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Aim for the Head achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Aim for the Head

Earn a total of 2,500 Headshot medals in multiplayer.

Aim for the Head-0.2
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How to unlock the Aim for the Head achievement

    10 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015 03 Feb 2015
    76 5 16
    I'd like to offer up a similar solution to Epilepsy Sucks', although I think mine is easier to setup and maintain.

    Start up a second controller and load forge on Skyward in H2. Turn on infinite ammo or bottomless clip, and change the starting weapons to BRs and Magnums. Turn shields off and turn health to 10%. Turn respawn to instant.

    You'll start on a very small floating platform with two initial spawns and one respawn point. Now, you have a couple options. First, you can just stand in front of the respawn point and headshot controller #2. The problem is that the weapons and bodies collect and eventually will crash the game.

    To mitigate that problem, build a crate a few feet off the edge of the platform and set its physics to phased or fixed. That way it won't drop when you let it go. Then move the respawn point on top of the crate you just built and set its physics to phased. This way, when you kill controller #2, the bodies and weapons simply fall into the sky below and disappear, removing the crashing and lag issues.

    Assuming you start with zero headshots and don't miss a headshot the entire time, you'll need to reload your magnum 209 times.

    User Dizyne suggests that you dual-wield magnums and alternate firing them in order to never have to wait for a reload. Could potentially shave several minutes off of this grind.

    Hope my solution helps!

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    fruitshootmanMy game crashes after a few mins
    Posted by fruitshootman on 27 Sep 19 at 22:03
    AngryYeti420Note: to anyone who is trying to get any medals in a less tedious and eye degrading way in multiplayer, you can now earn them from firefight by killing Ai (If you own reach you can play firefight) I just got over 25 double kills 40 assist medals, and 2 legendary medals from a single 10 minute game. Other medals such as plasma stick kills work as well.
    Posted by AngryYeti420 on 20 Jan at 12:03
    KanchanaburiPlaying on the X, the game didn't crash when i went from 100 to 2500 in a single session.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 08 Feb at 19:48
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  • PRlSTlNEPRlSTlNE215,056
    11 Jan 2015 11 Jan 2015 16 Jan 2015
    52 8 8
    I popped this while playing Spartan Ops. No need to boost with a second controller. Just play Spartan Ops normally and you will continuously progress to 2,500. Assist and beat-down related achievements also count in this playlist.
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    KAW 24Although not the quickest method, if you intend on playing Spartan Ops anyway then this saves you having to setup a custom or Forge game with another controller/player. I have over 1000/2500 from Episodes 1-3 already so I think it's likely that most people will get this just from playing Spartan Ops to completion.
    Posted by KAW 24 on 25 Feb 17 at 17:48
    FFX BrotherhoodGot this before the end of Chapter 6 Spartan Ops, definitely a good way of going about it.
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 31 Jul 17 at 02:43
    MoustachioBest guide. Grunt Birthday Party skull for some extra fun.

    EDIT: Chapter 7 Episode 4 is worth mentioning if anyone just wants to grind a single level. Snipers at the start (and more laying around) and plenty of ammo boxes for DMR/BR.
    Posted by Moustachio on 23 Sep 18 at 03:47
  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox604,892
    12 Jan 2015 19 Jan 2015 20 Jun 2015
    36 1 7
    **UPDATE** With the latest update, you should be able to search for my fileshare and download the map!
    To find other players in MCC, select your name in the Roster, then select "Find Player" to access their file share, etc.

    I have set up a Forge map you can load up in custom games and shared it in my file share. It's titled "Headshots" and I'll give you a brief explanation of what to do!

    The map is set up to accommodate 16 players, with one person getting headshots at a time.

    1. Set the map settings to Slayer(I have a custom Slayer setting also in my file share that you can grab), make sure to turn all respawn times to instant and set player weapons to infinite clip(you might want to set player shields to zero or up the weapon damage but it shouldn't be too necessary).
    2. Bring in as many extra controllers as you can!
    3. Choose who is getting headshots, and have them grab a sniper and stand on the ramp facing the spawn points. Find the spot where you can stand to get a straight headshot off of all the spawning victims at the same time, then keep pulling the trigger as fast as you can!
    4. Enjoy! smile

    If you need clarification, please ask!
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    Mattyl22lJust to make you aware there isn't a custom Slayer game mode in your File Share at the moment. Great solution just like the one for assists you put up, only I couldn't just rubber band my trigger on this one, hahaha. Great little map! Took a little while to find the sweet spot. Completed this in 20mins with 4 controllers total.
    Posted by Mattyl22l on 09 Jan 19 at 04:19
    Shadow 00 FoxI know lol, rubberbanding would've been nice.. I don't think there's a way to rubberband snipers?!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 10 Jan 19 at 07:14
    NicoleRenee00As the others have said, great solution toast
    Posted by NicoleRenee00 on 10 Oct 19 at 19:10
  • Epilepsy SucksEpilepsy Sucks372,460
    09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015
    21 0 9
    Straight forward enough. Get headshots right?

    But let's do it the easy way.

    1. Go to Forge, select Halo 2.
    2. Tab over to Awash. (You'll notice how small of a map it is, so it's perfect for this scenario)
    3. Place a few spawn points on the platform then save your map.
    4. Load up H2A Customs and select your map and Swat.
    5. Under Options > General Settings > Respawn Settings. Edit Respawn Time to Instant and Death Cam to Disabled.

    The most efficient way when doing this is to set the set time to unlimited and the score to 2,500. I found that the magnum has the fastest kill time when you dual wield. Alternate each one so that when one is reloading, you can use the other. Trust me, it saves time.

    *IMPORTANT* Be careful when using this method because the dead bodies that drop guns could lag this already fragile game and cause it to crash. It happened to me when my achievement popped.

    These settings should also work perfectly for the 250 melees/beatdowns.

    Good luck.
  • Huginho19Huginho19492,732
    19 Sep 2015 18 Oct 2015
    17 0 3
    hey guys here is a video explaining how to easily get the aim for the head achievement within 10-20mins
    hope the video helps

  • Crims0nScorpionCrims0nScorpion426,521
    23 Mar 2017 20 Mar 2017
    8 0 0
    Easiest way to earn this is in Spartan Ops as all the headshots will count toward this achievement. However, another good way while working toward every other achievement would be to sit in the SWAT playlist and try to get either Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary or Halo 4 (don't get too many Halo 2 original so not 100% sure on that game type) and you should earn headshot medals. In my experience headshot medals never pop in Halo 3 SWAT so either Halo 2: Anniversary or Halo 4 would be your best bet.

    Most of the Halo 4 games are CTF or KOTH so you can work on those respective achievements as well as double kills, kill sprees, and killjoys
  • CasperWeaselCasperWeasel164,804
    18 Jan 2016 18 Jan 2016
    5 1 0
    I have a map on my file share need you and 3 (1v3)others. stand on the bridge with the settings no shields, carbine bottomless clip and no second weapon. stay scoped in and with consistant shooting, 2 minutes=500 kills aka 20%. This is when it bogs down and you could lag out. just save and quit and repeat. do this in forge mode for credit after the odst update
  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity355,551
    12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019
    3 0 0
    This achievement is for obtaining 2,500 headshots in Matchmaking on MCC. However with the release of Halo: Reach a new faster method is now available which I'm going to explain down below with a setup intended for obtaining a few other achievements. Mainly for killing 100 and 1,000 Skirmishers respectively, but this method will also help you grind headshots and double kills.

    First, you'll want to head to Firefight in the main menu. Then select Custom Firefight. Using these settings you should be able to setup an ideal solo Firefight for grinding these 100 / 1,000 Skirmisher kills, 2,500 headshots or 250 double kills.

    Map: Corvette
    Game Type: Score Attack

    Options -
    Wave Properties:
    -Put Round 1, 2, 3 and Bonus properties to Skirmishers and ONLY Skirmishers.
    -Turn off all skulls for all waves including the bonus wave.
    -Turn off "Uses Dropship" for all waves EXCEPT for the bonus wave.
    -Set the Bonus Wave Duration to 2 minutes.

    Wave Limit: Ten Sets
    Turn Count: None
    Time Limit: I put 60 minutes, but you can put it to whatever you'd like.

    Scenario Settings-
    Hazards: Disabled
    Weapon Drops: Enabled
    Ammo Crates: Enabled

    Spartan Settings > BaseTraits > Shields and Health -
    Damage Resistance: Invulnerable

    Weapons and Damage-
    Infinite Ammo: Enabled
    Weapon Pickup: Enabled

    You can mess with the movement and sensors if you want to, but it's not necessary. However, leave the damage alone as you'll also be going for progress towards the 2,500 matchmaking headshot achievement.

    Difficulty: Normal

    Now start the game and get to killing. It shouldn't take long at all to hit the 100 kills to earn this achievement. I highly recommend you pickup a Needle Rifle dropped by one of the skirmishers and start going for as many headshots as possible so you can get a ton of progress towards Aim for the Head.
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionAim for the HeadThe Aim for the Head achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 40 pointsEarn a total of 2,500 Headshot medals in multiplayer.

    You will also be earning A LOT of double kills during this as well which will make great progress towards:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionDouble TroubleThe Double Trouble achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 36 pointsEarn a total of 250 Double Kill medals in matchmade games.

    Very early on within the first couple of waves you should have also popped:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionT'vaoan TerminatorThe T'vaoan Terminator achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 26 pointsHalo: Reach: Kill 100 Skirmishers.

    Later down the road after you continue your massacre you will earn:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionChol Von's Not Gonna Like ThisThe Chol Von's Not Gonna Like This achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 58 pointsHalo: Reach: Kill 1000 Skirmishers.
  • kidskull51kidskull51632,215
    29 May 2015 26 Mar 2015
    5 3 0
    A super easy way to do this is Spartan ops on Episode 5 Spartan Miller, so many crawlers spawn you will get easy kills for this achievement.
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