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Earn a total of 100 Legendary medals in matchmade games.

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Achievement Guide for Domination

  • Epilepsy SucksEpilepsy Sucks346,138
    15 Feb 2015 09 Jan 2015 07 Jun 2018
    88 23 63
    Legendary medals are a set of medals that require some challenge. They include:

    Killionaire - 10 kills within 3 or 3.5 seconds of each other.

    Perfection - win a slayer game without dying with 15 or more kills.

    Triple Double - finish a game with double digit kills, assists, and headshots.*

    Steaktacular - Win a slayer game by 20 or more points.*

    Unfrigginbelievable - a spree of 40 kills.

    Extermination - wipe out an enemy team with at least an overkill.

    Steaktacular is without a doubt the easiest to obtain.

    These don't have to be obtained in H2A.

    *Triple Double and Steaktacular are postgame medals that you will see in your postgame carnage report.
  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck416,883
    20 May 2017 20 May 2017 21 May 2017
    20 1 2
    Easiest way of doing this is with 8 people 4v4 on Halo 3 Griftball Throwback.

    When you are all matched up together, 1 person goes near to where the enemies spawn. The people getting killed walk to the guy going for the kills. Then just hammer away and get overkills and extermination medals on the other team.

    Did this recently and it took about 2.5 hours to get it for eight people. It's really fast because of the quick respawn timer. Also make sure to group up right next to each other to make the guy going for the Legendary medals life easier.

    Hope this helps.
  • North Kai2North Kai2323,345
    22 May 2016 22 May 2016
    19 3 4
    I just finished grinding through this achievement and thought I would share what I learned about the different medals and how some of them unlock. I posted some of this on the Halo Waypoint forums and copied that over to here and expanded on some other areas.

    Please note that if you are going to try and do this legit it will take you a lot of time and there is a chance your progress may regress at some point. My progress was set back 23 medals in the middle of me going for this and I’ve heard of even worse regression from other players. It’s incredibly frustrating when that happens! I’ve read that it has to do when the playlists are updated but I have not confirmed that.

    Domination is rewarded for getting 100 Legendary medals in multiplayer matchmaking. You can see which medals are legendary by hitting start, going to “Career” and then over to “Medals.” The Legendary medals are the first six medals listed. Now what I’ve found is that some of the medals are listed incorrectly for what games they will unlock in.

    I finished with the following medals: 1 Extermination, 1 Perfection, 52 Steaktaculars, and 69 Triple Doubles.

    I did not obtain any Killionaires or Unfriggenbelievables so I can’t speak as much about those medals. I’m going to leave out the descriptions for each medal as Epilepsy Sucks has already documented that, but I will say what I learned about each medal.

    - Exterminations: This one should work in all games but I've only gotten one in Halo 3 while playing Swat.

    - Killionaire: Should work in all games? This one I'm not sure on since I've not gotten one but since the multi kills track the same in each game I would assume this one
    works in all games.

    - Perfection: Does not work in Halo 4 due to it being a commendation in the original game and not a medal. Should work fine in the others but I've only gotten one in Halo 2A.

    - Steacktaculars: Work correctly in Halo 1 and Halo 2A. I've heard they work in Halo 2 Classic but only if you get 20 kills. I don't know how true that is and haven't been able to confirm it. They do not work in Halo 3 and 4. My guess is they were always awarded on Bungie's website in Halo 3 and never in game so that code wasn't there and it was never added in. Same goes for Halo 4 where they were never an in game medal and it wasn't added in MCC. This is also my thinking on why assists in Halo 3 don't count towards the assist achievement since there was never a medal for them even though it is tracked.

    - Triple Doubles: Most likely it does not work in Halo 3 as it was another medal that was awarded on the website and not in game similar to the Steaktaculars but I can't confirm it. They do work in Halo 4.

    - Unfriggenbelievable: I've never gotten one of these either but the medal chest says it works for all games except Halo 3.

    None of these medals need to be obtained in a ranked playlist, but I did get most of mine playing ranked.

    Originally when I started going for these I thought Steaks would be the easiest ones like Epilepsy suggested and was doing this in both Halo 2A and Halo 1. Along the way I got a few triple doubles in Halo 2A but it was difficult to get the headshots and assists needed. I've changed my opinion on that and have found that Triple Doubles are a much more repeatable medal to get in Halo 4. I played the ranked Halo 4 playlist and recommend either regular Team Slayer or Capture the Flag/King of the Hill as they are usually longer matches (Team Slayer goes to 60 instead of Legendary Slayer which goes to 50) giving you extra time to get the assists/headshots. It’s also much easier to do this with a couple friends as you can call out who you are damaging and they can finish them off for the assists. Even while playing with random players I have managed to get 10-12 medals in a night of playing whereas before I was getting around 2-4 Steaktaculars in a similar amount of time.
    As a reference for my skill level, I’m an 18 in Halo 2A, a 10 in Halo: CE, and a 20 in Halo 4. Those are the three games I got the bulk of my medals in. While I wasn’t able to get a Triple Double every game, I did get them much more consistently than Steaks. As an added bonus the Halo 4 games also seem to go a bit faster! Assists are the easiest by far to get in Halo 4 and while it takes a few games, you should get the hang of how much damage you have to do to get credit for the assist.

    My main loadout in Halo 4 was: BR, Magnum, Frags, Active Camo, Mobility, and Ammo.

    Use a loadout that you’re comfortable with but you will want precision weapons (BR, DMR, Carbine, Light Rifle, Magnum) to get those headshots.

    I hope this helps some people out and if there is anything wrong with the guide please let me know and I will correct it! Also, if you vote negatively on this let me know too! I appreciate the feedback as this is the first guide I’ve written.

    TLDR: Triple Doubles in Halo 4 are the way to go for this achievement as they are a more repeatable medal than Steaktaculars. Good Luck!
  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ273,958
    20 Feb 2017 10 Feb 2017
    6 0 0
    North Kai2's walkthrough is helped, but I thought I'd elaborate on what I found worked.

    Killionaire - 10 kills within 3 or 3.5 seconds of each other.
    Perfection - win a slayer game without dying with 15 or more kills.
    Triple Double - finish a game with double digit kills, assists, and headshots.
    Steaktacular - Win a slayer game by 20 or more points.
    Unfrigginbelievable - a spree of 40 kills.
    Extermination - wipe out an enemy team with at least on overkill.

    Killionaires, perfections, unfigginbelievables and exterminations aren't even worth going for. They're too difficult and spotty.

    I did get 3 or so exterminations playing Halo:CE in the Team Slayer playlist. The teams are 4v4 unlike the CE playlist, and the grenades are so strong and spawns so bad you can get lucky just chucking grenades.

    What you want are steaktaculars and triple-doubles.

    Steaktaculars I got somewhat consistently on the H2A and CE playlists. Those seem to have high dropout rates, which help your team run up the score. They also seem to either steamroll one team or the other. That's all luck of the team assigned as you search, but every other game it seemed I would get a great team versus a terrible team, or I'd be on the terrible team (being on the terrible team allowed some killjoy manufacturing as you can feed kills). Not reliable, but I was getting maybe 1-2 or 2-3 every 20-30 games.

    In the CE playlist, it's 2v2. Basically one bad teammate can sink a game. Hang-em High, just where out the active camo and the rockets and you'll run up the score no time.

    ---a tip: I play somewhat aggressively, I get high kill counts, but also get killed a lot. There were a few games where I purposefully hid and stayed back late in the game to get steaks by taking my deaths away from the other team. Some games come down to the bubble, you'll be around 17-18 up. Sometimes hiding can work


    These are your best bet and most reliable to manufacture. Everything else revolves around luck or absurd skill that is beyond most. These you can actively work towards.

    10+ kills, 10+ headshots, 10+ assists in one game.

    Halo 4 is by far the easiest to get assists in, so I suggest that playlist.

    Remember, you get loadouts in most gamemodes in this list. So take your time and make one. A BR and a plasma pistol, regular grenades, a jetpack, dexterity and shielding for me.

    You'll get the hang of how much damage you to have to do to get an assist. 2 bursts with a BR will get you one almost always. DMRs work, just not as well for me personally.

    Charged plasma pistol shots that take down shields and someone else kills them DO count. I have verified that. It's not a regular assist that comes up, but it DOES count. Similarly "Headcase" does count towards headshots even though it isn't a headshot medal. You can use the sniper or beam rifle, but they're a little harder to judge whether or not you got the headshot or not in game. So you'll have to be sure.

    If you see a melee fight, or an assassination, put a couple rounds into the enemy. You will get an assist. Guy on your team with a sword about to lunge? Take a shot, you'll get an assist.

    There are three gamemode slots to choose in the lobby. Usually an objective type: CTF, oddball, extraction, dominion light, king of the hill. Regular Halo 4 Team Slayer, and Legendary Slayer.

    NEVER choose legendary. It has less kills, no loadouts and is just a little tougher to get assists. You die quicker, so it's harder to trade a kill for a death as well.

    You usually want the objective gametype. You're not fighting over a limited amount of kills to get your 10 and 10 (a third of the kills have to have your handiwork). Extraction can go too fast sometimes if one team is too good. King of the Hill is almost ALWAYS a triple double for me as it can take so long you have so many chances and you know where your team will be to help with the assists. (Dominion Light assists for building turrets or capturing bases do NOT count. Hill assists in KotH DO count). You'll have to be a little more aware in those gamemodes.

    Unfortunately nothing can help your aim and skill besides practice. You simply have to get headshots. Hang around objectives, or just out of the zone, use your radar, be aware of teammates, know that people go for the powerweapons. The jetpack can help you escape or get the drop on someone. If you know someone is coming at you, or close by, gaining altitude quick or jumping up a level when someone thought they were safe can help you get a couple of shots of first.

    What I try to do is count out loud my headshots and assists. "0-1....okay 1-1.....2-no 3-1" until I'm pretty sure I'm at 10 headshots and just start trying to get assists. You will lose track some, so I will get another 1-2 if I'm unsure. But counting helps. Just follow a teammate around and throw some fire into the next enemy but don't go for the kill. Watch for that +5 points pop up on your screen after death if you did damage on an enemy. Congrats, your teammate cleaned up your garbage and you got the assist.

    Hopefully that gives you some tips or help! Good luck.
  • Delta4907Delta4907263,088
    20 Dec 2019 15 Dec 2019
    0 0 0
    If you are unable to boost this (like me), I've found getting Steaktaculars in Halo CE BTB or Mayhem (Action Sack) to be the fastest. Mayhem Slayer has a win condition of 150 kills, so the chances of getting a Steaktacular are much higher than a regular 4v4 slayer game with a win condition of 50 kills.

    Personally I've found Halo CE's quick TTK made the games go by much faster, but really it comes down to personal preference. If you can consistently get Steaktaculars or Triple Doubles in other games than go for it. I'm just recommending BTB or Mayhem as the higher kill requirements will allow you to get these medals easier.
  • LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911130,884
    14 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
    1 1 0
    *Best Method as of July 2019*

    This solution will net you multiple achievements and is the easiest and quickest method that I found. Some of the other solutions either don't work anymore or are not as fast since some of the Playlist Updates in MCC.

    This is a boosting method

    For best results, have 2 people with 4 controllers each.
    Go to the "Social Games" area in Multiplayer and select these options:
    Halo 2 Anniversary, Grifball
    That's it. Just those two.

    Now time your search with your partner and it should be pretty easy to connect with each other.

    So here are the achievements that you can get:
    Party Pooper - Get a killing spree and have your partner kill you, easy peasy (and vice versa)

    Domination - You can get Killionaires very easily, both people can farm each others spawn areas (and you don't have to pause after a killionaire, just keep killing).

    Spree Master - Killing Sprees (self explanatory)

    Double Trouble - Double Kills (self explanatory)

    Best Method Tips
    At the start of the game just run across to the other side and start farming the dummy players. Once you get a killionaire, DON'T STOP just keep killing, it will start a new multikill automatically.

    *NOTE* Me and my partner made our characters look like elites so that it was easy to distinguish which players were the dummy accounts.
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