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Nice Work Dawg! achievement in Halo MCC

Nice Work Dawg!

Earn a total of 2,500 Assist medals in multiplayer.

Nice Work Dawg!0
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How to unlock the Nice Work Dawg! achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox637,394
    17 Jan 2015 19 Jan 2015 07 May 2019
    141 11 69
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    **UPDATE** With the latest update, you should be able to search for my file share and download the map!
    To find other players in MCC, select your name in the Roster, then select "Find Player" to access their file share, etc.

    I have set up a Forge map you can load up in custom games and shared it in my file share. It's titled "Assists" and I'll give you a brief explanation of what to do!

    The map is set up to accommodate up to 16 players, with up to 3 people gaining assists.

    1. Set the map settings to normal Slayer, make sure to turn all respawn times to instant, score limit to unlimited, time limit to unlimited(thanks Rey27), and turn up player shields to 4x so the turrets don't kill the spawning victims too soon.
    2. Bring in as many extra controllers as you can!
    3. Choose who is getting assists, and have them get on the higher turrets(up to 3 people). Aim the turrets around the head of the spawning victims.
    4. Choose one controller/person to get on the lower turret and have them aim a little bit below the spawn points so that this turret at least nicks all the falling victims before they teleport to death.
    5. Turn off aim assist by switching to classic(thanks bvrgvndy), rubberband all shooting controllers if you like, and run all victims into the death zones to start the assist sprees.
    6. Enjoy! smile

    If you need clarification, please ask!

    Here's a visual aid:
    ------->Spawning victims<-------
    --Assist Turrets--pewpewpew--
    --Kill Turrets--pewpewpewpew-
    Note: the kill turrets don't actually kill, they just get credit for the last bit of damage done.

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    TX State BobcatI don't see any files in the file share to download. Am I doing this wrong?
    Posted by TX State Bobcat on 03 Sep 21 at 21:51
    RadiantViperGreat solution. Something I noticed is my achievement tracker would get no progress or seemingly a fraction of the progress I should be getting. I rebooted the game and the tracker suddenly jumped from 32% to 88% on the start screen. So try that if it seems stuck.
    Posted by RadiantViper on 27 Sep 21 at 08:34
    xShoot4WarAmpsx@tx state bobcat. Yes I can confirm the files are there and working. make sure the GT is Shadow 00 Fox and not Shadow Fox 00. Made that mistake once.
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 02 Oct 21 at 12:56
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One682,001
    14 Jan 2015 14 Jan 2015 21 May 2016
    94 20 39
    Nice work Dawg!

    To obtain this achievement you must get 2500 assists.... Yes 25 hundred with 4 digits. Im here to tell you that I have THE fastest solution depending on what you have to do it, your best and fastest way to get this done is by having 3 Xbox One controllers. If you don't have 3 xbox one controllers I have a few other methods for you, the more controllers you have the easier this is for you.

    Another thing is I have found out how to get this achievement without even having to be playing!

    3 Controllers method: (45:00 - 1:00:00 time)

    Forge, Halo 2, Lockdown, no shields, account and 1 dummy on same team while the 2nd dummy on the opposite. Once you get into the map pick up a respawn point and click cn_B, scroll down and click Destroy all of these. Make 1 respawn spot on the corner of an edge on the tower with the lift, by doing this all the dead bodies and weapons will fall off the map upon the dummy dying and prevent the game from dropping due to lag (gets rid of the weapon when it goes off the ledge instead of them stacking up on the ground). Then you want to go into the human weapons and build a human turret (doesn't matter which one), place the turret near the spawn point. Then put a Needler on the ground and make its respawn at 1 second, nothing else really matters. Put your main account thats getting the assist achievement on the needler and pick both them up. Put another account on the turret aiming at the spawn point. Have the 3rd account jump off the ledge.

    Now make sure to turn all 3 accounts vibration off in the setting or this will suck! Once that is done have it to where both accounts are firing the guns, your main account firing 2 needlers on opposite times to where 1 needler is always firing when the other has to reload. By doing this your account with the needlers will ALWAYS GET THE ASSISTS. Now you basically have your hands full at this moment so im going to help it to where you can have it run on its own and you can do anything you want not involving your xbox one (like how im writing this solution as im getting this achievement). You are going to want to have 2 or 3 rubberbands and you are going to want to rubberband your controllers shooting exactly how instructed above or in the video.

    Now your going to have to keep an eye on your controllers to make sure they don't shut off, thats your only job, other then that sit back and relax, watch a movie or something, if a controller turns off, turn it back on and hit the cn_A button and its back to doing its work.

    2 controllers and 1 friend or 1 controller and friend with 2 controllers:

    Now if you cannot get 3 controllers in any possible way then having 2 and a friend or 1 and a friend with 2 is also possible. Since you need 2500 headshots and 2500 assists 1 can get assists while the other gets headshots, the simple way of doing it is the same as the above method but both players have duel pistols, 1 person shooting the body while the other shoots the head, then when either of you guys get the achievement just alternate. Make sure to swap firing cn_LT and cn_RT to make it go faster for both of you, reloading less frequently which helps a ton!

    Doing the 2 methods with 3 controllers is much faster, but with a friend and 3 total controllers is still fast! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or comment.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Redsleeygreat guide. Works perfect
    Posted by Redsleey on 02 Jan 20 at 20:31
    GRAND NOBLEGreat map you created. You should add to your solution the map name is SKYBOUND and is found in the HALO 2A list. Took me a while to find it after downloading it.

    I've got my main account on top turret - rubberbanded to shoot. A dummy controller on the bottom turret - rubberbanded to shoot. And another dummy controller dying constantly. I don't even have to do anything.

    Another thing you should add to your solution. You mention the top should aim at the head, etc, etc. But you didn't say why. Here's more information that you should add. If your top character(s) is getting anything other than ASSIST medals, you are aim too low. You are killing the enemy yourself and not getting assist medals. Your bottom character should only be getting TURRET KILL medals, and that's it. ---- I was getting all these other medals on both controllers, until I moved them around a little bit, now they're perfect. Been going about 20 minutes already, went from 1% to 17%
    Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 05 Jul 20 at 14:08
    JHarrison117who has the map and such to download
    Posted by JHarrison117 on 11 Dec 20 at 11:30
  • Hockey EdHockey Ed444,834
    26 Feb 2016 12 Jan 2015
    21 5 0
    In addition to the above solutions, you can also obtain these medals in Spartan Ops co-op, as the Spartan Ops missions are considered "matchmaking" and are located in the "Matchmaking" menu. I confirmed this while playing for Spartan Ops specific achievements with the achievement app snapped. Although it will take more time, this method can be added to the other solutions to make the grind less monotonous.
  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ374,278
    19 Feb 2017 10 Feb 2017
    14 0 0
    For those that like getting things through legitimate play, it'll take a while.

    However, if you're grinding out 500 wins as well, you can get it before you're done on that.

    Halo 4 is by far the easiest to get assists. It's also the easiest to get Triple Doubles for the 100 legendary medals as well.

    You can choose loadouts in Halo 4, so make one. Plasma pistol emp assists COUNT and are easy to get.

    Two bursts of a BR into someone is enough to register for an assist if someone else kills them. You'll get the feel as you play. DMRs as well, but the shots are strong enough if a shield is already damaged you can kill instead of just damage, but up to you.

    If someone is being assassinated, put in a shot or two (based on their shield strength, don't yoink ya dingus) you'll get an assist.

    Halo 4 on a bad game usually yields like 4-5 assist if you aren't even trying. A regular game of slayer when going for triple doubles will net you around 8 on the low end to 15 or so on the high (depends on how good you are, obviously). The longer objective modes I could get up to like 17-19 or even 23 one time.

    Just follow teammates, don't rush into the scrum, stay on the edges and put fire into the snarl of fighting. Works great on objective games especially like KotH or CTF or extraction.

    If you're going for the other mp achievements, going for triple double legendary medals will knock so many of these out on your way to 500 wins.

    I had like 50-70 fake "wins" that counted from when I was doing some of the mp achievements you can do in customs, and I'm way ahead of pace to get everything before the 500 wins even after losing a bunch of games that would have yielded assists/kills/splatters/killjoys etc. I wrapped up the H2A splatter/environmentalist stuff at around 300 wins. I'm at 386 now. Half or so of those were from CE, the other in Halo 4 as I started going for triple double medals. I've gone up over a thousand assists in that time. You'll get there.
  • HeldMagicmanHeldMagicman803,010
    12 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2015
    13 6 2
    Need 3 or 4 controllers Load up a halo2 forge map awash put five spawn point in the air group tightly together. With 3 controllers put the spawn point 15ft off the ground. With 4 controllers put the spawn point 3 at 15ft two at 20ft. Now put down a 10x10 building block for a platform. Then put down a 4x4 building now put down a hornet on that block so the hornet is elevated, line it up too so it looking at the spawn point. Now put down a another hornet on the ground . Now go to custom game load up that map, game team slayer. Put the sore to win up a bit. In the options general settings respawn time instant, synchronize with team enabled. WITH YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT GO IN TO THE HORNET THAT IS ELEVATED SHOOT THE ENEMY FALLING FROM THE SKY. THEN HAVE THE OTHER HORNET KILL THEM WHEN THEY HIT THE GROUND. Rube bane the two hornet controllers. p.s the game will most likely crash when the game is over you should still get the assist counting to the achievement. I was getting 950 assist in 30 minutes with four controllers.
  • duncanwarrior99duncanwarrior99284,823
    31 Jul 2021 31 Jul 2021 10 Aug 2021
    6 0 2
    I have made a map that works faster than the others I think.

    it is called EWSD V4, in Halo 2 Anniversary. The map holds 16 people

    It uses snipers and penetrates everybody to get assists very quick, tends to get kinda laggy at about 2000ish people one the one.

    It earns around 100 assists in about a minute with 10 people.
    This map can also be used for boosting headshots

    It in action (FLASH WARNING!)
  • OverkillChaosOverkillChaos728,421
    09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015
    15 9 3
    Nice Work dawg! Achievement Guide

    3 Controller Boost Method

    Step 1) Have 3 controllers

    Step 2) Go into forge and alter H2A Lockdown with 3 respawns, and 3 initial spawns close to one another in Top Middle of Map, Delete all other spawn points. (Their is actually a quick option to delete all of any object for those who aren't experienced using forge mode)

    Step 3) Load up map, so basically player 3 is the dummy everyone shoots.

    Step 4) Player 2 or (dummy were not shooting at will get kills)

    So Player 1 (The person going for the achievement will snipe player 3 to remove his shields completely)

    Grab second controller and have player 2 finish off player 3. Player 1 will get assist medal, you could boost headshots with player 2 if you want to be productive.

    Step 5) Repeat this long grind until you mash out 2500. Make sure to set respawn setting to instant to speed things up.

    If you don't have 3 controllers, you will have to do it the old fashioned way by just playing a lot of custom games with friends or matches online.

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