, you can use it to fly up to your Evac Pelican and mount one of the side guns! Pretty cool :)

    This is how i did it. Things may vary from player to player, but follow like this or at least take some advice from it and you should have it in one or two tries.
  • SkunkStripedSkunkStriped
    26 May 2023 29 May 2023 12 Jul 2023
    There's a very easy way to do this solo that I'm surprised no other solution has mentioned yet. All you need to do is grab a Ghost and use it to push one of the marines onto the ledge right behind where you initially spawn in; he'll be hidden from all the enemies, and he won't jump off the cliff because of his AI's pathing

    If anyone wants a video guide, I made a super short tutorial here

    Edit: I recommend doing this on Heroic difficulty. It's easier in general, but I've also noticed that on Legendary difficulty, the Phantoms that you need to destroy towards the end of the mission occasionally notice the marine (that has never happened to me on Heroic)
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    MothersOMarsHands down the best solution.
    Posted by MothersOMars on 19 Jun at 23:11
    MeatwareTried this 4 times following your YouTube video perfectly and no matter what I try the marine drops onto the ledge and runs on the spot. When I go back later on to check on him he’s always dead even though there’s no covenant gone anywhere near him. I’m not sure if him running into the wall damages him? Baffled 😂

    I won’t thumbs down though as the idea is good and it’s worked for others. Can you confirm if your playthough was on heroic? I’m playing on legendary, I’m wondering if that’s making a difference.
    Posted by Meatware on 02 Jul at 16:22
    SkunkStriped@Meatware The video was me playing on Heroic difficulty. But I just tried the same method on Legendary and it still worked for me

    I think what's happening is the Phantoms you need to destroy near the end of the mission are killing your marine, possibly by knocking him off the cliff with their concussion turrets. On Heroic the Phantoms usually don't notice your marine, but on Legendary they often do because the enemy AI is more attentive. Also, on Legendary, you die a lot faster, which means the Phantoms have more time to look for your marine (they will search for your allies whenever you die)
    Posted by SkunkStriped on 03 Jul at 05:01
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